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Mastodon Tusks - Avatars

This is a first attempt to put my thoughts on how to have a good experience out of Mastodon. Comments encouraged.

Joining Mastodon, like any new social network experience, can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of bits and pieces to consider, including the contents of your profile. For the uninitiated, the profile is your place to put in some details about yourself so others can get to know you. There are several ways to edit the content there. One way (from the stock Mastodon WWW page) is to click on "edit profile" under your username in the left hand most column. It can also be found under settings (gear icon->edit profile).

The first thing you should do is upload an Avatar for your account. The Avatar is a small picture that shows up when people look at your Toots and Profiles. Perhaps it is a picture of you, or something you like, or something silly. Don't worry if you don't find the perfect avatar on the first day, you can always change it later.

The file limits on Avatars are: PNG, GIF or JPG format. At most 2 MB. Will be downscaled to 400x4... show more
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