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I think finally won over autocorrect and it doesn’t think I’m constantly saying ducking all the time...

That's ducking fantastic!

Whooo. Looks like Santa got some good stuff in his pipe.

It's fascinating to me that one of the Trump lines that gave Republicans boners the most is "the world is laughing at us...but they won't laugh any more." The world wasn't laughing at us though. Now they very much are laughing at us, specifically Trump. They do it to his face (UN speech) and behind his back repeatedly (video from NATO summit released yesterday). The sad thing is it is all warranted. Do Trumpist Republicans not see it, see it and not believe it, or rationalize it in some other way? Either way there is an irony in it. It's a shame it's on such a serious topic. There is just going to be a lot of cleanup after this era is over.

- Ok, fair enough. The world laughs at Trump. They do. No denying that.

But in 2016, Hillary's DNC colluded with MSNBC & CNN to rig Bernie Sanders during 2016 primaries. They stole our votes - from coast to coast - at the ballot box, used superdelegates to overrule #WeThePeople. Then Trump turned around and gave them all a #taxscam

Billionaires own both corrupt parties. They own Twitch, Twitter & FB. We'll never have democracy until they are taxed out of existence.

Hillary would have been infinitely better than Trump, but I don't want to re-litigate 2016. I want to make sure that Democrats win the presidency in 2020. Every single person running right now would be a better president than Trump.


We can't forget 2016 or turn a blind eye to the next rigged primary. DNC Dems will nominate anyone Trump can beat, so they can grab another multi-trillion dollar #TaxScam

Whose empty podium did CNN & MSNBC show when they cut away from Bernie's 2016 speeches? It wasn't Hillary's. Billionaires own both parties. Only Bernie will change that.

Yeah we will agree to disagree on that one for sure...

You cannot disagree about superdelegates.

Those are "special votes" by DNC elites who overruled voters.

E-voting is also fraud. We can discuss the rest later. Bottom line: Trump never had to happen.

She won the majority of regular delegates too. She won the majority of the votes across the all the primaries. The primary where the super delegates made a difference and didn't comport to the popular vote wasn't 2016, it was 2008:

- I just showed you a VIDEO of evotes being flipped but you IGNORED that completely. Now you're steamrolling ahead, talking about Hillary "winning". Don't do that. It's a bad-faith argument.

Gotta love completely transparent PR campaigns. Fortunately they had time to address whether they agree with breaking up Facebook as part of their family Yuletide celebration...

@Hank G Facebook should be declared illegal!

Oh my...

The media could not be played.

It worked fine when I just tried it here rendered in Friendica.

Oh my...

And the facebook app on the employees', their friends', and their family members' phones can listen in to ensure compliance!

Why did I end up spending a weekend powering through standing up a new #foss project? That's just the way I am I guess :).

I found LiteDB was a great embedded NoSQL DB option for #dotnet. I just needed a cross-platform editor. So I created LiteDB Portal. Running on #linux #mac #windows thanks to #avalonia Check out code and tutorials for Release 1…

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Yesterday shared a meme about side projects. My weekend-long side project is done. Hope to wrap up and get a first release out to everyone so others can find it useful and I can get back to my main project(s). Stay tuned :).