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It has arrived! #JennaOrtega's book *It's All Love*. Her first book, in first edition, automatic collector's item, right? Preordered 24 August, released 5 January, arrived 24 February, I'm sure it's worth the wait.

Book by Jenna Ortega, title It's All Love - Reflections For Your Heart & Soul
It’s a good sign that I keep going off on my own train of thought. It makes you think and reflect.

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Upcoming projects to watch out for: @jennaortega will be in the horror film "X" and @DoveCameron will be in the musical comedy tv series "Schmigadoon!". Jenna wins in the category of 'easiest to spell'.

We are delighted to announce our wonderful @lindsayarmaou has been confirmed for the highly anticipated Harlan Coben series ‘Stay Close’ with @REDProductionCo for Netflix! 🍿🎬


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2021-02-16 15:51:47
One sign of covid’s nastiness is the fact that the covid countermeasures basically eradicated the flu while covid still surged

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The madness is complete. There’s this group here that denies that the corona virus exists and they’ve now won a court case, requiring one of the corona measures (the curfew) to cease immediately. They are actively trying to kill people.
So the court’s argument is that the measures are introduced with an emergency procedure, but since Parliament debated and agreed on the measures, it can’t have been an emergency and therefore the measures are not valid. So, something to protect human lives gets cancelled because Parliament agreed it was needed; had Parliament not agreed, it would have remained valid.

That’s almost as warped as the virus deniers themselves.

Happy Birthday to @StephLeonidas! I guess a rewatch of #Mirrormask is in order...

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2021-02-10 21:25:50
She’s 24 !! Haha thank you for the incredible birthday wishes ! So happy to release this @Shape_Magazine cover on my birthday !!!


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2021-02-11 00:19:46
Have you heard about YES DAY? I can’t wait for you all to watch the film on @netflix March 12. Join the fun and have a Yes Day of your own! I wanna see your Yes Day activities so share how you’re celebrating using #YESDAYChallenge on March 12

More @jennaortega film news today: *The Fallout* will premiere on sxsw (that's March I think). I have great hopes for this film, I think it's going to make quite an impact.…

Closeup of Jenna Ortega in The Fallout

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Happy birthday to top actress and all-round good person Chloë Grace Moretz! I'll be celebrating watching some films of hers, but there are so many good ones to choose from...
#ChloëGraceMoretz birthday celebrations film 1: The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Of course.
#ChloëGraceMoretz birthday celebrations film 2: Let Me In. A chillingly good performance of Chloë at 12 years old.

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Doesn’t quite sound like the #Indieweb idea of #OwnYourOwnData but it seems close. Don’t know what to think about it yet. Those 'fringes of the internet' though... I've seen these discussions on my #Mastodon, #Pleroma and other #fediverse accounts.
#Solid #Inrupt #TimBernersLee
2021-02-06 11:40:49
"Tim Berners-Lee has devised a plan to save the internet. It's his brand of "data sovereignty" – giving us power over our data – and it means wrestling back control of the personal information we surrendered to big tech many years ago."

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When asked to weigh their comfort and their children's comfort against the life or death of other people, some seem to choose their and theirs comfort. Maybe more understandable if it's not only comfort but also psychological damage but someone's survival should always come first

2021-01-28 19:01:58
🎵 So wake-up the members of my nation 🎵 Who's ready for the all new #iCarly series on Paramount+?


2021-01-28 11:30:02
As an
Android user
I want to
purchase a new Android device
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I have access to the latest firmware


On a European online shop I found that @jennaortega 's book *It's All Love* is now available from 2 February. Meanwhile Amazon Germany say they are out of stock but will get restocked 8 February.

I don't understand, is it not common practise to convict people after they did st wrong i.s.o. during? Why is this suddenly considered 'moot' now he's not able to continue doing it? It's like a burglar would be safe from conviction once he's left the house.
#SCOTUS #Emoluments
2021-01-25 14:37:51
NEW: SCOTUS has booted the remaining emoluments cases against Trump as moot, and vacated the judgments against the former preisdent in the lower courts


2021-01-17 18:17:47
Let's discuss the environmental cost of bitcoin. Because despite all the push for sustainable and green investment in the tech sector, there's a giant smoldering Chernobyl sitting at the heart of Silicon Valley which a lot of investors would prefer you remain quiet about. 🧵 (1/)

😥 Just got a message from @amazonDE that they still haven't been able to ship @jennaortega 's book (that I preordered with them in August and that was released 5 January) to me. They're now expecting February. Don't know what's going on...

2021-01-19 13:25:48
Some friends & I have made ANTI-VIRUS, a website that debunks the COVID Sceptics! We:

1) List responses to common Sceptic arguments;
2) Document erroneous claims of prominent Sceptics.

Please share far & wide. We'll update often. Hope you find it useful!

2021-01-16 11:47:02
Thank you for the suggestions - they're much appreciated but that wasn't the point. The bee in my bonnet isn't that *I* can't get a fun one (if I try hard enough I can) - it's that the world directs adults away from demonstrating their curiosity and being fun interesting humans.

2021-01-15 15:03:25
Even the Buffy villains are now doing video calls


Happy Birthday @DoveCameron ! Now what to do to celebrate this day? 🤔

I thought #AmericanGods season 3 would be released today? I just checked Amazon @primevideonl and they only have season 1 and 2. Not even a trailer for 3. The other seasons were released together with the US broadcast I believe, so I fear we're not getting to see it...

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2021-01-06 20:50:46
It's the 3rd act. Chekhov's gun has been sitting on the shelf since the curtain went up. So we can't say we're surprised it got fired. But like a good audience, we hoped against hope it wouldn't happen. And now we're horrified. But this was always going to be how it ended.

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Reminder that their objective is not the coup, but the chaos.

2021-01-06 17:00:20
FIRST LOOK at YES DAY — Parents Allison and Carlos always feel like they have to say NO to their kids, so they have a YES DAY, where for 24 hours the kids make the rules.

The family film starring Jennifer Garner, @edgarramirez25, & @jennaortega comes to Netflix on March 12.


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2021-01-06 23:18:15
What went down today at the capitol makes me sick to my stomach

2021-01-05 18:24:50
Look who wrote a book! New year new hair new book. If you’re interested in the hair thanks, but if you’re interested in the book you can click to link in my bio. Been waiting for this day for a long time and feel incredibly lucky to share something so personal with everyone


Out today, anxious to read it, but I should probably stop refreshing the tracking page for my preorder. It hasn't even dispatched yet... I hope there's nothing wrong with the order.

Screenshot of Amazon order tracking page for the book It's All Love by Jenna Ortega, ordered 24 August, not dispatched, current estimate arriving 20-21 January.

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The dust counts as snow. ?
Tiny red plastic Christmas tree with  lights and a few miniature houses and figurines. This year I couldn't be bothered to wipe the dust off first from the record player it's placed on.

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2020-12-06 02:43:37
I can't believe there's only one more month until my new book, IT'S ALL LOVE, is out! Pre-order your copy via this link! I’ll put it in my bio, too


Chloë Grace Moretz calls upon people in Georgia to vote.

"Share this video far and wide" she says, so that's what I'm doing...

Chloë Grace Moretz: Georgia, we have to talk about...

Posted by Chloë Grace Moretz on Instagram: (sharing allowed). She calls on people in Georgia to vote in the US senate election and gives some important information.

2020-10-07 12:30:55
It's been 4 years today since the Trump Access Hollywood audio dropped. @elisefoley and I wrote about the legacy of a nation listening to Donald Trump brazenly brag about sexual assault.