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2020-09-23 19:18:38
Breonna Taylor’s death is a tragedy. She was asleep in her bed when the police busted down her door and recklessly opened fire, taking her life.

Amy-Leigh Hickman is in series 2 of Innocent.
2020-09-21 09:04:10
ITV commissions new series of Innocent starring Katherine Kelly.

2020-09-17 17:09:57

When Trump tries to steal the election via a series of October/November surprises—which everyone who knows him, but also just every American, knows he will—his plots will be found in this thread. I hope you'll read on and RETWEET.

Interview with Jenna Ortega on YouTube where she talks about all the many projects she has coming up and is doing now.

Interview with Jenna Ortega on YouTube where she talks about all the many projects she has coming up and is doing now.

Today @AmyLHickman (, who plays Carmen in Tracy Beaker Returns & The Dumping Ground, Nasreen in Ashley Bridge and Mimi in Our Girl, turns 23. Happy birthday!

Portrait photo of Amy-Leigh Hickman
Amy-Leigh Hickman in Ackley Bridge
Amy-Leigh Hickman with Dani Harmer in Tracy Beaker Returns
Red carpet photo of Amy-Leigh Hickman with a beaming smile
That Ashley Bridge I didn't know about yet, thanks autocorrect for the info. Coincidentally she also plays Nasreen in Ackley Bridge.

2020-09-15 18:32:05
I am so excited to join @GlblCtzn & @HeadCountOrg for their # campaign to make sure you're ready to cast your ballot this November! Just check your voter registration status at the link below, and you can enter to win a virtual coffee hang with me!

2020-09-11 20:40:35
Be sure to check out the number one movie on @netflix if you haven’t already ;) Thank you for all of the support you’ve given The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen!! #

When I’m a fan of an actress, it’s because she’s really good. And in a way it makes me feel really proud to see that confirmed. It’s quite a buzz.

2020-09-09 18:35:30
"No, Trump isn’t our savior from socialism, Florida Hispanics.

He’s the caudillo we fled.

He’s a populist strongman seeking to silence an independent media that has been the backbone of democracy since the nation’s foundation."
- @fabiolasantiago

2020-09-05 21:04:57
“Trump Supporters Forced To Abandon Sinking Ships” is just about the most apt headline imaginable.

This is interesting, Dafne up against co-star Ruth Wilson.
2020-09-03 06:35:19
Nominees / Enwebeion
👏 Actress / Actores 👏

✨ @DafneKeen (His Dark Materials)
✨ @g_creevy (In My Skin)
✨ Ruth Wilson (His Dark Materials)
✨ Sally Hawkins (Eternal Beauty)


2020-08-26 08:45:28
Now I can't sleep—I just feel ill. I can't unsee what I saw. For some reason there are armed civilians with AR-15-like weapons patrolling a Wisconsin city alongside or instead of cops and today it seems that that—and general chaos that has nothing to do with BLM—got a guy killed.

2020-08-24 18:20:49
Ten years ago this month my daughter Dove and I moved to Los Angeles. She was 14, and brought a resume filled with community theatre roles and some vocal training.…

Preorder is also available in Europe, as I just did. E.g. look at Amazon UK or DE.
2020-08-24 16:58:06
Excited to announce my book IT’S ALL LOVE which is coming out on January 5th, 2021. It’s full of reflections from my experience that I hope will help you find love, strength, and courage. I can’t wait for you to read it. Pre-order it here: @GetUnderlined

You know when you put one plastic item in your (a bit full-ish) plastic recycle bin and ten other items explode out?

How does that happen?

2020-08-19 20:14:54
Fresh blood. @jennaortega 🔪

2020-08-17 21:24:48
2020 has been a YEAR but I’m grateful for things like cycling with this sexy bag of beautiful bones 💜

The Babysitter: 10 Sep:

2020-08-12 18:44:08
BREAKING: Top Medical Expert to Keep Kids Out of School

"In the minds of our family, the evidence is clear. After considering all the objective criteria [nationally and locally], we've made the decision to keep our girls out of school for the time being."…

2020-08-09 12:28:01
If there is one question people ask me over and over, it is this: Why do evangelicals support Donald Trump?
This story, told through devout families in Iowa, is our answer to that question. 1/…

My autocorrect is ready and waiting for @YOU season three...

Screenshot of new status dialog with just a single E as hashtag and autocorrect giving EllieEyeballs as first suggestion.
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If Yellowstone erupts in 2021 we're all going to be like your timing is late.

2020-07-31 19:26:49
Congratulations to The Left Behind, which wins the Single Drama BAFTA 🏆🎭
# #

I don’t really get the current version of the # meme that is going around #, which is supposed to show women supporting women. How is women feeding the objectification culture with posed pictures of themselves looking good and pressuring other women to do the same, ‘women supporting women’?

2020-07-23 01:45:44
i have a song coming out day after tomorrow, just got 2 new songs back from mixing, have another coming back this week, writing loads and talking (covid safe) music video ideas all day. officially taking up residency in music land and i couldn’t be happierrrr

2020-07-22 08:09:57
Over 80 000 have now signed our open letter to EU- and global leaders!
Some of the new names include
Billie Eilish, Susan Sarandon and
Paul Rudd.

Sign & share here:

We will deliver the signatures.
Together we'll make our leaders #

Jenna new face of Neutrogena:

I'm not clairvoyant. Though my post three days ago:…

Had I seen this tweet before she announced it (just now) I would totally have guessed. The 'ultra-talented' is of course a give away too... And she's even wearing her Jenna name-tag...
2020-07-20 19:54:02
Have you heard? There’s a brand-new face joining team Neutrogena. She’s an ultra-talented actress, inspiring activist and a total dream come true. ☁️✨ Share your best guesses!

2020-07-17 20:48:16
Meanwhile at the Mayor’s office in Sunnydale.

“So we’ve sidelined the Slayer?”


“And we’re encouraging everyone to go out at night?”


“And now people are inviting vampires to their houses to try and build up an immunity to them?”


“Well gosh.”

School strike week 100.…

What I still want to see in # is a woman being an actual driver. I know we had Susie Wolff as third driver for Williams and she did formally drive in the racing weekend, but not in the actual qualifying sessions or the race.

There’s no rule preventing…