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I love this idea. I think I'm going to try that in 2020...

I read about this in the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport!

I moved to Florida to avoid that kind of thing but it was more the cleanup and dealing with the insane cold. There was always something I liked about watching the snow pile up and the view afterward.

I can't juggle or solve a Rubik's cube but this guy...

I want to read a transcript of the interview...

And I thought it was all about stuffing turkeys.... Silly me...

This post by Carmack on getting started with his example of how he’s getting started with AI in Python is great. We all start from where we are even the titans.

It depends on what you're using it for. I like 2d Robotron-like games where there are only hundreds of moving objects and the math is relatively simple. An interpreted language on a 66MHz 486 was easily fast enough for that ... so C++ on a modern CPU is stupendous overkill.

But if you're doing complex fluid simulations or real time ray tracing or something? Sure, Python is definitely not the way to go.

Yup. Python is slow compared to ASM, C, C++. Python provides binding mechanisms to C, C++ libraries though so you can have the best of both worlds.

I could get the certifications. People keep telling me I'm certifiable!

I'm thankful for being able to make my app a little less fugly in just a couple hours of work :). Decent looking enough I don't mind sharing a screenshot even. #dotnet #avaloniaui #linux

@Michael Vogel

For mysql the solution was to restart from scratch to produce MariaDB and php-mysql is dead. To bad for old site that must be recoded.
that happened when oracle bought mysql.

but this is another question.

Well, MariaDB wasn't done from scratch. They included stuff from MySQL as well. And it was a good decision to let php_mysql die. PDO is a much more general and more object driven variant. BTW: I really would hope that php_mysqli will be deprecated in the near future as well.

@Michael Vogel

do you realize that the more abstract is the code, the more cpu you use. Do you realize that we run for a lowtech and low-consumption hardware and software because of climate change thus those meta-mega libs are not so clever ?

Le'ts construct a lib that open with the same code, whatever database, plain text, pdf, docx, odt, .indd, .svg, .xml , url, html, clever ? with large object and let's go for I24 256 cores.

object variant in non connected mode.. such a good idéa : each request object are created and destroyed. very very smart. no pdo is not that clever : you trade abstraction for performance. fast development more cpu.

do you know that ovh had to improve there infra just because every body use wordpress for a large bunch of statics pages recalculated each visit ?

Release 2 of my new project is in the books...still fugly but more functional. Could actually use it a little bit. Baby steps towards being able to daily dogfood it...time for a celebratory beer and to unwind in Stardew Valley :)

TIL BSON doesn't have an unsigned long type...that explains all my queries getting messed up...

On first read I mostly like the terms of "The Contract for the Web". Since many supporters are in violation but show no signs of changing I'm afraid this will just be greenwashing. That's worse because it gives people the false sense of action.

Great background on the history of VLC and where they are now today.

New project: 81 hrs to finish R&D and prototyping before real development. Just finished first release with one piece of core functionality (ugly UI though) built on real architecture after 41.5 hrs. Celebrating with a beer :)

I don't know how I missed this report then and I'd love to see this with updated numbers. I'm sure the problem has gotten worse not better.

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@🛫 Brad Koehn 🛬 I am having a similar path but started with abandoning FB years ago.... What is holding me back is basicly some stupid android games that are anly avail from G playstore....
I feel stupid now....

@Hank G I use my own NextCloud instance for document sharing (and online editing: Collabora CODE is pretty sweet these days), and run my own email server (which is a lot of effort, but ultimately pretty cool). I use iOS & MacOS, because while Apple has some problems, at least I can trust them when it comes to my privacy.

This is amazing!