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2021-05-14 18:36:09
The 2020 elections were run w/ integrity, the results certified by the county & state were accurate, & the 2 independent audits conducted by the County are the true final word on the subject. We know auditing. The Senate Cyber Ninja audit is not a real audit. #azsenateaudit

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2021-05-16 09:57:49
⁦@sebastianjunger⁩ puts words to a lot of my feelings on reactions to the pandemic. “The idea that we can enjoy the benefits of society while owing nothing in return, not even a minor sacrifice, is literally infantile. Only children owe nothing.”

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Well, the idea is to sell us everything we need through layers of middlemen so we don't need anyone else. Divide and conquer writ large via extremist neoliberalism.

That's why we see all these tough-guy wannabes and rugged individualist posers - short of combat or seriously eff'd up life experiences folks don't get the opportunity to test themselves to their limit and figure out how much help they need from their neighbors.

2021-05-16 00:00:26
Took my daughter to work one day. She ran around all excited to meet people. During the morning meeting she was sitting next to me when she piped up "Where are all the 'goddamn clowns' you always talk about?"
I've got a thousand clowns here for you, is that enough for a start?

(It's very high-quality cardboard.)
Where Are The Clowns?

2021-05-15 19:33:40
It is really hard to build a society with people who view the social contract as something to be evaded and mocked.

2021-05-15 15:39:00
Toddler’s favorite Star Wars characters:

Geen Baby Oh-Yeah (Grogu)
Blue-2 Dee-2 (R2-D2)
Baby Eat (BB-8)
Daddy! (Darth Vader)

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2021-05-15 18:28:34
So Apple *still* haven't assigned a CVE ID to my M1 silicon vuln report. The 90-day disclosure deadline is on May 26.

Anyone want to offer to assign an ID if Apple misses the deadline? 😅 (The issue affects all OSes, including Linux 5.12-rc3.)

2021-05-14 20:26:36
Still processing my first run in with the police...

I've been doing a lot of cicada interviews & with national news outlets contacting me, I thought I should have some live ones onhand. So I was delighted when my cousin called panicking about the "swarm" on the side of her home.

Imagine a world where law enforcement couldn't murder you and get away with it.

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2021-05-15 17:03:01
The Republican Party does not have a monopoly on patriotism. Their actions this week, this year, this decade prove they haven’t a clue what America truly stands for.

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Toddler’s favorite Star Wars characters:

Geen Baby Oh-Yeah (Grogu)
Blue-2 Dee-2 (R2-D2)
Baby Eat (BB-8)
Daddy! (Darth Vader)

Next movie review for my first run movie challenge: Wrath of Man. My first Guy Ritchie or Jason Statham film but their reputations precede them. Action scenes, cinematography, & score spot on. I'm torn on the pacing. Worth seeing for the action shots alone
I like Guy Richie and Jason Statham and this sounds like typical pacing. Might give it a watch.

I'm willing to pay a subscription fee to social networks for certain features but these aren't it. Features I'm willing to pay for on Twitter: no algorithmic tracking, no ads, the ability to edit my tweets, the ability to control cropping of my posted images in compact mode.
2021-05-15 12:18:18
Twitter is calling their upcoming Subscription Service “Twitter Blue”, priced at $2.99/month for now, including paid features like:

Undo Tweets:…



What I'm not seeing in these policies is *how* the stores confirm that it is only people who are vaccinated that are walking around maskless versus COVID denialist assholes. We already have people selling fake vax cards if they even check that
That would be a worldwide problem. These brainless people the credibility of the WHO vaccination certificate. Possible a solution will be a digital app based vaccination certificate. This opening race without proper confirmation is a mess.

Hank is correct, @Azure Cerulean --what I have is the 1980s video disc, not the laser disc. Still have a working player, too.
I might as well add that I also have Star Trek The Movie in this format…and I stand corrected that my Star Wars copy is RCA. It’s Fox, and I have a pic of it posted on Pinterest:

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2021-05-14 20:12:00
*Pandemic profits grew 70% to $2.8 billion
*Doubled buybacks and dividends to $1.9 billion
*Closed stores and laid off 250 workers where cities required $4/hour hazard pay
*Cut median worker pay 8%, to $24,000
*Gave CEO 6% raise, to $22.4 million

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Next movie review for my first run movie challenge. "The Unholy", the first horror film I've seen in a theater in a *long* time. Got a few jumps & chills out of me. Love the special effects. It had some warts though I still enjoyed it enough.

2021-05-13 20:46:49
Addressing our challenges requires conversation and collaboration. Before we can get anything done, we need to turn down the heat. The Franklin Project, launching soon

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I got a chuckle out of this. I've had a starter going for 10 years before lock down but I got it from a neighbor who kept it going since the mid-1970s. In the 1st month of lockdown I decided to start a new one from scratch. I'm keeping it going too as a remembrance to the episode
2021-05-13 18:48:02
HUGE news: new CDC guidance stipulates that vaccinated people no longer need to maintain a sourdough starter

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Can't put it more succinctly than this!
2021-05-12 21:08:52
Fascinated by how the behavior of the people who took 3 pieces of pizza at the pizza party because they thought it would run out and the people who took 1 piece for the exact same reason is such a perfect encapsulation of American beliefs about community.

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I see some differences between game shows from US and from UK concerning their reactions to rude words 😀

See here two scenes from "countdown":
Yeah it's our puritanism history. Bad words, body parts etc. make many of us very uncomfortable. Kids getting murdered in school shootings though seems to be okay with the same lot that would go into hysterics over the types of words mentioned in those clips.

