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Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

PS the 408MHz Pinebook Pro idea came because the standard "OnDemand" CPU throttler's lag was causing insane lag in LibreOffice Calc and Writer. After fixing it by using "Interactive" I figured let's see how things go when always at 408MHz.

Hey, I didn't realize you have a pinebook. What do you think? I've looked at them but am worried the arm processor is going to mean I have to compile a lot of stuff from source that right now apt-get handles.

Just because I'm a glutton for punishment I'm experimenting with using the @PINE64 Pinebook Pro throttled to 408MHz setting. Surprised how snappy some things are (TeXmaker) and how glacial others are (LibreCalc). Kinda #

So, there's a question. What's the fastest clock speed consistent with # ? I think my first guess is 233MHz, the StrongARM-powered version of the RISC PC from Acorn, around 1996.

"The 233MHz StrongARM gave a performance improvement over the 30MHz ARM610 of more than 800%."

@hankg @PINE64

I love the game probably for reasons many gamers dislike it. It’s the one I use most frequently anyway...

What you need is OpenStack to manage clusters of Kubernates managing clusters of Docker containers 👍

Disappointing but the data is the data....

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Diaspora API is now in the main development branch which means we can start experimenting with it. Going to fire back up my projects that did this.

This is awesome news! Can’t wait to fire up my blog comments system and to integrate into a desktop social media app I am writing.

Ohai there, friends! Sorry for the bit of silence in the last couple of months, we don't like that either, so we figured it's time to make some noise! A few moments ago, we merged the API branch into develop, which means that starting now, all pods
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Btw did you know about ? They are tracking diaspora* support here, maybe you want to use their work or collaborate, as your goals seem close.

I did not. Looks interesting.

Sounds delicious to me :)

I'm so glad I decided to # . One of the major reasons was because I figured they would do *exactly* this sort of thing. Shame. On. Them.

When I was using it, years ago, I felt like when in was using it I felt unhappy about the time I spent on it and when I wasn't using it I felt unhappy not seeing what was going on. There wasn't any part that was happy. Maybe that's just me, though.

@smellsofbikes that's the ironic thing for me. I actually had curated my experience to the point where I really enjoyed all the interactions I had with IRL friends, I almost never had interactions with global people because I never posted publicly, and I found specialty groups for my hobbies and political debates that let me have very positive discourse on all those topics. Unfortunately they are a horrible company.

Personal value is important. If it doesn't add up to a net positive after all things are considered (like being a horrible company run by horrible people) then it's time to move on.