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2021-02-25 14:43:10
Please listen to what Greg is saying here. This is not the same as 9/11. Bipartisanship is fine. But the leadership of the GOP made this happen. Any fair investigation would implicate them...and the guilty can't sit in judgment of themselves.

2021-02-25 12:21:09
I *am* just a history professor!

But maybe I can help you out here by informing you that almost none of the HHS/HEW secretaries in US history have been scientists or doctors.

That includes the last one you happily voted to confirm.

He was a lawyer.

Ok finally watching this now that's it's on HBO's "Last Chance" list. I've never seen the TV show either but have heard good things.
@neqone I've only seen the first session of the Westworld HBO series and it's excellent.

How have I never seen this?!?! Someone got VNC working to an Apple IIc over a Super Serial connection. It's not useful but impressive. #RetroComputing

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2021-02-24 19:25:46
Roger Marshall's argument for not raising the minimum wage is that he had a minimum wage job and it paid for his entire college tuition.

When he graduated from Kansas State University, tuition was $898/year. It is now $10,000/year. The minimum wage then was $3.35. It's now $7.25

2021-02-24 16:18:00
As the world keeps looking for ways to address the Google/Facebook duopoly on online advertising, the root-cause solution is still right here in front of us: Ban targeted advertising! Make all that data hoarding and privacy exploitation unprofitable.

Pascal was the 1st high level language I learned and the 1st I formally learned. My usage of it fell away when I learned C/C++ and Java in the mid-1990s but I did recently do "30 days of Pascal" using the Free and FOSS Lazarus IDE though. Happy 50th!
Borland Turbo Pascal became Turbo Pascal for Windows, and
then Delphi which, for me, was a programmer's dream. The first 'proper' IDE I'd worked with. I tried to like Kylix, its successor, but failed. Lazarus was based on Delphi and supports most of its libraries, I believe. I installed it once, to take a look at, but found that I couldn't be tempted back into programming.
I took a Pascal course in HS. I didn't have a PC at home so it was more or less a participation trophy so I could graduate. However, I did meet an amazingly brilliant Russian (or maybe Czech, can't remember) exchange student who had learned advanced US college level math back home and wrote some pretty cool stuff during lunch breaks.

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Yup! Usually the performance between the two doesn't require the clever solution, especially with modern compilers and architectures. For the few cases it does then get creative. Otherwise choose readability over cleverness. I won't mention Perl now...😀 #programming


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2021-02-15 03:11:49
People with an M1 mac, please run `brew install smartmontools && sudo smartctl --all /dev/disk0` and report back (and what kind of usage you make of the machine, especially RAM).

I'm at <600GBW on my MBP, but I don't use it heavily.

One thing I noticed about a day full of Twitter outrage over tempests in teapots that I will not boost is that we should follow the age old internet advice of not worrying about someone being wrong on the internet. They'll move on to their next outrage in a day or two anyway.

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2021-02-22 17:15:31
Boeing Scrambling After New CEO Catches Fire During First Press Conference


So, you like entertaining bullshit... 😀

Oooh! 😀

Not to get all OPSEC obsessed movies/tv when you watch a character write something out do they have some random staffer do that so you don't have samples of the actor's handwriting? They aren't sensitive to how you can capture fingerprints with HD but just curious.
@neqone I doubt this is a consideration, but maybe there’s a career to be made in operational security consulting for Hollywood!
...interesting, and I'd never thought of this. You need to find a actor who has made notes in multiple movies and then find a graphologist to run some analysis. Might be a challenge! 🤣

Thanks to @_broadcasters I'm watching #TheStand 1994 for the umpteenth time. Episode 2. First time since reading the novel. Never realized that one of the first times Tom Cullen does "M-O-O-N" he says "M-O-O-O-N" (extra O)..."that spells deaf and dumb!"
Do you think that's significant, or just the actor flubbing the line?
@neqone Enjoy the '94 version so much more than the '21. The '94 even got a Blu-ray release finally!

Can I just say how thoroughly impressed I am with @6502Workshop build & art quality on their new Apple II game! I’ve had it downloaded for awhile but now have my boxed set! First brand new software I’ve gotten on 5.25” disks in 30 years too! #retrogames #RetroComputing #apple2

@6502Workshop PS Where did you all get new 5.25" disks? Is there some boutique manufactures still or a stash left from years ago?
@neqone All new old stock, which came from government surplus a decade or so ago. To our knowledge the last production run of 5.25" disks was in the 1990s.