He should have been a caterpillar.
Eat all you want, go sleep it off, and wake up beautiful.

Second movie of the week for my first run movies challenge. "Four Good Days" with Glenn Close and Mila Kunis. Get a brief glimpse at the process of trying to get off heroine in the days right after leaving detox rehab.

I have absolutely no problem calling the Biden Administration or Congressional Democrats out when I disagree with them or think they are doing something wrong. I do that when I see it. What I won't do is engage in false equivalences or allow a group amnesia about the stuff we let Trump and Republicans skate by on with impunity. I don't mind calling out hypocrisy of either side but I'm not going to do so in a false equivalence way either. I can't sit quietly by and see something I disagree with but I *refuse* to contribute to the "both sides" bullshit that has gotten us to this present precarious state.
"You look lovely in that dress, dear"
"I never touched that money."
Both are lies, but are very different in scope and purpose.

I agree with you 100%, Hank. We need to call out the wrongs we see, but not get mired in false equivalence.
The GOP has resorted to this because it's all they can do. What's most horrifying is that their dupes can't see through it.

I just read the book "High on the Hog" last year and loved it. I think it was @KosherSoul that brought my attention to it (who has his own book on the topic "The Cooking Gene"). I can't wait to watch this series. Here's a link to the book #highonthehog
2021-05-04 15:44:43
“The truth is, a lot of American food has its roots in African American food, traditions and ingenuity.”

A feast for all the senses, #HIGHONTHEHOG is a culinary journey celebrating Black America’s resilience & contribution to American cuisine.

#HIGHONTHEHOG streaming May 26

Remember while the GOP spent yesterday squashing one of the few members that stand up against Trump's Big Lie and the 1/6 Capitol Insurrection event they are letting the Qanon Caucus not only run free tearing down shit but get more power every day.

2021-05-12 22:42:36
For those that missed today’s webinar with @groupmuse and @hackernoon, the recording is now available online at 😊🎻⌨️
@Hank G ☑️ consider using:

zedeus/nitter: Alternative Twitter front-end


A free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.
Inspired by the Invidious project.

No JavaScript or ads
All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Twitter
Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
Uses Twitter's unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required)
Lightweight (for @nim_lang, 60KB vs 784KB from
RSS feeds
Mobile support (responsive design)
AGPLv3 licensed, no proprietary instances permitted

If I take his words at face value that this pales in comparison to most of the other people in SV then I have to say that culture is more toxic than my wildest imagination. We need to double down on rising above this geographic and intellectual monoculture
I see. Well, carry on then. 😀
But I am privileged. I'm a "straight acting" white guy with a technical degree from a major university who came from a family that could afford to let me do free internships while all that was going on (back when free internships were a thing).
In a field where entirely too many don't recognize privilege, you are to be celebrated as one of the rare few who do. Kudos.

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I shared this back during the TP scare but it's just as appropriate with all this gas hoarding bullshit.


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2021-05-12 21:29:24


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I, uh, think one could insert probably any word or concept instead of Climate and it'd hold true.

What've they done for Vaccination misinformation? Election misinformation? Any kind of important information?
Even more reasons to delete one's Facebook account?
@Adam The best they've done is on the COVID-19 misinformation stuff. It's pretty piss poor but it's the best. If they had done that well on these other things the world wouldn't be as fucked up as it's gotten over the last few years. No it's not *only* their fault but it is substantially since it is documented their algorithms were the ones that have suggested extremists groups to people, they refuse to apply their TOS to conservative outlets when they violate it and game their algorithms, and they don't use the insight to behaviors that they leverage to get more advertising to tamp down ot the insanity.
Have you seen either The Social Dilemma or The Great Hack? Neither of them are fantastic, but I'm looking to sit my mom down to watch The Social Dilemma as soon as I can so she can understand a bit more about why it's not healthy. I'm not sure it's going to be enough of a punch to get her off, though, or to at least understand that she's struggling with understanding with what a fact actually is. I just about threw up when she recently asked me to hold off on getting my shot because of shedding.


She's not an unintelligent person. 🙁

Know of any better resources to throw at laypeople to help them understand just how badly they're being screwed with?
Yep I've seen both. They are pretty good. They put a lot of the information into a digestible form. A great book on Facebook itself is Facebook: The Inside Story or Mindf*ck for a general indictment.

I probably have half a dozen other potential books but are they as digestible as a documentary? Probably not.
Thanks for those recommendations! I'm going to have to read both, see if I can pass one or both along to those I see needing the help.
Oh, I'll also follow this comment up with clarification - I get my first shot in a few hours. Very much looking forward to being fully covered (though could be months).
@Adam Being vaccinated is so liberating. Congratulations! I got the J&J one so my cycle was just two weeks, thankfully.
Shedding? I don't get the relationship?
Sorry, just another bit of anti-vax garbage that is helped to be spread by the big platforms.
Fortunately for me, Facebook erased that problem for me by cutting access to my former Facebook contacts.

2021-05-12 14:54:59
@speechboy71 If Madison keeps acting up in such a childish manner online, Matt Gaetz is gonna wanna date him.

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2021-05-12 14:35:39
We can be concerned that Liz Cheney was ousted from leadership of the House GOP without turning her into Braveheart folks

In this story, Liz Cheney is Victor Frankenstein whose surprised the monster he created actually is a monster.

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She's the monster with more balls than the entire GOP congressional contingency put together.