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I'm so looking forward to affordable high performance ARM desktops and laptops. That's why Apple switching (hypothetically) is exciting. Linus totally nails why x86 won against RISC

Is the answer beans? :)

PowerMac G5 XBox Development Systems

Wow this is pretty neat. Early Xbox 360 dev systems were G5 Mac's and now here's one in the wild #retrocomputing #powerpc
#retrocomputing #powerpc retrocomputing

When a health/fitness podcaster you follower starts propagating "The Carnivore Diet" fad...delete...

I stay away from those health and fitness advocates

I'm loving this write-up of Carter. I absolutely love their mindset and how they lived their life since leaving the White House. It's a similar mindset that Warren Buffett has although an even more extreme example (only flying commercial for example). “He doesn’t like big shots, and he doesn’t think he’s a big shot," good we have too many of these sorts of self-absorbed people in all walks of life, whether they are "legit" big shots or just walk around acting like one. I like a mindset of humility, humbleness, and when given the opportunity to lead do so by example and with a mindset of servant leadership. If a former president can embrace and live it then anyone can.

Read this if you're willing to change your perception of the words humility/humbleness. 😏

I saved the link but this is a master's thesis on translation. Is that the right link?

It's only 3 chapters of the book, starting on page 11, but you will understand my point. It was the only English translation I could find. I think I have the whole book... in French.

Carter wasn't bad, far as presidents go. ♥

Computer Geek Turned Baker

This story has many things I get a charge out of: #baking #bread #programming #entrepreneurship
#baking #bread #programming #entrepreneurship bread food programming

Wow this is a great video on the lead up to Caesar's Italian campaign (where we get the term "crossing the Rubicon" in modern language) #history

Just watched it and really enjoyed it so thanks for sharing.

Thanks, indeed really interesting and well done video

TFW you have to restore Mac to shipped MacOS Lion and you prefer that UI to what the most up to date one is going to impose on me... #computer #apple #uxdesign

Thanks. I'll look into that. I thought I'd read instructions how to roll back to any version, but they didn't work. I might just erase the disc and install 10.12.

Like you, I'd love to stick with an earlier version, reluctantly went to 10.7 when I bought this machine in 2011 and very reluctantly went to 10.12 a couple of years ago after quite a lot of software stopped working. Tsk tsk.

Enjoy your 10.5 while you can!

My MacPro is running with 10.11.6 El Capitan and it's ok....

I love soup and these look delicious!

@hankg I haven't read the book... so, help me here: What's the difference between a "Vegan soup" and a vegetable soup? 😀

Vegan soups have no animal products in them and can take many forms. A vegetable soup is more like a watery soup with chunks of vegetables in them. The big thing is many vegetable soups aren't vegan. They could be cooked with butter, chicken stock, etc.

I had no idea that soup was such a complex thing. 🤣

I'm not so much with soups - except stuff like chili sin carne.

I still have boxes of my M:TG cards from when I first started playing in 93.

"Debugging is like an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you're going to start crying at inappropriate times." #geek #computer #humor

@Alicia S To your debugging meme

Debugging is the discovery of incorrect assumptions.