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The network becoming really big now...

In fairness, in 1994, almost no one knew of the Internet

@James Cowan Oh yeah that's not a knock on the anchors it's just amazing that in 25 years it's gone from "what is this weird thing" to being so ubiquitous it'd be like asking people what it's like to live without electricity.

The Tesla in orbit was cute but a rocket powered by methane produced from livestock/human wastes, and fracking? That would be a "Two Thumbs Up Super Awesome!" from me.

I need to do this!

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This is right up my alley. Thanks for the links.

Absolutely this! Getting a general idea and letting it evolve is key. Your life will not turn out exactly as you “planned” one, two, much less five or ten years.

So that's how you pronounce it...

Ironically I read Dave's feed among dozens of others over RSS still :). Thanks @FeedWrangler

The year of letting myself go quantified by the daily GPA for 5 metrics (Sleep, Diet, Activity, Exercise, Meditation). Gotta track bad times as well as good for data to be meaningful. #health #quantifiedself #qs