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It's after midnight so I'm listening to #DoveCameron. This new song #OutOfTouch is really great!

Hoping that when the album comes out, she calls it DC2 just to mess with people.

Jenna Ortega posted this photo of her in Kenya on her Instagram today. She visited there about a year ago to support the WE charity. Any donation made to that charity today on Giving Tuesday will apparently be amplified 10x, so please think about it (US/Canada only it seems). See

#jenna-ortega #jennaortega #wemovement

One of the things I like about #HisDarkMaterials is that it keeps the emotions of the characters real. A lot of fantasy adventures have a really strong, brave central character who superhumanly is able to face the dangers without breaking down, including in all those cases when this character is a little girl. That's admirable, but it is also sterile. However Lyra's "Pan, you're making me nervous. Don't let Iorek see me nervous" is such an insight in what it takes to be this brave.
#HisDarkMaterials His Dark Materials
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Do I understand correctly that in #WordPress plugins and themes do not have access to the internal structure of a post? Like its images or other blocks made with the block editor? It outputs html no matter what?

Opinion piece by Billie JD Porter in Sleek about the UK election and Brexit fatigue.…

#BillieJDPorter #ukelection #ukpol #Brexit

I'm even more worried than her. As an outsider I usually have an idea of what outcome I think wo...…

Social media: a Pandora's Box containing a can of worms, that we shouldn't have opened?

Obviously also take corruption out of politics. A politician should not be allowed to own a business like e.g. a peanut farm.

A good example is the US where the emoluments clause forbids a president from profiting from business with national or interna...

Quick fixes for politics: take the money out of politics (spending caps, regulated broadcast slots, prohibit lobbying) and vote on hand marked paper ballots. Also let every vote count by abolishing 'first passed the post'.

Among the many things I don't understand: how all colours are made up out of red, green and blue, they they are not really made up out of red, green and blue.

Also that all colours of the rainbow aren't all colours. E.g. there's no brown in the rainbow.

It's like Boris Johnson doesn't even want to be elected

The likes and reshares on social media cause a lot of pressure and insecurity. Though posting where there's no likes at all is not easy either.

The mindset to keep going without feedback, assuming your posts or photographs are good enough, is only for...

New items in the Dove Cameron shop:

"I'm not here to preach bubblegum slogans to you"... Who remembers that Instagram bombshell comment? #DoveCameron

#DoveCameron Dove Cameron

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You season 2 will be out on Netflix on 26 December 2019. It stars #JennaOrtega and she shared one of the first still images today on her Instagram ( Earlier she shared a teaser video showing her character.

#Netflix #YouNetflix…

Jenna Ortega as Ellie in You S2
Jenna Ortega in screenshot from character teaser video