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Stop calling them Social Media Network

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Set up a Capsule with GMID & FreeBSD

Hi Folks,

I updated my #gemlog about setting up a #Capsule with #FreeBSD and #GIMD adding a section to enable #Fail2ban for SSH connections.


#opensource #freesoftware #gemini #geminiProtocol

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Watching the Geminispace through a Telescope! (Part 3)

Hi Folks,

third and last part about #Telescope is ready to read! 😉
Main topic: the integration of Telescope with #DucklingProxy by MarmaladeFoo


#linux #freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #gemini #gemlog

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Watching the Geminispace through a Telescope!

Hi folks,

I've just issued a new #gemlog (the first of three) covering #Telescope: a nice #TUI client for the #geminiProtocol


#linux #freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #gemini

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Why I like Micro editor

#Micro became my favorite #TUI #editor, I really like it very much!

For me Micro is revolutionary, it approaches itself as a GUI application, it doesn't try to imitate Emacs or VI(M).

Using Micro has been really intuitive, if from a side you lose some easy accessible customization by the other hand you get more powerful because the internal command line.

I put in action some of the recommendations and it was great, I look forward to implement the last ones and it may reach the Nirvana.

For writing #Gemini pages it is practically perfect and with a multiplex terminal you can run a Gemini client like #Telescope or #Amfora, Micro and #MidnightCommander at the same time and you have a distraction-free, super fast and features rich environment to navigate Gemini, writing page and have a lot of fun!

Check this out:


#linux #freebsd #opensource #freesoftware

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So happy to see another enthusiastic #micro user. Usually timelines are full with vi(m) and emacs evangelists. But there are people out there, looking for an easy, yet kind of feature rich text editor. Same reason I am also using and loving micro for over a year now 😎
Thanks for it.
(although I still have to get into creating own Gemini stuff 😉)

I really love #micro is tremendously cool! 👍👍👍

Gnuserland doesn't like this.

New Gemlog

Hi folks,

new article where I recap the steps I did to create my #Gemini #capsule - #Gnuserland - plus comments!

#freebsd #nginx #gmid

Gemini Rules

Hi folks,

I am back again in orbit with my Capsule!

My previous blog went down but later Gemini came out from the nothing it really blown my mind and I decided to create my own capsule!

I have an exciting project to work with and Gemini has revealed as one of the best thing happened recently.

I look forward to make Gemini a nice to place to wandering around!


#gemini #freebsd #freeinternet #alternet #linux #opensource

Missing post


All my previous posts are disappeared, this is not a big issue, anyway is there any chance to recover them?


I see, two years look reasonable for me...

Unfortunately I have been unable to access to this account for a long time. 🤷‍♂️

By the way this account is related with my brand new Gemini capsule, hence I am going to be more active from now on... 😁
Sounds good, look forward to the updates!

Photoshop like Gimp

It's look like that in the latest updated of #Photoshop you cannot save anymore in any format but PSD and TIFF, now if you want save as any other format like JPG or PNG you can only use "save as copy" or "export as", which is practically the default behavior of #Gimp since 2.8...


#opensource #freesoftware #foss #floss

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