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#Descendants3 with #DoveCameron will be on The Disney Channel in The Netherlands tonight. I only just saw it in the tv guide. Why is there always such a fanfare when something is released where most people can't see it, but complete silence on the other channels?

To celebrate Katie Douglas' birthday today, I'm watching Level 16

#KatieDouglas #Level16

The PM's decision to withdraw the vote on his #Brexit deal, just because it would not apply if it didn't get finished in time, shows he's duplicitous when he's saying it will be finished in time.

I'm liking this development that all films and series coming up have #JennaOrtega in them. The film industry is finally understanding how to make quality content.

Parliament in Britain deciding today whether to start the process of letting go of Northern Ireland. (Which would be a consequence of the current #Brexit proposal)

The Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment is not a good way of describing the modern interpretation of quantum mechanics. Schrödinger himself came up with it to discredit the interpretation, in a letter to Einstein, since they both didn't belief in it.

The term Big Bang (for the theory of the beginning of the universe) was coined by somebody who didn't believe in it. All science documentaries showing some CGI explosion are perpetuating the ensuing myth.

The Washington Post: pay a 60/year subscription and still be tracked with cookies. Pay 90/year to receive your right to privacy.

I was re-watching #StaceyDooley Investigates - World's Worst Place to Be a Woman, from 2015. So harrowing to hear these men 'explain' that they feel they have the right to murder a woman if she doesn't listen to them, or if she has a job. That they feel it is normal for them to have five girlfriends but that their 'main' girlfriend should be faithful to them.

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I've seen #CloudsOfSilsMaria twice in a row now, because it's that sort of film. Amazing performances by #JulietteBinoche, #KristenStewart and #ChloëGraceMoretz, as expected. It's both about acting and about getting older.

Juliette Binoche browsing through pictures of Chloë Grace Moretz is such an 'I feel ya' moment.…
#ChloëGraceMoretz #JulietteBinoche #CloudsOfSilsMaria…
#NowWatching #CloudsOfSilsMaria because of #JulietteBinoche, #KristenStewart and #ChloëGraceMoretz
#NowWatching #CloudsOfSilsMaria #JulietteBinoche #KristenStewart #ChloëGraceMoretz Chloë Grace Moretz Juliette Binoche Kristin Stewart

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This is the one that to me is key.