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Excited about progress on Graviton 3 ARM chips! 25 percent faster overall, 2x faster floating-point performance, a 3x faster machine-learning performance, while using 60 percent less power.…

Reality TV show grifter runs for office as a Republican the party cheers and rallies behind them...I think I've seen this movie before. It ends poorly for everyone except the grifter but no, we won't learn our lessons, sadly... #uspoli…

#timelapse #fruit #pepper

#timelapse #fruit #pepper

Did you know the planets don't technically orbit the Sun's center, instead, everything orbits our solar system center of mass, including the Sun! While our star holds 99.8% of the solar system's mass, Jupiter/Saturn hold most of the rest, so the Sun orbits them slightly (thread)

I did know that.

In tonight's pure snake oil products that Google has no problems selling advertising to. "Melt away 50 or more pounds of body fat without dieting, exercise, or lifestyle changes thanks to a doctor in the weightloss industry breaking 'their code of silence'." Sigh.

Generally there's a small icon in the corner of the ad.
I've looked for it before and didn't see it. I'll look closer next time.
Maybe it's only on mobile?

A song I listened to a million times off the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack back in the 80s that I forgot existed until 5 minutes ago. It's stereotypical 80s but I love it. It's making for some good upbeat debugging music, especially the chorus 😀.…
Oh dear. I've watched and listened to Beverly Hills Cop but my brain skips like a vinyl record on that tune. Every time I think of Stir It Up, I'm always thinking Bob Marley.

em-dash------And then --- in a manner of speaking
(And yes, I punctuate spaces around my em-dashes. Fite me.)
Bite me. 😛 :-}}

Having listened to both of those podcasts earlier this year I agree with this advice 100%.

Listen to the Behind the Bastards podcast 2-parter on Oz and learn more about his opportunistic and dangerous medical quackery and how he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the US senate.……

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In a 1985 Golden Girls episode Blanch makes this off-hand comment about how good a 7% mortgage rate was. Sounds silly to us now when it's been lower than 6% for two decades but then the average was 13-14% and coming down from +18%. Those are credit card numbers!


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Whoa. this is late-night news deep in a court filing.
Mark Zuckerberg was deposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Feb 19, 2019. Facebook’s opposition to DC adding Zuckerberg in its lawsuit for the Cambridge Analytica cover-up just posted - and it’s in an exhibit. /1


Republicans hamper Biden’s attempts to fight the pandemic and then hammer him for its persistence.

This is akin to an arsonist blaming the fire department for not doing a better job of fighting fires.

My @PostOpinions column.

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It is pretty fascinating seeing how Greg Cannon's AI Tetris agent was able to break the NES Tetris game. I'm pretty impressed it handled overflows as well as it did.…

Very quiet week in #linux rolling release H2H match up. Good news on @openSUSE though was after two weeks of UI crashes during updates it went through fine. Last week's culprit systemd was updated again but this time without incident.…


The 9th and final novel in The Expanse series, Leviathan Falls, will be released tomorrow. Can't wait.

#theexpanse #jamessacorey #scifi #fiction

I’ve released my first Dart/Flutter library. It implements the Result Monad (like in Rust) for doing result/error propagation/handling without relying on exceptions or returning null or specific values for errors. #dart #dartlang #flutter #flutterdev…

I'm going to have to experiment with this on my Android and /e/os (de-Googled Android OS) devices...…

'Twas ever thus, unfortunately, only more so now than ever, thanks to social media. When I cite Brandolini's Law now, I say it's wrong not in concept but in magnitude. It's now takes *at least* 2 or 3 orders of magnitude more energy to refute bullshit than it does to produce it.
made worse when somebody "just wants to debate" you
Corollary: you can't reason with unreasonable people.

TFW you publish a library that hasn't been announced yet but it already has one like in the repository 😀. #programming

Advertising "art as investment" or "wine as investment" instead of more traditional avenues makes me cringe. This isn't going to end well for so many of the people who buy into this snake oil pitch.

But but but, wine is up 999% since in 1942! I admit i read the vinovest site, then moved on.
"Buy low sell high" still applies. Buying at todays prices is a fool's errand except for the seller.

