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Plus: rounding up and moving these people is unlawful because they are being take away from their current lawyers

| Southern Poverty Law Center

News June 12, 2019 The U.S. immigration court system has failed to fulfill the legal promise of fair and impartial case-by-case review, according to a new report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Innovation Law Lab. The report – The Attorney General’s Judges: How the U.S. Immigration Courts Became a Deportation Tool – i...


Under Pres Obama


Legal and General Investment Management cuts companies including ExxonMobil

An ethical investment operation by the UK’s largest asset manager has dumped shares in a string of US companies it has deemed climate crisis laggards, including oil giant ExxonMobil and insurer Metlife.

Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) said it had cut five companies – ExxonMobil, Metlife, Spam maker Hormel Foods, US retailer Kroger and Korean Electric Power Corporation – from its umbrella of ethical investment funds worth a total of £5bn.

LGIM added the climate laggards to a list which already includes China Construction Bank, carmaker Subaru, Japan Post Holdings, Canadian retailer Loblaw, US food and service conglomerate Sysco Corporation and Russian oil giant Rosneft, which is part-owned by BP.



The disappearance of plant species fits into a broader wave of extinctions caused by human activity. For years, scientists have warned that our planet is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction, akin to the prehistoric events that wiped out dinosaurs and early marine creatures. A United Nations-backed report this May found that up to one million species could die off in the near future.

Given the head’s state of preservation, researchers are hopeful that they can extract viable DNA and use it to sequence the wolf’s genome

A growing body of evidence suggests the behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorder could be linked to bacteria in the gut

Japan and U.S. Beef, Ag Exports Under Obama, Misplacing Blame on NAFTA

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Many provisions in the U.S. Constitution apply to everyone in the country — citizens and noncitizens, alike.

A popular meme, however, is circulating online with this false claim: “The entire US Constitution was written for Americans only. It’s not the World Constitution, it’s the US Constitution. NON-CITIZENS AND CRIMINALS DO NOT POSSESS RIGHTS UNDER THIS DOCUMENT.”

Some parts of the Constitution apply only to citizens, but the bulk of the document applies to everyone, said Kermit Roosevelt, a professor and constitutional expert at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

The word “person” actually appears much more frequently than the word “citizen” in the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights (which contains the first 10 amendments) and the other 17 amendments.

“That’s a deliberate choice,” Ro... show more

Some invoices are three years old. In all, city governments say Trump’s campaign owes them at least $841,219.