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World Parrot Trust donations will be matched for the next 47 days. Here are a couple pics of the kinds of things they help with.

There's a confiscation rescue in the bottom pic. Capture of wild parrots for the pet trade still happens. The animals are often taken from their forest roosts or nests and shoved into pipes and other small confines for hidden transport, since the captures and movement across boundaries are illegal.

When smugglers are caught and the birds confiscated, the birds need a place to go. The ones who were taken from nests when young will not have learned how to take care of themselves. They need rehabilitation and eventual release. That's the top pic. :-) Looks like a snack stop for birds after their release, while they acclimate.

If you'd like to help support this effort this season, I and the birbs will appreciate the kindness, and the donation is matched. I've made mine.

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