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Wow I had no idea about these vegan "fish" alternatives for sushi/sashimi etc.
- Here's a company that sells a vegan "tuna" made out of... tomato
- And here's the DIY version
- Apparently other clever vegetable-based options will be hitting the market soon, such as replacements for eel (eggplant) and salmon (carrots???)

"Be like." That cracks me up

Been there done that

OMG love this! I'm going to extract and reshare :D

I’ve said many times I’m fortunate enough to have had interests that also paid well and was in a position to be able to capitalize on that.

A lot of people are in denial about the existence of luck :/

Yes, I'm one of those lucky people, but it took me a while to find my niche.

...also I like some of the gamification aspect of it but don’t let that stop me from working in other places like Gitlab or private repos...

Just finished the #AvaloniaUI tutorial solely under #linux #dotnetcore and leveraging #JetBrains Rider. Pretty pleased. Hope to get a blog write up out soon on experience and thoughts on the tech in general. Overall thumbs up!

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” --Mae West #qod #quotes
#qod #quotes quotes

Wind Turbine Facts

I'm trying to power through Battlestar Galactica before Hulu loses it. I'm assuming I don't have to worry about spoiler alerts after 14 years. Right? #scifi

Hank your missing my point, pirating is only legal if the GOVERNMENT and system makes it "ILLEGAL
It does not matter if your RIGHT , CENTRE or LEFT, the CONCEPT should be the same

I enjoyed the whole series. It had some pacing issues, but it's pretty great!

Visualizing C64! Probably more details about it than you ever could want #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

had the pleasure of eating in the shadow of Notre Dame a few times in my life (along with walking through it a few times as well. It’s not the best pic but it was my dinner view.


Thanks for sharing. It is alive in your memories.