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How copaganda works. Maryland Governor claims he's "re-funding" the police. No police departments were defunded. And Maryland's increased every year:

2019: $408 Million
2020: $442 Million
2021: $457 Million
2022: $471 Million
2022: (after newly-announced $150 more): $621 Million

So passed a law that shielded irresponsible businesses from any liability due to lax COVID procedures but remove them for those that do put measures in place? DeSantis & GOP put workers and customers at risk just to score points with their base. Horrifying…
They need to be arrested and charged with Endangering Public Welfare!

A solar eclipse on Jupiter, captured by the Juno spacecraft. The shadow is from the moon Io, which is slightly larger than our own Moon. 📷 NASA/@kevinmgill


The video game industry is 50! On this day in 1971, @NolanBushnell unveiled Computer Space, the first arcade video game--and first video game product offered for sale

I wrote about it for @howtogeek:…

What's the first arcade video game you ever played?




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I’m just remembering that my second year in America, someone asked me to “validate their parking,” which was my first time hearing the phrase, and after blinking stupidly in silence for a full five seconds I said “Well parking is really hard but I’m sure you did it really well”

Here's my newly-updated post on how to Dockerize a Sinatra application.

If you want to learn how to Dockerize a Rails application (which is pretty hard and complicated IME), Dockerizing a Sinatra application is a good stepping stone.…

The viscosity of a lava flow reflects several factors, including composition, gas content, and temperature.

But topography plays a role too—and when a flow can channelise itself on relatively flat terrain, it can move pretty damned fast.

#CumbreVieja lava; credit: @involcan

Nothing to see here. It was merely the test pilots fabricating data, at grave personal risk but no apparent benefit to themselves, in a manner that coincidentally was lucrative for the management, which of course could not have known about these devious schemes to enrich them.
Yeah the fox guarding the hen house regulatory thing in this industry, like so many others, is gratingly ineffective, dangerous, and infuriating.
Can a deal be annulled if arrived at in a fraudulent or corrupt manner?

Which country is that, just out of curiosity?
Please forgive me for not being specific about that on public channels.

A very old BBS tagline, one I've got in my tagline collection, among other similar ones.
Practice safe government -- use kingdoms.
Mount St. Helens should have used earth control.
Practice mirth control--use conundrums.

depending on the accelerant used, it might be hotter on Venus...
Just being on fire counts as a relaxing day on #venus. Acid (not acidic, actual acid) rain, 90+ bar surface pressure, 300+km/h winds and all the other pleasantries of life on our neighboring planet make it a literal hell. And that's without mentioning those apocalypse events where the entire planet resurfaces all at once. Fascinating world but might not be the best when it comes to long time real estate investments.

Inside Alden Global Capital, the secretive hedge fund that's gutting local newspapers across the country—and could be coming to your town next. My cover story for the November issue of @TheAtlantic:…

Word of warning to startup founders: in the bad old days before my company was acquired, I ended up taking out a few working capital loans to survive. I still get multiple calls per week, sometimes multiple times per day, from lending companies trying to offer sketchy loans.

Legit question: does Tik Tok have the same algorithmic amplification and silo effects as Facebook and Twitter and if so what is their excuse for allowing that to happen since their system rose after the dysfunctions with it were apparent? #surveillancecapitalism
@Isaac Kuo @Hypolite Petovan Less Pascal's Wager and more Roko's Basilisk

There are not enough anti-Trump Republicans to stop Trump from getting the nomination in 2024 but there are more than enough to stop him from winning the Presidency 👇🏽

Wow very neat! Amazing what we can extract from data sets like this. #astronomy #space #science

Excited to announce paper 3 in our Mapping Stellar Surfaces series, this time on Doppler imaging!

Paper link:

🧵 (1/10)

There is no single UI to rule them all. In the future a good product will have multiple UI's tailored/optimized for the user type. 3 types to start building around:

- sighted, keyboard and mouse using users
- unsighted, keyboard only users
- low vision, keyboard only users

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Honestly, that's hopefully entirely correct, and my biggest problem is how many UI toolkits do this already, and then are ignored
Voice input output would seem rather central to number 2...

I somehow missed this announcement that the @uaespaceagency is planning an ambitious follow-on to their Hope Mars mission that will do a Venus flyby, seven asteroid flybys, and then land on an asteroid, launching in 2028.

