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Every word of this...
I think they'll be perfectly happy to deny this happened the way it did, and probably willing to rewrite the numbers of people who died. There are Holocaust deniers aplenty, why not covid-19 deniers?
Yeah, I think they were aiming to start accusing New York and California of having "sanctuary cities" for Chinese people.

Just one little problem with that plan - California has done a relatively good job of controlling the crisis, and even the trumpflakes know that there are a ton more "Chinese" people in California than New York.


Ah well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This week I've coded in Kotlin, Python, Java, and C# (back and forth). Kotlin/C# still my favorites but Python lets me do some stuff very quickly. Java just felt annoying "Why are you making me do it that way?!" Can we ditch Java for Kotlin finally or get modern shit in stat?


I've seen some brazen CYA maneuvers but this takes the cake...

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It's not brazen. These are criminally insane minds which by definition operate that way.

Or a smoking section in an aeroplane...





# it is amazingly sad that after the end of the cold war we didn't make nuclear weapons a thing of the past... blew out traffic light control systems in Hawaii, 1000 miles away, before transistors.


# I've never seen this movie before. But I *have* seen this skeletonization effect part clips.


# I think they used that same side-by-side launch footage in the original Superman movie.


# everyone queuing up to use the payphone and huddled around tv's and radios. We have to contend with oversaturated cell phone networks and internet.


This crap pisses me off. We should make it as easy as possible for everyone eligible to vote to vote. Period.
Yes, if people were allowed to vote, they’d be kicked out on their asses.
Rigorous voter suppression has been a mainstay of american politics since the country was formed, with the 3/5 compromise. They've had to get sneakier since 1964.


Was there last year. We take for granted how dramatically different it looks today after so much excavation and preservation. I've seen drawings from the time but never a picture. #


Groovy math...


I meant to post this yesterday. We take satellite weather data for granted nowadays. Until April of 1960, 60 years ago, it had never been done before though. # #

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Well...this is a good start...
“Zoom: the ‘S’ is for ‘Security.’”


I've never seen it. This could be interesting...


I wasn't as isolated as this fella but after 5 years of being more or less alone in my early 20's one of the things I had problems with was understanding what people were saying. I'd gotten out of practice processing speech!
@Richard Healy That's an interesting problem I hadn't considered!
Yeah, um, I used to spend long times isolated as well, there was that effect.
The inner dialog continues in whatever that is I think in , but when I tried to speak to other people I really had to concentrate.

heh. I could speak to trees rocks and Wombats OK :)

Though it was never a problem, as I looked so wild that people sometimes crossed the street :)


A harrowing story but some good advice on how to do a little preparation to make home quarantining (god forbid it becomes necessary) a little easier. Also, his "mild case" sounds far worse than the worst flu I've had, and the worst illness he's ever had as well. Lastly, it seems common that there is a lull at the end before a second wave (happened to him and others he knows) so take heed of needing to be fever and symptom free 72 hours before breaking quarantine.
I've also heard reports of feeling better and then feeling much worse.


I started my programming life on an Apple II then Macs so I have some nostalgia and intrigue in how someone got a Swift up to run under OS 9 :). Done on April 1st but not an April Fools Joke






I mentioned "Yellow Box" which was a cross-platform dev environment Apple put out after they acquired NeXT and started building the new OS on OPENSTEP. Here's a nice history of that and related products (and their death)



Songs that "scientifically" reduce your stress level. Doesn't cost anything to (they are on YouTube) try it so why not. The first two I've listened to are quite nice anyway so...
I guess that's a sort of white noise.
I think it's more than just white noise because just white noise isn't that soothing to me. Plus, it can't just be a vacuum running and sitting there, it has to be someone actually using it.