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2nd # benchmark update, using @UnoPlatform DopeTest benchmark to measure perf under # . Despite running under Rosetta the results are astounding (1.5-3x faster). I put my theory why in the post but Uno team may be able to shed light.

To write up my benchmarking the way I want I'll have to break it into parts. First up, how does # # perform on # under Rosetta?

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Ah cool, thanks, that will be interesting

2020-11-24 00:53:58
I’m just one never Trumper conservative. Speaking only for myself, I will NEVER support ANY Republican who supported Donald Trump this election. Not Cruz. Not Haley. Not Rubio. Not Pence. None of em.

Why do I think the Republican Party is done nationally? Because I’m not alone.
I’ve seen a lot of Republicans on YouTube who have had it with the current Republican Party. I hope it is DONE.
@Katherine Bond I had hoped that would have been shown in the election results but actually Trump got more votes than in 2016, a higher percentage of Republicans than in 2016, and down-ballot republicans who are enablers or vocal advocates of Trump did very well. We are a long way from the GOP reforming itself or dying. It's going to be going further into Trumpist/neo-fascist territory.

This is really really interesting, never saw it until now. Not only is @GSAEmily a political hack, but all 4 top folks at GSA are, with some shoved in there just days before the election. Endless scum, all partisanship, dont give a damn about the country.…

Jim Talent, who along with Bob Graham in 2010 penned this insightful Washington Post OpEd beginning thus:
For generations, the United States has neglected to nurture the technologies and systems needed to respond to emergencies related to disease. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the response to H1N1.
All the best people.

2020-11-23 20:36:10
the prospect of having a boring and competent government is exciting

2020-11-23 18:31:35
The #1 rule of business, in my opinion, is to not piss off your customers. Comcast is about to break this rule. Data caps with ISPs should not exist, especially 1.2TB when Steam games can be over 40GB a piece, and everyone is working from home nowadays.
That's the problem with monopolists.
The #1 rule of business (at least in the US) is to never give your customers a choice in the matter.

You're projecting, Ted. Most people are not a complete, stinking pile of shit like you are.

The problem isn't just Trump or enablers who refuse to stand up to attempted overthrow of an election: They’ve turned tens of millions into gullible consumers of Trumpian nonsense. Even if elected Rs wanted to speak truth, MAGA crowd wouldn't listen

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2020-11-23 17:34:16
Student: How can we understand death?
Kong Qiu: You do not even understand life, how can you understand death?

Student: How can we serve the gods?
Kong Qiu: You do not even serve your fellow man, how can you serve the gods?

2020-11-23 13:12:49
"Over time, everyone who worked for Trump learned to tolerate his lying. Some concluded that they had to lie too in order to keep their jobs. Some began to believe the lies, because that made things easier...."
Ah the cry of the enabler: "I was just doing my job as wife/husband/civil servant responsible for the lives of hundreds of millions of my fellow Americans."

The sword needs to be bloody since Trump pretty much did it to himself - possibly because he's completely checked out and needs to be in a home or a prison cell.

Too much 3.141?
Good one!
Pi (e)

Finished compiling the # and # # (under Rosetta of course) benchmarks on Sat. Literally just finished first cut at the data reduction program (god I love #) and first pass at results. Hope to have it written up and publicly available tomorrow or Tuesday.

2020-11-22 18:50:28
I've said it before, but this country needs to send more elites to prison, not give them book deals. The total lack of accountability is one reason we're in this bad place.
A bunch of libertarians on twitter are talking about the moral hazard of the government paying off student loans.
Choosing to not prosecute criminal behavior is a far more concrete example of moral hazard.
Moral Hazard is for Others - not Us!

Again, Trumpism in the GOP is not just about Trump. It is a rotten to the core problem.
2020-11-21 18:55:17
Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp won't concede despite losing to Jay Inslee by 545,000 votes. He's turned his attacks on top Republicans and looks to be trying to remain relevant in the GOP.

...and I get wearing us down is part of the fascist playbook that Trumpists are going with. The fact the other 60% are sleeping through this is what has me in this fatalistic mindset.

I'm struggling to continue to give a shit with 40% of the country in burn it down in the name of Trumpism mode, 20% of the country in factionalism over defeating Trumpism mode, and another 20% in don't give a fuck mode. If only 20% of us really care it seems demise is inevitable.

2020-11-22 15:13:38
Are elected Republicans anguishing privately about their complicity with Trump? I'm skeptical. Look at revealed preferences. They're not denouncing Trump. They're not breaking with Trump. It's true they don't love Trump--but in politics fear and self-interest are often enough.
They thought there'd be a blue wave too, and when there wasn't, or their gerrymandering efforts proved sufficient to reduce it, they decided well let's see how much more we can take.

2020-11-22 14:35:09
1. A virus is killing 2,000 Americans every day.

2. 19 days ago, we had an election.