As a musician and lifelong @thebeatles fan, the Get Back doc is a huge gift I never expected to see. It’s like what I’d expect heaven to be like…you get to hang out with The Beatles

Thank you, Peter Jackson,
for putting it together. And to everyone else for letting it happen


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Pair programmers waiting for @github to come back online so they can pull the latest


Here is the #retrocomputing vid I was talking about by @FOSSfirefighter It's neat to see how one takes 16-bit Windows 1.0 apps and get them running on modern Windows 11 *and even* WindowsNT 4 on MIPS. I'm glad I never had to do that for a real app though.
@Mark Miller Part of what he highlights in the video is that Microsoft has been pulling down a lot of the historical documentation and tools from MSDN. When I was using it regularly a few years ago it was amazing you could still get Windows 3.11, documentation for the older libraries etc. I'm fine with them pulling it out of mainstream areas so people don't accidentally use it but they really should preserve it all somewhere. Hopefully they are but it wasn't obvious to this person where.

Alternating between watching vids on how to transition programs from Windows 1.0 to 11 (yes literally), history and programming ENIAC #retrocomputing stuff *and* what will hopefully be my first Dart package lol. #dartlang #programming

And here's an artist's impression of the moment the two spaceships - Soviet and American - joined in orbit. Love the pic. So gloriously Seventies! Like a movie poster - except it all actually happened. @ColdWarPod


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I find it amazing that Soyuz still flies mostly unchanged. Great design that simply works.

I want to save this in graphical form for posterity 😀 #devhumor


CEO bragging The eng team
about features
that don’t exist

so this gif has been making the rounds, with the unhelpful title of "data cable on a computer from 1945". but what computer? what sort of data? let's find out.🧵

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If you bothered to read the thread or research ENIAC, you'd see that the UI is all decimal rotary encoders, and the machine function is all based on decimal digits. All calculations were performed in (binary coded) decimal, unlike later computers which (mostly) use plain binary, apart from some specialised instructions in e,g, the x86 instruction set. So it's simply not true to say that the machine function doesn't use decimal - the ENIAC arithmetic units absolutely do use decimal.
Ya, you insist on talking apples & oranges.I didn't have to research the ENIAC because I worked directly with its siblings, and this is entire discussion was lost in translation. Talk to the hand.

Damn dat tune!
That's the one: 😍
I know right!?!

I thought memory fragmentation was only really solved by compacting garbage collectors like in JVM and .NET CLR but there are alternate memory allocators for C/C++ that accomplish this too! Interesting! #programming…

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All I knew of Merlin was from modern movies. Boy is the winding lineage of stories behind this one mythological character interesting. #history #mythology…
One needs also wonder where they got the concept of dragons from, if not from China. Chivalry was an Arab construct, originally.
Here's a channel with lots of scots (particularly Argyll) folklore :

Just wait? It is already happening.
Nope, that's the one thing they'd never even suspect.

US response to Covid has ultimately been like our response to school shootings: Once we decided unimaginable loss was a price worth paying for an imagined ideal of freedom, the number of deaths ceased to matter. We’d trade a million lives for our need to do exactly what we want.
Let’s hope climate change doesn’t go the same way and make it a billion lives.
Agreed...but don't hold your breath... 🙁
"We’d trade a million lives for our need to do exactly what we want."

I wish to quibble with this claim. I think a more accurate statement would be Our government is willing to trade any number of lives for what a vocal, ignorant, fearful, despicable, powerful minority wants.

The US is being held hostage by extremists because the sane among us are not willing to stand top to them.

The sane are a majority. But we have somehow been cowed by a bunch of maniacs who are protected by the moneyed class.

When the sane stand up to the moneyed, the insane will get what their worldview would grant them in a sane world.

Amazing visit by @POTUS @VP @SecondGentleman @DrBiden on the last Thanksgiving at the old @dcck before we move into a new facility. The vision of @robertegger shines 35 years later thanks to leadership of @MikeCurtinDCCK proud to call this organization home!

My sentiments exactly.

To reiterate my position on web3:
1. A decentralized, democratized system which rewards users for participating rather than concentrating rewards in early winners is a great idea.
2. None, zero, nil of the current web3 projects come anywhere close to doing this.