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Uber-procrastination. Actually able to do #kotlin dev under #IntelliJIDEA working on #HaikuOS. #LibreOffice works pretty snazzy too. Not perfect but amazingly feasible.Image/photo

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hold up. you're running Jet Brains in Haiku?

As an experiment I did. Yes. This is not my primary environment though.

Interesting Rust performance anecdote...

Premature optimization is the root of all evil - Donald Knuth

I just backed Nox Archaist: An 8-bit RPG for Apple II, Mac, and PC on @Kickstarter

So Gab is coming to the fediverse by converting their system from proprietary to a fork of Mastodon (why a fork?). I have thoughts but umm should be interesting... #fediverse
#fediverse fediverse

Yeah, but if they were planning to expose their closed social network to a giant external one with hundreds of thousands of users, you'd think they'd at least say so in layman's terms, no?

Well, it's like if they said they're setting up an email server that uses "SMTP". I'd assume they mean that SMTP will be available for talking to other servers, even if not specifically mentioned. Since they do mention ActivityPub, I'd also assume they mean it will be used to talk to other servers :)

I might have an instant messaging problem :) [Slack(s), Riot (lots of boards), Gitter (several boards), Wire, Facebook Messenger, Wickr (not shown since app only) :). Big thing to don't actually *have* to respond the instant a message arrives.

No Mattermost? Discord? XMPP? Ring?

I actually have Discord and Skype too but I forgot lol. I used to use Mattermost when my previous company used that for internal communications. It's a pretty nice self-hosted Slack-like system.

I've been running a finickly private XMPP server for years, and vaguely plan to switch over to Matrix. Otherwise, it's all SMS...

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Updating all the improperly converted blog images from the WordPress to Jekyll conversation was painful for 2 reasons: 1. It was over 100 pages and many more links. 2. I really suck at food photography. I gotta do my food better justice than that!

did you migrate your website to a new CMS?

I migrated to Jekyll static site engine and using Git syncing to remote repositories for distribution and backup.

What's the easiest way to find your way around #AvaloniaUI #dotnet controls? The new stand alone version of their "Controls Catalog App" of course!
#AvaloniaUI #dotnet programming

Up until this I had rationalized that the death of smaller retailers/vendors in the Amazon/Google era was more a shifting to a new marketplace and maybe even provided them greater access. Looks like that idea is shortlived. It's just going to be about the big boys strangling the little guys once again. Now we do have a monopoly and potentially regulatory problem if they are shifting from being the new marketplace to being a marketplace for themselves and the few biggest suppliers.

I've actually been to Kalkar, Germany! I wish I knew this was a thing when I was there. Riding a swing in a former nuclear powerplant cooling tower (it was never commissioned though) would have been a neat experience :).

I didn't even know this was a thing. I like "Drunk History" combination of history and comedy so will give it a whirl.

Love the show and like it even more now. Good to hear that the authenticity is there as well. As the OP writer says it would be lost on people who didn't live there at the time. Their attention to technical details seems to (in my amateur opinion) follow closely too.

Thanks for sharing this thread! I've been riveted by the show, and reading about the disaster for hours after watching each episode. It's a great example of how well-made historical fiction can be more effective than a documentary (and it lessens the bad taste in my mouth left by the last seasons of GoT).

Amazing that it's upright video, as on a smartphone.

@Garry Knight if you are seeing it as upright then it might be an artifact of the way it's clipped by Twitter. On the BBC site the images are standard landscape orientation of different aspect ratios.

Oh, OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

@Hank G I highly recommend TCM if you have a conventional cable subscription. They often show many of the must sees during the year, and a hell of a lot of good films in between. Or at least they did up until I went Internet only in the last 3~4 years.

Oddly, TCM is really the only thing I miss about having regular cable, lol

I hope this is a joke...

no shit ?!

@dada I can't find any evidence this is true like a statement but I guess we will see. I thought Silverlight was being sunsetted so I can't imagine they are building a whole streaming service around it but you never know I guess...

This shit is outrageous and shouldn’t be tolerated by our country for one moment longer.