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Avalonia on Linux

I'm thinking of playing around with .NET thick client app dev on Linux for a cross-platform app. Any luck on doing Avalonia inside of JetBrains's Rider? #linux #dotnet #jetbrains
#linux #dotnet #jetbrains programming

I've done Longo's FMD (not using his formula) and have had great success. I do it for the supposed cancer-fighting benefits. Worst case it helps me counter-balance some over indulgences in the short term.

It's interesting how different that process is from our typical soy sauce and the generational nature of the traditional process #food #culture #history #japan

Terrific little story. Boy, Shodoshima(1) looks like heaven for savoury flavours, well known for its olive groves as well as traditional shoyu production.

(1) the name means "island of small beans", originally adzuki

We have bamboo that looks like this here in the Carolina's, beautiful plants! I took 5 roots from a neighbor's woods and transplanted in my woods beside a stream.

Cool so we can stop with this "is it high fat or high sugar that's bad" and get back to eating whole foods and shunning highly processed fat and sugar? It's almost like this is common sense or something...

Seems odd to pronounce it with a soft G sound since the G stands for "graphics".

Hard G for me too (I also pronounce the peanut butter that way just to annoy my spouse).

Supply chain management and detailed tracking seemed to me to be one of the best uses of blockchains. Apparently Bellucci is using it so you can track and confirm where the olive oil in the jar you produced came from. As an olive oil lover who is leery of adulterated olive oil (which is a lot of them) and a software developer I found that to be pretty neat! #food #programming #blockchain
#food #programming #blockchain food programming

If you are bored and looking for something easy and constructive to do...

DS9 will probably never be remastered to BluRay. As someone who hated it as a kid but love it now that's disappointing. Apparently ML could make that process possible:

Storing passwords in plain text is one of the biggest security smells I look for when studying a new system. It’s a junior software engineer mistake. WTF!?!

hackernews commenter guessed that bits of facebook software was logging all http or api requests. It's a bad, but understandable, mistake to make.

I was thinking that may be the case. Still egregious.

Holy shit. But sadly, I assume 99.9% of its users does not care.. But the more they fuck up the more people leave.

Since I'm not on twitter, I must add that >25-years-old samples from "Programming Windows 3.0" still compile on Win 10. However, WinAPI of yore can be safely described as a nightmare, and no wonder that countless framework in countless languages popped up over time....

And about NeXTstep-style interface: while I'm a KDE/Plasma man, Windowmaker is my backup window manager on linux :-)