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The Samurai Crab

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JFC, I can't believe I read this crap :)

We are here because of Evolution. The Evolution Theory explains every living being on the planet and beyond perfectly plausible. There is no need for a creator to explain anything that lives(or anything else).


Fraud rediscovered

#science #evolution #fraud #creation #embryonicrecapitulation #Haeckel

Read one of the simpler books on the matter, Steven Jay Goulds book of life or something.
I respect people, who choose to believe in a creator, but attacking science and ratio is an insult, stop that.

I guess the science is beyond criticism then, even though this fraud is still being taught by some textbooks.


How could Noah’s Ark have survived the flood?

#science #geology #flood #Noah #globalflood #creation

We know that the Ark did survive the Flood event

We don't, we did not even know if there was an Ark, or a Flood. All tails and imho nonsense

#creation and #science don't belong together .. not a tiny little bit.....


Snopes Lies Again, Claims New York Bill Didn’t Really Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

Snopes Lies Again, Claims New York Bill Didn’t Really Legalize Abortions Up to Birth
#snopes #lies #again

ack… snopes is a leftist propaganda machine… wiser folk stay away.


‘Paleosols’ can form faster than secular scientists think

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Is the male reproductive system poorly designed?

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Fiber optics as sensors

According to this link a fiber optic cable could conceivably be used to eavesdrop in on peoples homes. The fiber optic cable would act as a sensor which would be able to record how sound waves interact with light in the cable. The sound could probably be reconstructed using the sensor data at a central office. It could at the same time transport internet and television or telephone signals. #fiberoptics #fiber #sensor #eavesdrop #paranoia

It tells you when an intrusion has occurred and doesn't prevent incursions like a "wall" might. But it's still pretty cool stuff that the government should not ignore.

In this book the author comes across as bragging about how great and successful he was.


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Just finished reading this book again.


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New York State introduces Molech-honouring law legalizing abortions up to birth

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‘It’s not science’

#science #evolution #creation

They have proven much and found nothing that does contradict the concept of evolution but much to support it, Joseph Sparrow.

They also came across some results that contradicted other theories, like the one that earth is rather young (a few thousand years).

They may be biased when conducting their experiments and research (at least they do reasearch) but they do not just ignore results that would clearly refute the concept of evolution.

No evolutionists just ignore results results that prove creation and a young earth and make excuses when they find such. They harass and discriminate against people that make such findings.
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How old is the earth?

#science #evolution #creation #ageoftheearth

Evolutionism is not science...evolutionists have no proof that things in their religion actually happened like a single cell arising from non-life, a single cell evolving into a multi-celled organism, all the way up the line to humans.

The fossil record does not have the billions of intermediate fossils that would show organisms evolving into other organisms.

Evolutionism is one big assumption after another. Their evolutionary tree cant be proved by science it must be assumed.

There is a large measure of faith(religious belief) needed to believe evolution is true.

False: evolution is not religion.


Abortion ‘after birth’? Medical ‘ethicists’ promote infanticide

#abortion #afterbirth #creation #evolution #science

You would rather spread propaganda or infantopobia
The hate or fear of children and raising them.

Find out why the lawmakers in New York were applauding at the passage of their bill. In Virginia, the proposal included post-natal abortion if the mother and doctors agreed the child was deformed or "non-viable" for any reason. It's infanticide, nothing less.


Are Neandertals pre-Flood people?

#science #evolution #creation #Neanderthal #PostFlood

No use discussing any further. We're just going in circles. If you want to have the last word fine, say something and if not just move along. I could say there are agenda's on "Mainstream" science sites too which are plainly obvious if you are honest with yourself.
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I'm perfectly willing to agree that some mainstream sites have an agenda, and therefore I don't use them in trying to find truth, even if I happen to think they are telling the truth. The sources I use to get me into this position in the first place are more rigorous than those sites.

Since you didn't argue against any of my points then I'll take that as agreement that my attitude towards sources is rational. Great! Progress!


Are all fossil stromatolites biological?

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Total Supermoon eclipse

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Evolution is a theory, being taught as though it's fact. While natural selection has been proven, evolution has not. And there are multiple theories of evolution. My personal favorite is "the hopeful monster" theory, in which a lizard lays an egg and out hatches a bird.

Gravity has been proven, evolution has not. You can see the results of gravity on the person that jumps off the cliff. You can't see the results of evolution unless you add a story about how it might have happened.
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