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Got my Diaspora API #kotlin client libs working against the latest API branch code. Ready to run against server with API code #diaspora #diaspora-dev #fediverse

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood 😀.
yep, it should happen soon ;)

So Gab is coming to the fediverse by converting their system from proprietary to a fork of Mastodon (why a fork?). I have thoughts but umm should be interesting... #fediverse
Yeah, but if they were planning to expose their closed social network to a giant external one with hundreds of thousands of users, you'd think they'd at least say so in layman's terms, no?
Well, it's like if they said they're setting up an email server that uses "SMTP". I'd assume they mean that SMTP will be available for talking to other servers, even if not specifically mentioned. Since they do mention ActivityPub, I'd also assume they mean it will be used to talk to other servers 😀

Dove into some #diaspora code for the first time in forever to help someone figure out how to do something. I do enjoy that code base immensely even if I haven't worked in it for many months #programming #ruby
I have big hopes about the coming hackathon in Berlin. I really wish your API PR will be merged then, or at least have significant progress done

Storing passwords in plain text is one of the biggest security smells I look for when studying a new system. It’s a junior software engineer mistake. WTF!?!
hackernews commenter guessed that bits of facebook software was logging all http or api requests. It's a bad, but understandable, mistake to make.
I was thinking that may be the case. Still egregious.
Holy shit. But sadly, I assume 99.9% of its users does not care.. But the more they fuck up the more people leave.

Wow! Friendica's Twitter bridge is bi-directional? I was on Twitter proper and reshared a post. I came over to Diaspora to check a Friendica-to-Diaspora connection and saw it. Hat's off #friendica developers!

When Google launched Android they had speeches saying they needed to because a single vendor controlling everything was a dystopia they couldn't stand. Now they are the one company that controls 90% of installed browsers and growing and almost nobody far...
@Roy Gardiner My preference is Debian (similar to Ubuntu); what I do is use my laptops for everything. I have a basic Android phone, but I mostly use it just as a phone.

My hope is to transition as much away from standard telephony as much as possible - using e-mail and web based chat rather than phone calls.

That said, I generally use Chromium and Chrome web browsers, which I know are pretty much garbage for privacy/security. I don't really know what alternatives are decent and practical, though.
@Isaac Kuo My current phone is over ten years old and has the now defunct Symbian OS. So, like you, I just use it as a telephone, as a podcast player, and for text messages. The latter, by the way, are still very valuable to me, for various purposes.
However, although I don't really need a mobile solution I am aware that most of the rest of the modern world seems to be completely living with banking apps, etc.
Maybe I should should just stay in my low-tech bubble. It's rather comfortable, after all.

Friendica Dev Environment

Alright! After many hours getting up to speed on #PHP #phpstorm and #LAMP in general finally got a dev environment running with #friendica ...I think I'll celebrate with a little Stardew Valley before moving on 😀 #fediverse

FOSDEM 2019 Was Awesome

Just landed back in the states from my first #FOSDEM #fosdem2019 I'll be doing a long blog post on it later but it was great meeting people from across global the #fediverse and #opensource community.
@hankg was great to meet you in real life!