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Stories like this are reminders of why I want to focus the rest of my development career on developing, supporting, and advocating for open source systems
Not sure they would hold water, especially depending on where you are.

A few years ago the European courts ruled on a similar matter and stated that a user was allowed to resell software (even downloaded software) provided they met a few simple requirements.
  • The software license had to be perpetual (not sure if the Adobe license explicitly stated an expiration date but if it didn't, this would be true)
  • The software license had to be sold to the original user
  • The original user couldn't have access to it anymore

The US courts ruled the opposite way a few years prior to that for the same type of resale court case.

It will be interesting to see if anyone takes this to court under a first-sale doctrine or perhaps a false advertising case. I could see both arguments being made if Adobe sold it as a perpetual license without any dates being included explicitly in the EULA and/or the sales pages.
@Nate Bohman thanks for the research!

RISC-V PC (Do It Yourself

It's still just for computer geeks but the fact someone got a RISC-V PC working is awesome.

Building a RISC-V PC and Running a Fedora Linux

Wow, people are still trying out RISC, huh? I thought that ISA had pretty much run its course.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ well I mean ARM is ascending too which is a RISC architecture. I'm not a EE guy but I think that we've diverged from the pure-RISC methodology of the early years though.