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Some of the earliest Unix source code ever was released by @ComputerHistory last week. Cool! #retrocomputing #programming

After seeing the blatantly false content of political ads that Facebook has and will continue to allow on their platform I feel like I not only need to leave again but need to nuke my account altogether #deletefacebook

I always try to use adblocker

Yeah I do that too...

I deleted mine about 2 years ago. Breast decision I ever made

@Kaeedo I shut mine down after getting serious about the fediverse but never killed it. Honestly the data extraction problem was part of it. It's even worse now.

Geez now I feel like Ralph Wiggins from the Simpsons with what I did for my science fare experiments lol.

This is incredible! #running
# #running

According to this complaint Equifax could be used as a prototype for how *not* to do cybersecurity in a class on the topic: Front facing servers with admin credentials of "admin/admin." Sensitive data being transmitted over the internet unencrypted. Sensitive data being stored in plain text on front facing servers (some of those with the above password theme). Admin's pins being the last four of their SSC number. The whole infrastructure not having active patching but instead a person responsible for doing it. No audit logs of activity. That's the list as of four pages of double spaced legal text too. I mean damn... ... show more

Wow! I've often asked myself why aerospikes didn't take off. There are obvious challenges but the advantage seemed to be worth exploring. This article is the most thorough exploration of that that I've seen. H/T @Erdayastronaut #space #rockets #science ... show more

It's pretty amazing what they could do with 32kb of RAM.

My favorite nutrition and exercise tracker just hit a milestone :) congrats @cronometer

Do you have ads, or are you a paying user?

I’m a Gold Customer. Their product is exactly what I am looking for. By that I mean I had started designing a system that would do those things once my old go to went in the toilet and then I found them and they did almost all I had planned (which is pretty extensive) out of the box.

Do you worry about the security of your data?

No more than on other sites.

42,000 satellites for one constellation? Sure...why not 100K or a million! Amazing that billionaires can have inferiority complexes such that they continue to have to play "mine is bigger than yours". SMH.

The easy journey of life itself, I would say. 😉

Some of these work well others not so much...this one works very well :)

Why are they called “air fryers” and not “countertop turbo convection ovens)?

For the same reason they're called friars and not chip monks?