Number of human rights and environmental activists murdered in Latin America in 2018

O, my dear Colombia!
Bakunin: To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it.
Paul Frank
Earth Strike Northeast Florida
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Pass It On is a wiki for sharing ways to pass on useful items that would otherwise get thrown away.

#Recycling is great, but #reusing is better.

So we're actively looking for details of organisations who can reuse odd items such as (but not limited to): plastic plant-pots, duvets, Christmas trees, knickers, jewellery, used stamps...

We know there are people out there who can use the stuff we'd otherwise throw away.

We know there are people who want to dispose of unwanted stuff responsibly but don't want to spend all their time and energy searching for places to give it to.

We want to connect those two groups and reduce the amount of unnecessary landfill waste.

You can help! Follow, boost, share your info.
Earth Strike Northeast Florida
Farming in 2019 like
After the Zika scare, we need to keep in mind how this might make it from scare into reality; its almost certain that Florida and many other areas will be threatened by the expanding ranges of mosquitoes that carry these diseases, which could bring these to be endemic in the region within our lifetimes.

To the women I know,
be you cis or trans,
my freedom ends
where your freedom ends.
I love and support you
in spirit and deed. :ancomheart:

On that note, let's keep the freedom of one woman in mind, and offer whatever help we may for her service in saving other's freedoms.

The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela

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Swamps and marshes, one of our most important carbon sinks, will need to be not only maintained but restored and expanded if we want a chance to combat global warming. We need to defend our swamps, and manage our land so that they may have room to be restored to their former glories; we can't keep destroying them recklessly in the name of expansion, especially as sea levels rise and that growth is spurred on.

While budgets are on the mind, the Florida Democrats have unveiled their vision for Florida, carrying raises for workers alongside environmental protections and disaster relief greater than ever considered by DeSantis; yet it falls far from the mark, making only minor strides. It patches up the Republican government's refusal to consider even the most simple protections, but doesn't offer anything more than just that.

There are no provisions in this 'Sunshine Deal' to combat climate change, or to use said sunshine in solar infrastructure. This 'Sunshine Deal' amounts to reluctantly shuffling forward when we ought to be sprinting ahead - when it comes to climate change, minor reforms don't cut it.


Florida is one of the states in the nation most vulnerable to climate change, yet our climate-denying governor can't even meet his requests for simple measures for restoration. The reason? Hurricane damage. Yet to deny resources to protect our environment is to allow hurricanes to become stronger and stronger as global warming fuels them, as environmental losses such as erosion make coastal communities more vulnerable to them.

Long-term solutions are needed, and its been made clear that even basic environmental needs won't be met, never mind attempts to combat climate change - and so, we need to make things change, whilst politicians make clear that they won't.

Earth Strike Northeast Florida
Cars are killing us. Within 10 years, we must phase them out

Driving is ruining our lives, and triggering environmental disasters. Only drastic action will kick our dependency

#RebelForLife #ExtinctionRebellion
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