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2021-06-15 01:59:15

To the tune of ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’

Picture yourself with a rocket in a test stand
With propellent a loaded and sensors alive
Someone runs checklists
You count down quite slowly
And wait till the engine ignites
Watching rockets fire Mach diamonds…(repeat)


Mach menu item at Mickey D's ? :-}}

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2021-06-14 23:48:03

I watch Fox News. It’s the world I come from. And it’s the world I was banished from a few yrs ago because I oppose Trump. Fox right now is pushing how weak Biden is with Putin. Completely ignoring how Trump was Putin’s puppet. Makes me sad because Fox’s audience will eat it up.

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The world will be a better place when news rags stop using tweets from random people as evidence of “controversy” or “backlash”. It’s turning troll feeding into a form of journalistic malpractice. But hey at least they can monetize those clicks!
Yes! We need serious ethical journalism!
serious - ethical - journalism
Those words just seem so nonsensical in today's world. 🙁

This week's #Linux rolling release updates: @VoidLinux and @SolusProject bumped up to the 5.12 kernel. All but @ManjaroLinux and Redcore are there, both on the 5.10 LTS kernel. Package updates besides that were pretty quiet across all distros.…


2021-06-14 15:45:52

Come learn about the Sankofa Heritage Garden I'm spearheading with the Colonial Nursery @colonialwmsburg
June 15 2pm EST #TradesTuesdays #livestream


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These motherfuckers. A reminder why at the senate and presidential level I can't imagine voting for a GOP candidate, even if there was one I liked that wasn't actively or passively complicit in Trumpism, until the courts are re-balanced.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says now on Hugh Hewitt’s show that it’s “highly unlikely” he would allow Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if he’s majority leader — or even 2023.

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I wish he would drop dead.
Take Our Country Back!

2021-06-13 20:10:19

Everyone is making some cool stuff with CSS.

However, nobody provides code.

I made this with CSS and I do provide code.


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2021-06-14 11:45:42

Lumber prices “fell 18% this week, the biggest decline for most-active futures in records going back to 1986. Lumber has has now dropped almost 40% from the record high ..”

@business (h/t @crampell)…

"Never take a wooden nickel"

2021-06-14 04:58:08

Not explicitly on topic, but a good reminder that solemn peans about the United States being a country without much history of political violence are utterly unmoored from reality.

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2021-06-13 21:01:27

My dad, a few hours north of New Delhi, tested + for coronavirus with a high viral load 4 weeks ago. He was fully vaxed, had mild symptoms, didn’t progress. He’s ~ 80

Two of our relatives, not yet vaxed, otherwise healthy, < 50 yrs, were also + and sadly just passed

Get vaxed!

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Is the @system76 site hiccuping or are all the laptops really not available for purchase right now? Was looking to price out some #linux laptops
Let us know when they get it sorted out.
Found this:
The global chip shortage is disrupting the car industry and threatening the supply of consumer technology products. That shortage will last for at least another year, one of the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturers has warned. The forecast from Flex, the world’s third-biggest such manufacturer, is one of the gloomiest yet for a crisis that is forcing car and consumer electronics groups to re-examine their global supply chains. A rapid rebound in vehicle sales combined with a lockdown-driven boom in games consoles, laptops, and televisions has left the world’s chipmakers overwhelmed by the sharp increase in demand.

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I'm always fascinated by bizarre product advertisements on social media. Such as...


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Well, I've heard suggestions of using Bras for gas masks.... 😀

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It's amazing how well cashew cream (or raw cashews used in this sort of preparation) can substitute for dairy cream. Definitely going to give this recipe a try! #vegan

Did we mention that this soup is vegan?

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Having concerns about how imperfect the code you put up in a public repo is the same as thinking you don't look good enough to wear a bathing suit because you don't have a model's body. Yeah your code isn't perfect but neither is most other's either. #programming #opensource

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2021-05-14 19:37:20

i'm happy to announce the release of my latest project, the Graphics Gremlin! it is an 8-bit retro video card for ISA bus computers, and it emulates the MDA and CGA graphics cards. scan conversion is built in so it works with modern LCD monitors!😈…


2021-06-12 06:15:22

The distracted-boyfriend meme in motion a century ago.
Charlie Chaplin, ‘Pay Day’ (1922)

That's where it originated!

Kai Kostack did a nice rendering of a horrible event. Telescope model by yours truly.


So, as @Thorsten Claus motivated me again to contribute to #diaspora, here I am. And here is my TODO list...
- Review all the open pull requests and see which ones can be integrated
- Answer the support on #Framasphere
- Upgrade #framasphere to, I still didn't do that
- Update Ubuntu on #diaspora-fr
- Fix some trivial bugs to put myself back in diaspora code
- Draw some mockups of the UI for pod migration and post them on discourse
- Actually implement the mockups with HTML
- See with Thorsten how we make them live
- Start thinking about the next major release, in case they are long term things to do
- Post about what I'm doing to show people that diaspora* isn't dead 👍


A new "Masters of the Universe" series on Netflix? Yes please!
After 40 years a new story (promoted with a 40-year old song)
@James Cowan oh yeah they are definitely upping their nostalgia factor with that trailer for their target middle aged audience.

