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I use macros, they #define me!

I have no affiliation with this company but have followed their development activities and their owner and think they do good work. They also contribute back to open source projects as well.


The magic word is “your geolocation”. You'll get a pair of GPS coordinates back.

"What's your GPS coordinates?" :-)

India is planning on launching its own Salyut-class space station in the next decade. That's about twice the size of the Chinese Tiangong stations launched to date but a third the size of their next planned one, and 1/20th the size of the ISS. #space


Interesting @geekbench result on my MBP. @virtualbox running @linuxmint scored higher than bare metal in many single core tests and in crypto and memory multicore. Didn't do too shabby with rest, but faster on any? VB processor affinity lock #linux better than #macos or other?



I have always preferred trackballs but they are sometimes hard to find. The first trackball I used back in the mid 80's had a ball 2 or more inches in diameter and had a fair bit of momentum. You could flick it with your thumb and it would take the cursor all the way up the page. The device was a Mergenthaler Linotype badged page layout terminal.

I replaced the ball with an optical module in my Amiga mouse ... ( ... will probably do the same for my ST...


In passing, note the correct word is a noun, "varieties", not, as many people say "varietals".

Varietal is a wine made from a single grape. A variety is a grape.

Really neat story about the earliest written records of Spanish.

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This is a really neat episode on the history of the space shuttle talking about a lot of more inside pool stuff (by Discovery Channel standards anyway)

I don't have Discovery Channel here, but I do often watch National Geographic. Are they comparable?

Concerning the shuttle: I think that it was doomed from the beginning, although technically it was a really great thing! Sadly they never came to the same conclusion like the Russians came when constructing the Buran. Moving the main engines out of the orbiter was a great idea. They not only saved space and weight, but also they not only had created some boosters for the orbiter but a rocket system that could not only lift the orbiter but other really heavy payload.


The Feneas forum

Today we launch our discussion forum powered by #Discourse to help #federated folk have a place for cross-platform collaboration discussion.


#federation #community #fediverse #collaboration #feneas

Watching this show covering last recorded breakfast of George IV two pigeons and two huge steaks in a meat pie with tons of drink which then leads into a commercial for GasX. Perfect pairing :)


Uh oh.

Wardrobe privilege escalation.

Too much power for a pair of shoes...

Yes! And apparently yes the person is okay...

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Wow that is crazy.

That's me testing Go code. 🤣


H/T to @Ed S for showing me a non-Facebook message board for #retrocomputing!
#retrocomputing @Ed S retrocomputing

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nice, thank-you!

I've looked at attending VCE. Thanks for the forum recommendation though!