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If you are concerned about threats to democracy, such as changes in election laws, you should also worry about how politicization of the career public sector will remove a protection against creeping authoritarianism.

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TIL that there is an official pronunciation for JSON (it's like the name Jason not Jay-sawn). When I first saw it I said it the name way but then switched. JSON's creator doesn't care either way though. How do you pronounce it? #javascript #programming…
Nice to see a Raymond Luxury-Yacht reference there.

it isn’t Web3 unless it comes from the aria live region of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—otherwise it’s just sparkling blockchain

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I need to get back to watching this series for the first time. I've been enjoying it but yes you have to grade on a curve since they were working with a fraction of a Star Trek series budget per episode.

'Babylon 5' reboot in development with original series creator J. Michael Straczynski at the helm

You won't believe how much software breaks because Python 3.10 has a two-digit minor version.

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#Inkscape 1.1.1 Open-Source and Free SVG Editor Released as a Bug and Crash Fix Update • 𝖳𝗎𝗑 𝖬𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖾𝗌 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

#Inkscape 1.1.1 Open-Source and Free SVG Editor Released as a Bug and Crash Fix Update • 𝖳𝗎𝗑 𝖬𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖾𝗌 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

This week's #linux rolling release head to head update. @openSUSE had +2100 updates! All else quiet. Started dabbling with @nixos_org & Debian unstable but not incorporated yet. Keeping an eye out for Gnome 41 roll outs (everyone using it are at 40.4 now).…


I giggled...then wanted to go watch Raiders again...


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One of Trump's superpowers was that he understood on some deep level that one scandal can be covered as an abnormality, but dozens of scandals simply can't. Make the scandalous a daily familiarity - and then *whatever* reporters say, the tedium of repetition will dull outrage

The Big 4 extensions (and more) @risc_v are frozen and on their way to ratification this year: vector, crypto scalar, bitmanip, and privileged update including hypervisor! Congratulations and gratitude to all those who made this possible.

Yup. I'm still trying to figure out the radio made out of coconuts.
@lambjams In a late-80s comedy called "Back to the Beach" Bob Denver reprises his role as Gilligan but he's now a bartender who keeps wanting to hell his stories about his time on the island. One story he starts off with as, "I used to know a guy who could take a couple of these coconuts, a piece of string, and make a nuclear reactor but he couldn't fix a two foot hole in a boat." LOL.

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Medieval style mince pie for supper. Still my favorite.

#hobbitday #mabon #food #dinner

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“It’s Constitutional as long as the Claremont Institute and maybe a few guys at the Heritage Foundation say so” is a recipe for doing whatever the hell the GOP wants to do to retain power in a political context where they’ve given up trying to attract new voters.
When Amy Coney Barrett was getting appointed, I reviewed some of the historical comments made by Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. Whereas Graham was outright hypocritical, McConnell had chosen his words much more carefully, basically saying "if you have the votes/power, you can do it."

Powering through a second book for the weekend, "Merge Left" by Haney-López on race-class issues in #uspoli. After the week of "replacement theory" jumping from white nationalist fringe speak to a GOP mainstream term I read about this shift starting a decade ago but accelerates.


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And just for completeness this is the Democratic fund raising text today. Again notice the difference? Notice how not batshit crazy and grift like it is? Remember that at ballot box at all levels of government. Vote for the sane, democracy supporting party not the GOP. #uspoli


I saw a suggestion that we should remove cameras from the floor and just release the transcripts. Would certainly cut down on the show boating wouldn’t it? Maybe cut down on the performative amendments too. #uspoli

Concentrated power has decimated the House and made legislators into actors. Here’s how many votes have been allowed on floor-offered (not prescreened by speaker) amendments by year:

2011: 414
2012: 153
2013: 61
2014: 96
2015: 94
2016: 29
2017: 0
2018: 0
2019: 0
2020: 0
2021: 0

There is a debate over whether Supreme Court hearings should be televised... and the opinion that it might affect the proceedings in subtle ways.
@lambjams Yep for similar reasons. I agree they should be kept to transcripts again. I'm actually thinking the same maybe true for congressional committee proceedings too. It seems more about the spectacle than getting shit done. More often than not it seems everyone is trying to have their Welch v. McCarthy moment no matter how ginned up it is.
The parties themselves have become too powerful; I don't know how we reverse this.

All we know about human prehistory needs major revisions. The oldest known temple was recently uncovered at Göbeklitepe, SE Turkey. Nearby, at Karahantepe, an even older settlement is being excavated. It’s about 12,500 years old. It has obelisks but no pottery. First photos.

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That's routine squirrel possum playing, tho. Once I saw a hawk attack a squirrel not far from me, and I ran up to 'em as the hawk was working him over. Scared off the hawk, looked down at the belly-up squirrel in terrified freeze frame and I poked it here, poked it there, and some minutes later it flipped and zipped off. I'm thinking they've got some kind of mechanism that reacts in similar fashion to what causes goats to faint.