2021-06-10 16:59:29

On this day in 1985, @Microsoft and @IBM enter into a joint development agreement to co-develop the OS/2 operating system. This agreement fell through in the early '90s, after which IBM became the sole developer of OS/2.

Pronounced “OS half”.
For early versions that's an accurate description lol.

2021-06-10 15:32:06

Looking to quickly build a simulation?

This team added a flood simulation to their model of Bethlehem Steel using terrain with Cesium for Unreal and a flood layer in the @UnrealEngine water system.

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2021-06-10 15:05:23

You wouldn't know this from Twitter, bc DeSantis trolls bombard any mention of him with propaganda about how he beat COVID and the liberals.

He didn't. Almost 40k are dead in FL, the state lags in vaccines and has the worst new case rate of any big state.
also shut down the data gathering and analysis so people would not know how bad it was getting.

2021-06-10 14:12:22

The m1n1 hypervisor recap stream is scheduled for Friday at 13:00 UTC. See you then!

2021-06-10 12:39:52

It took Republicans days of public pressure and outrage to say diddly about Marjorie Loca Greene’s minimizing of the Holocaust and meaning of the yellow star.

It took Democrats just hours to condemn @IlhanMN equating the US & Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Good.

2021-06-08 23:07:27

A matte painting of Cardassia Prime's capital city, painted by artist Robert Stromberg for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."



2021-06-09 16:08:02

If you're migrating from Java or planning to do so, check out our first migration guide and prepare to code the authentic Kotlin way!

👷‍♀️ Build a string
👷‍♂️ Create a string from collection items
👷 Set the default values if the string is blank

Details ⤵️

Migrating from Java to Kotlin: Strings | Kotlin

I've never been to Java. I hear it's quite beautiful.


TFW the documentation and CLI dynamic help you wrote for "other users" helps you use the tool you wrote months ago but haven't used since: 😀

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Notice that under Trump Democrats did not totally blockade the congress. They negotiated on bills in good faith even before COVID. For example the prison reform bill passed with most Democrats voting for it. All we get from GOP is bait and switch just like with ACA and other bills. They "negotiate" things down they say they want, Democrats going along attempting bipartisanship. Then when it comes time to vote at best a small handful vote for it, usually none do. Then they go on the news claiming Democrats were being partisan from the beginning even though they negotiated things. Then they also have the gal to go back home and claim that they were the reason something people like was enacted even though they didn't vote for it and were helping drag Democrats for passing the bill. Sadly the media is gullible enough to go along with it every fucking time.

2021-06-09 17:02:40

To make point for Nth time since Jan 20:

-After WJC worked like crazy on bipartisan budget deal, in 1993 he got zero R votes in House, zero in Senate

-After Obama worked like crazy for biprtsan health deal, in 2010 he got zero in House, zero in Sen

Biden knows this, or should.

I came up with a veggie heavy three bean chili inspired by @DrFuhrman 's "Easy Three Bean Chili" but with @ImpossibleFoods Impossible Meat instead of tofu and some tweaks to the veggies and spices. Eating it as I post #vegan #nutritarian #PlantBasedEating

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2021-06-09 14:30:31

Sierra Space signs Dream Chaser agreement with British spaceport

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I explored Rust to look at writing lower level but safe code. Really I want to mostly get away from raw pointers, memory management, walking off end of array/string. Thanks to @osnews story today I learned about V. Looks interesting. #programming

The V Programming Language

this does touch upon many of the dumb choices I found were made in #golang because all choices, including dumb ones, and those behind them, are in effect insulated from reality by #google. So they often double down on proven stupid decisions because they can. It took many years just to get a very grudgingly and rather poorly done module system for reproducible builds finally tolerated.
YES! Indeed, V is terribly interesting, though I've yet to really do much more than read about it.

There's also Zig:

Zig was quite disinteresting to me initially because it was implemented entirely with C++ and LLVM. However they have begun the process of writing a self-hosting compiler.

Rust is the Perl (or worse) of compiled languages. Too complex, too ugly, too inelegant.

2021-06-08 23:38:45

Would it be a terrible idea to only offer a torrent magnet link as the $0 download option for an open source operating system, with direct global CDN downloads (as well as torrents) for $1+ paid downloads?
That feels kinda cool?

2021-06-08 18:46:00

U.S. health care in a nutshell

1. FDA approves Alzehimer's drug that may not even work
2. Drug costs $56,000, which will drive up insurance premiums for everyone else
3. Drug maker Biogen's stock surges 38%, making it $17 billion richer in one day
It was probably approved because the Drug Company did extensive lobbying and carousing and contributing to those involved in approving it!
Maybe as @Doug Senko said - it reduces plaque, but they couldn't verify any resultant cognitive change. Maybe you would have to run the trial for a long time to see any verifiable difference. (or plaque is only an indicator, not a cause?)

2021-06-08 21:40:48

Note to journalists: Biden infrastructure talks did not fail. Capito's effort to shrink the package to the point of inadequacy to meeting our national needs failed. Biden has completed an important step necessary to getting to a 50+1 majority for a substantial, historic package.