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VirtualBox AV Works Again. Yes!

YES! For the past half year I had been having audio sync problems with #VirtualBox so bit the bullet and upgraded to 6 a month ago. The audio didn't even play back right so couldn't even play back Spotify. Until now. 6.0.4 fixed it all. Thanks!

Linux Ultrabook with high battery life

I want to experiment with a new Linux Ultrabook. The Dell XPS looks interesting but I'm annoyed at how much the website hides and directs away. I'm hoping that #System76 has gotten ultra book battery up to 7-8 hours in normal use.
I had a good experience with them except for the battery life on my Gazelle. It wasn't designed for battery life though. I'm a Debian/Ubuntu person so I'm not turned off by that. I also like that they are moving a lot of the assembly/production to the USA starting with their Thellio line.

I looked at the Librem 13 too. My only real beef with that is that it doesn't have a four core CPU and there is no way to configure it to be such a thing. Maybe they have a model update with one in there? Actually the Librem 13 also has the bonus that it looks remarkably like the XPS which I think looks like a better form factor than the Galago Pro as well.
Their laptops haven’t moved yet. I don’t know when they are planning on moving that but they have stated that they are.