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[bookmark=]'Gullah food is one of the oldest world traditions being practiced in America today. It is about ancestral ties and American living, adaptability, and creativity.'… # # # # # [/bookmark]


I don't know why by my brain keeps spelling it "decalf coffee". Maybe switching back to regular will fix it...
Coffee should be free of calves, shouldn't it? ;) Nothing beats a lovely slice of Professor Elemental in the morning!


[bookmark=]I don't think I've ever agreed with something more

That's going to be a lot of personal preferences of course :). How about Star Wars Episode 1 :).
Not worst than Star wars IV and I know I'm gonna make myself a lot of ennemies ok that one. Another one 2001: space odyssey? I know a lot of people consider that one a masterpiece. All I see is a film, admittedly technically very clean, but boring and extremely pompous.


Talk about a hot mess lol
[bookmark=]This dude needs to learn about personal space and keeping in your own lane and shiz like that..

Looks like this person couldn't drive.
Or had a car named Christine...


This is just a staggering statistic. What other software projects, if any, have had a comparable number of contributors?
[bookmark=]Since the 2.6.0 Linux kernel release in Oct, 2003, through the 5.8 kernel release that will come out in a few weeks, just over 20000 different people have contributed to the project.

I think this release will be our largest ever, by number of changes, we aren't slowing down![/bookmark]



"hOw cAN YoU sAy hE's RAciSt?!?!" The *most* generous interpretation he's a racist and doesn't realize it. Someone who knows this shit is wrong but does it anyway to stoke racial strife just to energy a shrinking base of white non-college male voters is far more sinister. Such a person shouldn't be in charge of a hot dog stand much less the entire country. The party that goes along with it is even more of a problem.


[bookmark=]The ekranoplan, a ground effect vehicle.



I've been wanting to see this since it came out. Now it's on Hulu. Media for tonight :)


I mean we could use some improvement here :)

Someone make this guy the new Governor of Florida.



[bookmark=]have we determined that the collective noun is a "a rage of Karens"[/bookmark]
Sounds appropriate!




Looks very clean, no unnecessary bloat :)


[bookmark=]On this day in 1994: # founded

Note the original logo


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I just tripped over this "Walking Stick Kale"yesterday and I'm totally trying this. Going to start it in my aeroponic Gardyn system and then transplant it outside.…

And then you can cook kale broth everyday... 😏
The volume of leaves seem to be crazy even for one plant. I'm excited. I love huge salads and I love kale and greens of all varieties




Next up on the Independence Day media binge :)




Whenever I watch these historical documentaries I often think it'd be a neat second career to become a historian...

It's even funnier when you realize that it's still photoshop. Look at the size of the seat hole. Compare to the size of the laptop screen.


[bookmark=]2. Here's the contrast put simply.
Conservatism patriotism = "America, love it or leave it!"
Progressive patriotism = "America, I love the egalitarian principles you stand for, but I'm angry that you are failing to live up to them. And I will fight like hell to make you better."[/bookmark]


[bookmark=]Discovered a new use for pano mode. # 🌭🌭🌭🌭🤤



[bookmark=]me and my pytorch learning : I am in this picture and I am going to report this meme to the Internet police.


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[bookmark=]This perfectly describes In-N-Out

In-and-Out -- the McDonald's of the West


TL;DR The only thing that matters to Republican primary voters is who is the most loyal to Trump. That's it. Qanon conspiracy theoriests, shady pasts, etc. are irrelevant as long as the candidate is the most loyal to Trump. Trump's own endorsement isn't enough to counter act that in the case of NC. The Republican party is a broken cult party. Period.


[bookmark=]Nobody: What’s your favorite paradox?

Me: If you ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP, he cannot give it to you as he will never give you up. However, in doing so, he lets you down. Thus creating the Astley Paradox.[/bookmark]

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I hope they mean *ex-election commissioner" because I can't imagine trusting a person like this with being involved in managing free and fair elections for all.
[bookmark=]Mississippi election commissioner: "I'm concerned about voter registration in Mississippi," the commissioner wrote. "The blacks are having lots (of) events for voter registration. People in Mississippi have to get involved, too." [/bookmark]


My god how messed up is this?
[bookmark=]Mississippi election commissioner: "I'm concerned about voter registration in Mississippi," the commissioner wrote. "The blacks are having lots (of) events for voter registration. People in Mississippi have to get involved, too." [/bookmark]
The Black people aren't people?? Crawl back into your hole, racist jerk commissioner.
Best case: Culturally ingrained implicit bias that comes out and bites us in the heinie despite our best intentions. Worst case: Das Racist.


# I try not to do this but I don't have a perfect track record...

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I found this more entertaining than I should have lol.
[bookmark=]Lockdown has provided important research time for science


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Sometimes I don't know what the beginning of a regular expression is by the time I get to the end of the regular expression. Never mind months later!


Absolutely loving this show! Informative (beyond just about food), entertaining, and makes my mouth water!


I'd heard of but hadn't really heard Richard Spencer speak. God he's such an odious person as is the lot of them. It's insane that these people are in control of this country, hopefully only for a few more months though:
In October 2017, he came to Florida and managed to get booked to speak on the campus of the University of Florida. At the meeting, he was heckled until he finally gave up and left. I later saw a video of the confrontation and had no remorse for how he was treated,


[bookmark=]I feel seen.

That said, I no longer get dressed, and thus have no need for new clothes.


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Too many stars.


Funny he didn't mind changing policy specifically for one person, Trump, back in 2015/2016 because of some whiny bitchy conservatives. Actually having reasonable standards though is just too much and these advertisers being mean to him is just hardening his position. It's going to take more than just a short term boycott to get through. He's going to have to be bled dry of every dollar he has before it gets through his thick fucking skull. #


[bookmark=]It is with great pleasure that I introduce my new op-ed column in the @AIAA's @AeroAmMag called "Jahniverse" where we get to have a place to share some candid words! Sit back, relax, and spend 5 minutes with me "keeping' it real!"… [/bookmark]


TIL people fake out 8086 chips...
[bookmark=]I bought a cheap Intel 8086 chip on eBay for die photos. But when I opened it up, I discovered it was a fake. Inside is a bipolar ASIC (I think) with a regular grid of transistors connected by two layers of metal. Not a processor, but a mystery chip with a relabeled package.

An integrated circuit in a 40-pin black ceramic package. Labeled D8086 Intel (M) Copyright 1978. But the chip was a fake.
Die photo of the chip. The chip has a mostly-regular pattern of horizontal and vertical metal traces. The silicon appears purple in this photo. Bond wires are connected to pads around the edge of the chip.
The chip's silicon die with the metal dissolved, revealing about 1000 tiny transistors organized in a regular pattern of groups. The transistors are tiny greenish boxes on a yellow background.
A closeup of the die, showing about a dozen transistors: brownish rectangles with three metal connections. The lower metal layer is connected to the transistors, while a thicker metal layer on top providing interconnections.[/bookmark]