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2021-06-12 14:20:53

Richard and Mildred Loving's marriage was deemed illegal because she was Black and Native American and he was white. Their case went all the way to the Supreme Court. And on June 12, 1967, the couple won. "Loving Day" celebrates the historic ruling.

2021-06-13 01:05:45

Fuck Joe Manchin and his filibuster
Do something- people are fucking dying


2021-06-05 01:31:53

my inspo before we even ever met!! 💕😂💖 love this so much. didn’t even realize how many similarities there are until I saw this! love my big sis!! (And you too Pauline) ❌⭕️

2021-06-01 17:30:00

Welcome to the new #iCarly! 👋 Stream the first three episodes June 17, only on #ParamountPlus.

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2021-05-31 11:56:01

🎉 One day.

24 hours.

1,440 minutes…

Until we kick off an EPIC Immigrant Heritage Month! Featuring friends, food, recipes, love stories and more.🎉

Use #CelebrateImmigrants to be featured. 🤩🥳 See you there. #ImmigrantHeritageMonth🌎


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Watching season three of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, because it was just released today and has Jenna Ortega in it. Last season the kids tried to escape the island with the dinosaurs running loose. Their escape attempt failed...


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Mug spotted, I think. Made a note of the date, since 4 June seems too far ahead to set a reminder in Netflix itself.
2021-05-18 15:38:38

Whoop whoop 🙌🏻 It’s here! Feel Good: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix June 4th Worldwide

And you may just spot my mug in it 🤓.


2021-05-17 23:03:30

"I just love humans so much. It’s my whole world. It’s why I fall in love so deeply. It’s why I love to pretend to be other people.” - @DoveCameron…

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Season 3 of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous will be on Netflix this Friday! The character of Brooklynn is voiced by Jenna Ortega.

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Ik heb zojuist gedoneerd aan Giro555. Sneller wereldwijd vaccineren is van levensbelang. Help je ook mee? 👉 Geef nu op: #Giro555 #geefimmuniteitdoor

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Dear @WhatsApp, I'm trying to read your explanation about the new terms, but the page is blocked by a cookie wall that can't be dismissed without clicking "Agree". Please disable the cookie wall on such faq pages, like you've already done on the legal pages. Thanks.

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Happy Birthday @MirandaCosgrove and congratulations for the upcoming #iCarly premiere!

2021-05-06 17:09:57

My favorite costume design in the entire series-Without Twitter crop. Gorgeous. 🔥❤🤗😍🐉


So, it's all because of a PowerPoint...

BBC News - Dove Cameron: Why the former Disney star is one to watch in 2021

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2021-04-26 18:16:54

A single bitcoin transaction uses as much power as "the average US household consumes in a month, and is responsible for roughly a million times more #carbon emissions than a single Visa transaction". What can I say??‍♀️ #climatechange
# #Carbon

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2021-04-25 13:50:25

Yesterday I made a couple of predictions about the #londonprotest

That these walking CCTVs will be involved in filming the action...

2021-04-25 21:07:06

Was asked about this at the #PeoplesVaccine event with @OxfamAmerica at @giwps last week and my reaction was along the lines of “umm, is that a serious question? It would be *great* if sharing mRNA IP & know-how unlocked and accelerated innovation in China and around the world.”

2021-04-24 13:59:13

When I was a kid, all cars ran on leaded gas.

After a 10 year phase-out period, all cars in America ran on unleaded.

We could have started phase-out for every car to be hybrid or electric 10 years ago

We chose not to.

That’s big oil buying policy.

That’s the power of GREED!

2021-04-24 08:14:10

"The time has come to voice our fears and be honest with wider society. Current net zero policies will not keep warming to within 1.5°C because they were never intended to. They were and still are protect business as usual, not the climate."

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2021-04-19 22:33:03

‘Field Notes On Love’: Dove Cameron & Jordan Fisher To Star In HBO Max Movie, Lauren Graham Co-Adapting

2021-04-19 12:40:55

It feels as if everyone is desperate to say that Covid is over.

I get that - I can't cope with the idea of another lockdown either.

But ignoring the very real risks that remain in the UK's future is the worst way of preventing more lockdowns.

Globally this is far from over.


2021-04-13 18:28:40

13) Which we could do RIGHT NOW. A little while longer to vaccinate and continue suppression, could get cases into single digits, enough to test and trace into zero.
The less cases, the less chance of mutation, the more long term our success.

Weirdly that YouTube link is missing over here on Friendica. This is it:

New #JennaOrtega interview and photo shoot in Cosmopolitan "Jenna Ortega Is a Better Adult Than You" (The title in the preview seems to be different and not something she says in the interview):

If you've been following her you probably know how special this is: @jennaortega watching herself!

I've heard before that she doesn't watch her own scenes. It makes me feel sorry for her, because she's the only one in the world who can't see what we see.

2021-03-31 12:50:40

So who wants to play a game?

Apprently there is no institutional racism in the UK. But there must be SOME explanation for the clearly evident racial disparity that shows up in all aspects of our lives...


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If like me you bought the music video on iTunes of #DoveCameron's #LazyBaby this morning when it came out, but can't play it (at least not on Windows or Android), you should try downloading it again. This morning I got a DRM-enabled file, the re-download plays fine.

Dove Cameron’s song *LazyBaby* is available everywhere from today. Links and full lyrics can be found under her YouTube video.
#DoveCameron #LazyBaby

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2021-03-31 12:51:32

Someone sent me this via WhatsApp with a trigger warning. Please someone tell that this wasn’t written in that report that came out today. If so, I will personally burn everything the fuck down.


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Once more for awareness. A girl should be able to just enjoy the sun on her walk in the park.

But I'm also thinking we need to move past awareness and make some changes. As a man I think this falls upon us. Obviously no man should be doing this. We should not encourage it (e.g. in stories or jokes), nor ignore it if we see it. From a young age boys should be taught to respect others and not treat people as objects. We should speak out, publicly and among friends, to make it clear this behaviour is not acceptable. But I fear this is all too obvious and not enough. What else can we do?

2021-03-30 12:54:38

On a lunchtime walk in Richmond Park. I watch as a Man slows his bike right down and stops it right in my path and solicits me. I tell him no. He persists. I walk in the other direction. He swears at me as I leave.


2021-03-30 12:54:38

On a lunchtime walk in Richmond Park. I watch as a Man slows his bike right down and stops it right in my path and solicits me. I tell him no. He persists. I walk in the other direction. He swears at me as I leave.