3. To save lives, it’s essential that the losing candidate cooperate with the winning candidate.

4. The losing candidate is refusing to cooperate.

5. His selfishness will lead to more death.

I don't like any Republican members of congress any longer because they've been pulling this shit for four years. The fact they took the ultimate leap of going along with this Trump coup crap reaffirms my opinion that they are not appropriate for any position of power anywhere.
2020-11-22 14:35:36
I like many Republican members of Congress. But those who sacrifice their ideals to the ambitions and insecurities of a single corrupt ruler have ceased to serve the country. Their failure to defend democracy at this moment of testing can’t be excused and won’t be forgiven. 13/

2020-11-22 14:13:45
This is what is currently happening in Texas, as Sen. @tedcruz encourages Thanksgiving travel and large gatherings.

The GOP has become far more extreme and far more taken over by the crazy wing (more Qanon House members than black house members) thanks to Trumpism. This makes what Biden faces in trying to be the bridge builder even more problematic, unfortunately.…

Garland is a prime example of this: as centrist as you can find, but blocked purely as a display of power.

TFW you see pundits and politicians complaining more about room rater's political slant than the Trumpist GOP's destruction of democracy...fuck you all.

2020-11-21 22:42:10
I feel like this is a metaphor for how we dealt with the bad-faith arguments and policies of the Trump cult before recently. We took it seriously, tried to talk policy, tried to engage. You can’t engage with nihilistic insanity.

2020-11-21 22:21:47
Conservatives: You are poor because you never learned to delay gratification.
Also Conservatives: How dare you ask me to postpone Thanksgiving gatherings just because we’re in the middle of a terrifyingly escalating pandemic caused by a super-contagious airborne pathogen.

Darn! # # benchmarks have hit a roadblock with some Rosetta bugs. The @AvaloniaUI ones completed on a second try but the .NET full micro suite is 0 for 3.

Not disturbing at all...ugh..
2020-11-21 18:30:00
27% of Republicans, more than a quarter, believe that Trump should not concede the election, *no matter what*.…

Like any case before a court: show the proof... He is just radicalizing three troops... Unfortunately he is succeeding...

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2020-11-21 20:31:53
Trumpism must be dealt with as a social problem. These are people who seek the destruction of American institutions. Until we address this as a social problem our politics will never be fixed.

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Yes it is a social problem. I tend to attribute it to a social bubble effect exploited by trump and others. The idea that these right wing types don't want a better society and don't bother to try to convince them is a little bit wrong I think. Instead we must recognize these trump supporters have been brainwashed by social media isolation. They just have a different idea, very misguided in most other people's view, of what makes a better society. So the real problem has to do with the dynamics of information dissemination, not the results of the dynamics which is just the symptoms of bubble-ized social misinformation.
@Bill Brayman Yup. They need to be cared for. Not catered to (racism and misogyny are unacceptable evils), but cared for.

FML I’ve lost all patience with the Republican Party and their undemocratic bullshit.
2020-11-20 16:27:56
tl;dr - The Trump campaign wants to throw out in-person early votes in the Wisconsin’s two most Democratic counties but not its other counties.

2020-11-20 21:39:39
Fact check: FALSE. I *literally* showed up at the White House on the Saturday after Trump's inauguration to brief his incoming Senior Director for Intelligence Programs and drove him a set of classification guides on Sunday to ensure he had what he needed for incoming officials.

Why after all these years has Apple never installed the standard auto-complete scripts for git? Windows install does. Linux installs do. It's the standard SCM that XCode etc. uses. Yet when installing XCode cmd line tools everything still manual. Very annoying.
@Christoph S The fact it has an easy uninstall means I'll be trying this soon 😀
And it has an easy autoupdate. One of the first things I installed on my new mac

Oh and about all those bad faith false equivalences with 2016. It goes to show the difference between the two parties and why the GOP is one I can't imagine voting ever for again.
2020-11-21 15:06:29
@OhJoeHenry @TheEconomist Only 1/3rd of HRC voters claimed the 2016 election was illegitimate. Because despite his team's coordinating with several Kremlin agents to weaponize hacked intel, she conceded quickly and did not seek to overthrow the results.

The thing we worried about happening for years of Trump has happened. There are only a handful of GOP voices calling this out and only one that did it naming Trump's actions as egregious. It's maddening watching the GOP destroy the foundation of democratic government in the USA.
2020-11-21 14:43:03
According to The Economist's latest poll from YouGov, 88% of those who voted for Donald Trump think that the election result is illegitimate

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Maddening indeed. The lot of these bastards (i.e., the GOP supporting Trump) are violating their oath to the Constitution. There should be legal consequences.

2020-11-21 14:57:23
"Having defied predictions of a down-ballot blood bath at the hands of voters fed up with Mr. Trump, congressional Republicans have seen there is little political cost..."
This is key. They think they've paid no price for irresponsibility and demagoguery. So they will not change.
Yeah, this would look very different if democrats had done as well as polling suggested they were going to. Republicans are looking at the polling-result delta and considering it a victory.

2020-11-21 14:32:23
I don’t remember this episode of Curious George because I think I’ve watched everyone of them with my daughter. 😏😂😂

Good thing conservatives are extremely worried about cancel culture...or something...

2020-11-21 01:46:25
“Allegations of serious fraud should be taken seriously...”

All due respect @SenMikeShirkey, isn’t it that evidence of serious fraud be taken seriously? Wild claims without evidence are nothing more than wild claims.

2020-11-20 23:50:01
If the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic is a war, than the Republican Party is Benedict Arnold.