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I always think that media production is the furthest behind for Linux. This is neat!

I downloaded their first "prototype" issue and am digging it!

Happy birthday @debian :) #linux

Ah... good ol' Debian. This distribution had always been my second favorite (after Slackware) for many years. That ended when SystemD came around. :(

@V. T. Eric Layton what's your favorite now?

Just Slack. I haven't had time or the ummph to check out SystemD-free Devuan yet.


I'll take a cookie over a sandwich any day :-)

Ice cream sammich made of chocolate chip cookies?


Me: Let me see if I can remember... What was I thinking? 🤣

I love the. "Who the hell wrote this crap?!?!?...git blame....oh it was me..."

Hehe. Any coder worth their salt hates any code they wrote more than six months ago. Oh, but now I know better!

At least I can consistently recognize my own crap. I have particular habits when it comes of indentation and organization of code blocks ... I mean, I'll go along with whatever auto-indentation the product defaults to rather than fight it for no good reason, but even so there are certain quirks and sorts of comments that instantly tell me:

"Don't bother asking who to blame for this crap. It was I."

I love the idea of doing more of these sorts of cocktails.




It’s almost like a parody of itself isn’t it? Sadly it’s real.

They keep insisting they can speak their minds both good & bad.

But if you were the sort of person who was tweeting bad things about the Amazon FC I think they'd pick someone else to do that and send you back to the floor. There's more than one way to insert bias.


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Rebase literally M


And it tastes great

All great, but my biggest problem, the sodium is through the roof (380mg) compared to a plain burger's 81mg.
Though to be fair, the Impossible Whopper's 1078mg of sodium is pretty close to the regular Whopper's 911mg.

Having said that, while I doubt I'll ever eat either whopper, due to cholesterol, and gout concerns I've happily switched to non meat burgers.
haven't tried an impossible burger, but love the beyond burger (and beyond sausage)

@Ray Bernache yes this should not be confused with being health food.

not health food, but they are healthier food ;)


Which "much fun"?

I mean, even at that age they are still a playful couple. The guy is laughing at getting tricked at the end and she's laughing about tricking him in the innocuous joke.

I don't know whom you're talking about. I presume there should be a link to a video, but I cannot see it. 😕

Interesting...can't speak to how it's rendering on Mastodon since I'm doing all of this through Friendica. Here's the link to the original tweet:

On that link I can see an image, not a video. But I'm smart enough to get the video by that single image. And you're right, that couple from the past century is lots of fun. 😆




Can we make a robot that makes the robots coming to take our jobs come faster?