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An Instagram live by # has been saved temporarily at the # profile . She talks about doing the emotional scenes, not having watched her own parts, the first table read and self doubts

Jenna's Insta takeover of the # account starting now-ish

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So glad # is releasing music again. I'm noticing how much I missed that.

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If there are only five pieces of candy left in the world, and someone comes up with a way to stop all wars ever, I think it’s ok to let them have one of the pieces of candy.

I really want to rewatch season 2 of #. But there's so much I still need to watch for the first time. Or need to actually do.

The @DoveCameron t-shirts have arrived! Took a while, since they shipped 21 December... That's the speed of #.

# really doesn't want me to see # . This is at least the third time this happened.
TV screen reading:<br />We're having trouble playing this title at the moment. Please try again later or select a different title.

I finished the new series of #. I rather like this series: even though it looks very old and is set in the fifties, its writing and themes are modern and can take you by surprise.

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One of my main gripes with WT.Social was solved a few days ago.

Me ( Maybe "Post a link" should merge with the "Write something" form and promote that people write their thoughts around the news article. This can be a starter for the discussion in the comments.

Jimmy Wales ( One of the main things we saw is that most of us are simply posting links [...] What we ended up doing is pretty obvious once we started testing it: we merged the two [...]

They've put a large sheet in front of my apartment building because they're painting. Now each time I look outside I think the whole world is covered in snow.

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# season three is coming! Let's hope Ellie will be back...

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Sometimes you have to find a reason to stop following a TV series and # not being in # anymore is that for me

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Now watching Chloë Grace Moretz. In the film Greta that is, I don't have the privilege to be watching Chloë herself. That would be weird.
# #

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In the film there's this big plot twist. But all advertising for the film already reveals the plot twist. I'm wondering what it would be like seeing this film without any preconceptions. However, I understand why they had to include this stuff in the trailers, because otherwise who would go see a film about a woman returning a lost bag?

The deleted scenes on the blu-ray are somewhat interesting. I can see why they're deleted (not essential to the story), but some could give extra things to talk about. E.g. when Frances's father is at the police station and the cop just doesn't want to do anything for her. Or when Frances is fired from her job, despite being a victim, and still says sorry.

The photo book about # has arrived. It's beautifully printed with beautiful photos. It's one of those collector's issues from #. If you are at all inclined to collect stuff about your favourite stars, this is highly recommended.

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