Gee I wonder how that happened. One of the big steps in undermining democratic society is destroying faith in institutions. It's been a multi-decade process by those on leading the GOP and right wing media that has born fruit in the last few years. #uspoli

A decade ago, a majority of Republicans had a positive view of the impact of colleges and universities on the US. This year, just 34% expressed positive views. Less change among Democrats - 76% positive this year.

@Alex Feldstein Nah. Colleges were where low-born plebes could buy an opportunity to work for some privilege. Then they became a loan racket.
@Isaac Kuo I know, right? Financial institutions where the bigots were coming out the woodwork left and right.

It's true. 50% water+50%air=100%

Ironically reading this during a break from reading Zucked. FB et al have really created the perfect shit storm. Ads in general are reviled to the point legit businesses can’t use them but nefarious actors still get what they need from them and FB continues to make billions

Just killed our #Facebook effort for @TheMadBotterINC because this is what I get @profgalloway @karaswisher we are a #smallbiz trying to reach customers. SB needs these platforms & we need help. Facebook is allowing us to be harassed & twitter blocked us with no real recoruse

Just killed our #Facebook effort for @TheMadBotterINC because this is what I get @profgalloway @karaswisher we are a #smallbiz trying to reach customers. SB needs these platforms & we need help. Facebook is allowing us to be harassed & twitter blocked us with no real recoruse



The fact that everyone in my mentions is trying to say this is normal, accepted, regular business practice is blowing my mind:

Apple employees have no expectation of privacy on their personal devices/iCloud? And neither do the owners of personal devices who are NOT employees?


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Everything’s negotiable.

No, this footage isn't photoshopped — it's a real-life clip of the Northern Lights over the night sky in Alberta, Canada, on Oct 11 😍

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I may have to buy some of this 😀 #Linux #OpenSource

Tux Turns 30! Join us as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Linux with official gear! From sweatshirts and t-shirts to hats, decals and socks - we have something for everyone. Check it all out here: #tuxturns30 #linux #opensource

Odd to frame low Earth orbit becoming accessible over time like Mount Everest as a pure good thing without mentioning also that one possible fate involves trash, lax safety standards, feces, corpses, mistreated workers...

🚨NEW🚨With pressure mounting, Facebook to "count activists and journalists as "involuntary" public figures".

Writing for @Reuters, @eculliford explains this change in the light of Facebook's problematic treatment of public figures on its platform.…
so... anybody who speaks up is an activist?

Indeed this is the way humans have largely organized for most of time: cooperatively. May we go back to our roots! 🌲🌲

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The right believes that companies should have the absolute discretion to fire people simply for being gay, but they should have no authority to require vaccination-or-testing to protect workers against an infectious and deadly disease.
but they think being gay is a disease which is communicable.

A new @LinuxUnplugged is OUT! @m_wimpress stops by with a new tool that will change your virtualization game, and we share our thoughts on @ubuntu 21.10 and take the flavor challenge.

How does Apple oppose the average person gaining knowledge today?
- Blocking third party software on iOS
- Not providing docs on hardware like M1
- Working against the right to repair movement
- Using open source software when it suits them, rarely contributing
- More

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Studying the Jupiter Trojan asteroids might unlock some clues about the formation of our solar system. Hal Levison of @LucyMission explains what he hopes to find out using new technology to study these objects, on our “Babbage” podcast

VC firms didn't exist until after WW2 and startup accelerators didn't until the 2000s. Now they are the mainstream way of doing things. May the #Cooperatives investment and accelerators like @start_coop and @Zebras_Unite have the same path to becoming the mainstream way of things

Actor William Shatner, Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, and Audrey Powers are back on Earth after their brief trip to space.

“That’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before,” said Shatner, who became the oldest person to fly to space at the age of 90.…

Well worth listening to Shatner - very touching !

How many billions and market control is ever enough for companies, especially the FAANG+M which suck all the oxygen from the room?…


I was always curious if we could come up with a perennial grain crop we could use pervasively. Apparently Kernza by Land Institute is that. It's got a long way to go but I'm going to get my hand on some to experiment with right now. #sustainability…
Yeah, let's hope.
Of course, if we could also tone down meat production, we'd have a lot more overhead, not to mention get 10x the mileage out of any new yield increases.
Mileage was intended metaphorically, not referring to bio-ethanol fuels... 🙁

The early Blue Zones stuff was common sense and not as wooh woohy as now. They also said that it wasn't going to turn everyone into super-centenarians. It does give actionable advice for better aging but essentially it's what CW said already #LONGEVITY…

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What it feels like to be a 40 year old developer looking at new javascript frameworks.

Can confirm.