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Of je nu de site van de @volkskrant bezoekt of een van de apps, je loopt steeds tegen deze (soms dwarse) ondoordringbare muur aan, zelfs als abonnee. Wel zo consequent.

Iemand tips?

Cookie wall op de site
Cookie wall in de app
Cookie wall in die andere app die altijd op zijn kant ligt


and she’s live. Insta stream way more stable than YouTube’s.
New # single 10 April: Remember Me



I really liked @AmyLHickman in tonight's #. I know this is a character of hers that I'm going to love.


Here's a thread I found with tips for those that are new at being housebound, from someone who has been housebound for a longer time. # #


Mayor of Belgian border town to Dutch authorities, exasperated about their lax attitude to the #: people have only one life



All these kids outside playing this good old game of kill your grandma


The Dutch authorities seem to still belief in the fallacy of herd immunity. That’s not a good realisation. In the meantime we remain on the exponential curve. #






What’s wrong with these US people? I thought it was identified that the problem was that they had put old white men in charge, but now when they have an opportunity to change that…




The fun that is Friendica on mobile's triple menu system (the word "Latest" in red that you just about can see, is the third menu)


A new film with # as lead is announced, The Fallout:…

It sounds like an emotionally deep role. Good... And she's right that Deadline seems to keep using the same photo...…

Screenshot of the website of Deadline showing the tagged articles for Jenna Ortega, with twice the same photo.



Episode 4x10 of # is very powerful however. It's only # and # as two people who need to survive a storm and zombie onslaught together, who hate each other's guts, and who are both in different ways too...


Siena Agudong's Disney film Upside-Down Magic will be released this Summer.
# # #


It was great seeing # in this week's #, however. She totally lit up the place with her top notch performance. All 90 seconds of it.


It's about time the British people put their gutter press into the gutter.



14 February, that super important and long anticipated day of the year where we all have just one thing on our minds: celebrating @StephLeonidas birthday.

Happy Birthday!