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Hi Snopyta team, thanks for your great work!

I would like to let you know that your blog ( is down, are you going to fix it, or it has been dismissed? Is there a way to recover my blog?

Thanks again,

The WriteFreely instance was actually never meant for production but somehow got some users.
There was a "deprecated" information on the title quite a while and since nobody of the users were active anymore we put it down.
Of course it is not fully removed for exactly such cases. is online again.
Can you please migrate to another WriteFreely instance? Sorry for the trouble.

Gimp 2.99.2 released!

This is a HUGE news!!!

We have been waiting for this since a very long time, once the transition will finish, I think the next focused will be having non-destructive color correction available on the layer panels, you bet!

Nice # team, great job and congratulations!!!

# # # # #

User Dumb or Dumb Installer?

you are monsters who supporting money mafia who killed Ian and steal his children debian.

but everyone who was involved somehow in that will go to hell and you know it. you can trick some people but you can't trick Creator. good luck!
Stop using drugs...