Listening to the @FloppyDays podcast: It's interesting that the CW had become that MS secretly stole an operating system and passed it off as their own when the text of the press release states clearly they adapted one for the PC. #RetroComputing #history…


Floppy Days 106 - The History of the IBM PC…

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Hank G - The real history has been out there for a while. So, it's surprising to hear that there's conventional wisdom that MS either stole DOS, or falsely claimed they wrote it themselves.

I can imagine how that idea could arise, if people are historically ignorant. When I was a teenager in the 1980s, my impression was that DOS was produced by IBM. Later, i learned it came from MS (so, I assumed they created it). Then I learned in the 1990s that MS bought it, and licensed it to IBM.

And, of course, there's MS's reputation. People have long thought that MS has stolen various technologies from other innovators. When I was in college in the early 1990s, I read a book that didn't talk about "stealing," but said that MS is not really a technology company, but a marketing company. They appropriate technologies invented by others, and package and market it under their label. Interestingly, some detailed analysis has reached the same conclusion about Apple. Though, Apple tends to not get tarred with "stealing" tech.
@Mark Miller Oh yeah having the real story out there doesn't stop things from becoming conventional wisdom. I'm sure that Pirates of Silicon Valley's rendition has something to do with it but that was based on books written several years earlier. It's the same as the conventional wisdom that Apple invented the personal computer and that they were just two guys in a garage who made it on their own into a multibillion dollar company. I was a big fan of Apple back in the day and idolized the Steves but even I cringe at all that.

Sorry we don't need a handful of hedge funds, private equity firms, and 1-2 tech firms maintaining cartel like control over the housing market. Could we please for once cut this sort of shit off at the pass? I know we won't but I'm still going to beg. SMH…

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So. basically they're treating housing as short-term stock.

Easy fix: Tax gains on a house purchase unless lived in by the seller for two years.
Corporations may be "people", but they can't very well live several thousand different places at once.
@Andreas Geisler That's how the tax code is written right now. Investors can do 1031 exchanges which defers the capital gains taxes but they can't avoid paying the capital gains taxes ultimately. The one benefit to the 1031 is it converts the tax rate from a short term capital gains to a long term capital gains too though, so they do reduce their tax burden and they get to use the tax deferred money in the short term.

Quinnipiac poll: 62% support the "$3.5 trillion spending bill on social programs such as child care, education, family tax breaks and expanding Medicare for seniors."

Pew poll: 49% opposed Trump's 2017 tax cut bill, while just 36% supported it.

Corporate media continues to fail

I did get this one after a Democratic one saying they were the ones behind. I’m hoping the Trump one is for once not total BS and they are behind. Nothing would please me more than Trump & Trumpist enablers (passive or active) never holding a position of power again #uspoli

Yep sad and very scary.

TFW the “cancel culture” pearl clutchers are selling a “Cancel Joe Biden” hat as a fundraiser. The irony is too rich… #uspoli


Four years ago the country was shocked when Trump called white supremacists chanting "Jews will not replace us" & "You will not replace us", rallying cry of Replacement Theory, "good people". Now it is a mainstream Republican slogan, said directly by leading media & politicians.
Fascist and racist white supremists already destroyed the country once in the 1800's before they would change their "beliefs" and will/are doing it again. They will destroy anything and everything in order to maintain their delusions of superiority..
They are Nazis.
That is literally what they are.

...and finished! Now only 8 books behind 😀.

If you have any interest in the in-depth and behind the scenes history of the Android hardware and software development this is definitely a book worth reading. #computerhistory #history #programming #Android…

Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on the plane?

Me: Yes, but I'm not that kind of …

Flight attendant: The flight computer has gone haywire! It keeps saying "segmentation fault"

Me: Say no more. Tell them they should have used a safer language for the flight control software

It's ironic how much telecom companies don't like monopolies when they aren't the ones doing the monopolization.…


When your imposter syndrome kicks in and you don't want to post your code remember even the nearly decade old and heavily used QEMU at the time was in this state when the Android team started using it. #programming #history…

Regeneration, the book goodreads links to.
I have no idea how the opengraph data that D* is rendering from is generated. The link is to the Android book. The preview for it shows up correctly everywhere else. The Regeneration book doesn't even show up on the the page or in the HTML of the page. Yet this seems to be a consistent rendering error for D* users to that exact book. So weird.
Oh how weird! I thought you had made a copy-paste error (happens to the best of us) but the rendered link is different than the inline link.
That's the kind of bug I'm fighting at work... Well, similar effect, anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix the issue I have as it's dependent on a part of the system I have no access to (or skill, for that matter.)

TIL that not only does Google/Android have an app service Latitude comparable to Apple's "Find My Friends" app but that it's more Apple has something like Google's Latitude since Latitude came out two years before #computerhistory #history #programming…