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Wow I had no idea about these vegan "fish" alternatives for sushi/sashimi etc.
- Here's a company that sells a vegan "tuna" made out of... tomato
- And here's the DIY version
- Apparently other clever vegetable-based options will be hitting the market soon, such as replacements for eel (eggplant) and salmon (carrots???)

Somebody else's SQL

OMG love this! I'm going to extract and reshare :D

I’ve said many times I’m fortunate enough to have had interests that also paid well and was in a position to be able to capitalize on that.

A lot of people are in denial about the existence of luck :/

Yes, I'm one of those lucky people, but it took me a while to find my niche.

...also I like some of the gamification aspect of it but don’t let that stop me from working in other places like Gitlab or private repos...

Just finished the #AvaloniaUI tutorial solely under #linux #dotnetcore and leveraging #JetBrains Rider. Pretty pleased. Hope to get a blog write up out soon on experience and thoughts on the tech in general. Overall thumbs up!

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” --Mae West #qod #quotes
#qod #quotes quotes

Wind Turbine Facts

I'm trying to power through Battlestar Galactica before Hulu loses it. I'm assuming I don't have to worry about spoiler alerts after 14 years. Right? #scifi

Hank your missing my point, pirating is only legal if the GOVERNMENT and system makes it "ILLEGAL
It does not matter if your RIGHT , CENTRE or LEFT, the CONCEPT should be the same

I enjoyed the whole series. It had some pacing issues, but it's pretty great!

Visualizing C64! Probably more details about it than you ever could want #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

had the pleasure of eating in the shadow of Notre Dame a few times in my life (along with walking through it a few times as well. It’s not the best pic but it was my dinner view.


Thanks for sharing. It is alive in your memories.