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Why Stripping U.S. Citizens of Their Passports Is a Precursor to Genocide

It’s what happened to Jews in Germany in 1938 when their passports were declared invalid.
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Grace v. Barr | Constitutional Accountability Center

In Grace v. Barr, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is considering the legality of new rules established by the Trump administration that gut asylum protections for immigrants fleeing violence in their home countries, particularly violence committed by gangs and domestic partners. The Refugee Act authorizes ex...

A federal judge has ruled in an SPLC lawsuit that neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin must pay more than $14 million in damages for using his website to launch an antisemitic campaign of terror against a Jewish woman and her family.

Anglin, a man who calls President Trump “Our Glorious Leader,” acknowledged last year that he uses his website to indoctrinate children as young as 10 into neo-Nazi ideology. “My site is mainly designed to target children,” he told an interviewer.


OH MY GOD! These actions were done even before the Gropenfuhrer approved it!!????

In 2017, a teenage boy named Canyon Mansfield was hiking with his dog in the woods behind his family’s home in Pocatello, Idaho when Mansfield’s dog triggered a cyanide trap that sprayed a plume of poison dust into the air. The dog died on the spot and Mansfield was rushed to the hospital, where he ultimately recovered. His parents are suing Wildlife Services over the poisoning.

Horrific to even think about.



BUT NOW EVOLUTION IS DOING A BALANCING ACT: Luckily, new research suggests the reptiles have an evolutionary mechanism for preventing such sex imbalances. As scientists from China and Australia report in the journal Current Biology, turtle embryos may be able to influence their sex by moving around inside the egg during incubation.


As Erica Tennenhouse reports for National Geographic, scientists led by Pamela Carzon of the Groupe d’Étude des Mammifères Marins (GEMM) de Polynésie observed a bottlenose dolphin caring for a young melon-headed whale over a period of more than three years.


At worst, it’s a precursor to a renewed push to suppress voting.

I remember during the last presidential campaign there was a black WWII veteran who was refused at the polls. He HAD voted in the past, but because he did not have a current picture of who he was the turned him away.
Something needs to be done to prevent states from gerrymandering and suppressing votes; and I do not understand why this topic has not been discussed in the CNN Debates!!



SPLC: Trump Perpetuates Myth of Voter Fraud, Calls for Voter ID Aimed to Suppress Turnout

July 30, 2019 President Donald Trump today tweeted that “we should immediately pass Voter ID.” The following statement is from Nancy Abudu, deputy legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center: “Just days after referring to a majority-black city as 'infested,' the president now calls for voter ID — a device that disproportionately ke...