That's neat: I like how it forces the tiles to be flat to each other (which I've had troubles with.) It does lift already placed tiles so I'm wondering if they'll end up less solidly placed.
I can't believe i got an earworm from that song after it cycled a few times.

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2021-02-23 13:53:26
There's nothing "centrist" about applying different standards for white men and women of color, about turning your back on millions of Americans while they are in need, about actively promoting irreversible damage to the environment.

@neqone I was once told that procrastination is actually a guise worn by perfectionism. They are so afraid of failure or not being perfect that the task is subconsciously so overwhelming that it is put off until we must face it. Thus making you your own worst enemy. That's me.🧡

Dude, same!
2021-02-22 23:08:45
I don’t agree with the president about everything, but I am constantly overwhelmed by how great it feels to have a normal, non-mentally ill, non-sociopath as the commander in chief.


That's hilarious!

2021-02-22 22:56:15
Navy will have all uniformed plus civilian personnel re-state their oath to the Constitution -- and discuss what it means and what actions would violate it.

I feel good about that (see my pinned tweet)

2021-02-22 17:13:22
Cesium's Brady Moore will present "Enabling 3D #Geospatial for AR/VR" at the Technical Exchange on #AugmentedReality for Military, Maintenance and 3D Modeling, #TEAR3M on Wed 2/24 at 11AM PST.

Registration is free for government and military attendees:


2021-02-22 17:07:40
"Give the guy credit: He knows that despite with Mitch and Nikki say, a 'show of force' is exactly the sort of thing Republican voters crave right now. For these people, the January 6 insurrection wasn’t a bug. It was a feature."…

I love the '94 series and didn't like the new one. They nailed the shortcomings of '94 as spot on as the new one but also how it is better. Nailed my excitement for new series when announced too when I thought it'd be a redo with better budget, modern effects, and more screentime
2021-02-22 12:11:06
Part one of our review of the ‘94 miniseries is live folks! #thestand

2021-02-22 14:00:34
Some network executive for some conservative media outlet needs to have some courage to put someone on air who will finally tell conservatives some truth.

Until that happens, 40% of this country will remain lost.

2021-02-17 21:44:08
Trump treating Newsmax and OAN as Fox’s equals will encourage other Republican politicians to do the same, furthering a radicalization spiral for both the right-wing media and the GOP.

2021-02-22 13:09:07
The stories of personal charity emerging from the Texas crisis, like those of crowd funded aid for COVID victims, are both a tribute to the great heart of many in America and a withering indictment of our system of government which should be taking care of these people.

2021-02-22 00:02:28
So wealthy donors make their Faustian bargain with Trump, the GOP in Congress goes full oligarchic, and state-cosseted utilities take advantage of freezing Texans.

Every rich conservative: "What's wrong with young people? Why don't they love capitalism? Must be the textbooks..."

2021-02-21 21:14:35
I am Democrat Gregg Smith and I am running against Lauren Boebert. Thank you to the over 50,000 of you that have followed this account since last night and thank you to the more than 258,000 of you that have followed this account in 19 days. Please continue to retweet & pass on!

2021-02-21 19:47:55
The latest Facebook story from @CraigSilverman and me details a history of how political concerns influence important platform decisions. While employees are warning about it now the 2020 election is over, there have been plenty of signs in the past.

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2021-02-21 18:43:16
First question out of any journalist's mouth when interviewing a Republican should be "was the 2020 election a free and fair election that was won by Joe Biden, yes or no." If the answer isn't "yes," then cut the mic and go to the next guest.

2021-02-21 18:08:58
BTW it's completely consistent for the NYT to run a rant from a right-wing troll. That's how Trump won the 2016 election. Remember Hillary's Emails? The big scandal of 2016. Brought to you by the NYT. All the fascist trolling that's fit to print.


2021-02-21 16:01:10
74 million vote Trump. 81 million vote Biden. Biden won by same electoral vote margin Trump won by in his 2016 “landslide.” My district: 65% for Kinzinger, only 56% for Trump. Its clear, Trump lost, to win again we need not embrace him, but move on from him, and NOW.

2021-01-18 23:54:48
To appreciate the alchemy of the Muppets in their prime it helps to get a sense of the unseen craft that went in to making every bit you’ve seen... The timing & synergy of a group of creative folk working toward common purpose & genuinely enjoying that process & each other...

This epic muppets thread...
2021-01-18 04:27:30
Just a reminder, too-oft overlooked & a vital component most certainly missing when modern Muppet content is conceptualized, is that these characters could go to deeply sincere, beautifully emotional places... And were allowed to do so. If you ignore the heart - You don’t get it.