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While some of my old #fediverse connections from my old main #friendica account @Hank G made it over to my new account here most didn't. None of my test accounts on D*, Mastodon, or even Friendica did. It's okay account mobility is hard. Once I finish up my Friendica Archive Browser (hopefully today) I'll be using that to figure out my top connections and revive those manually. I'll be posting code and binaries for that as well. Stay tuned.

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Oh yes. Set x. // set the value of X
My comments are all like…

//This shouldn’t work, but does.


//This shouldn’t be needed, but breaks without it.

Although I know a #linux phone for "normal" users is still a long ways away I'm still excited to see this.…

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@Hank G ☑️ Looking forward to it in a generation or two. I like GrapheneOS, but would prefer to get away from even the semblance of Android. I think if things like WebAssembly catch on, you could run near native speed apps without an app-store, so any phone with a browser can run the pap and look the same.
Ironically we already had "opensource" shipped many years ago...

Exactly. America will reward a crazy, anti-democratic, authoritarian cult with a majority in the House, and all everyone will talk about is how it's all the fault of the Squad or a marginal increase in inflation, or CRT or something.
We have lost our goddamn minds.

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With my old #friendica host shutting down I've decided to try my hand at self-hosting an instance over on my "My Social Portal" domain (like my Matrix server). So this is my new account for the time being (maybe forever who knows). I'd say follow the blue checkmark but that doesn't always propagate. My old @Hank G account though will disappear when that server shutsdown in a 2 weeks

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I am already following this new account through no action on my part which tells me the move went at least partially good!
I wish you showed up in my contacts already 😀. Did you have to initiate a friend request or did that happen automagically?
Happened automagically! Which tells me this could be abused by a spammer. 🤔
So maybe it just needs a long time to propagate through the system and the only ones that show up are the ones that I agree to reconnect with. I'd love to know why it's taking so long if the system is mostly idle. but I still haven't received it on other accounts I have that were linked to the one...
@Hank G ☑️ @Hypolite Petovan @Hank G ☑️ Yeah, this showed up automagically for me too. In Tusky I see it's mentioning both your old and new accounts.
@JB Carroll Ironically I had to manually add you just now. I need to see if there is more in depth documentation about what the end user should be expecting from the migration experience as it unfolds etc.
Unfortunately this is an area we have been neglecting as we rarely have to move nodes ourselves. As a result the testing costs are pretty high and we usually take the path of least resistance in our work.
@Hypolite Petovan Simulating real world is complicated as well without using actual real world data. You'd have to simulate networks of nodes with lots of cross connections, dead nodes, old nodes, etc.
Yep, saw that, approved it. 😀

Seems like I can follow all the post but not automatically make a connection. I wonder if there was a way to auto request your connections with a hard-wired reason being moving nodes. I can also see how that could get spammy though, maybe limit auto requests to people you've been connected to for > x days? I dunno, just spitballing, @Hypolite Petovan .

This is why you should only look at your follower's tweets. Twitter is just feeding you disinformation from dog knows where.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ I go one better and have people divided into lists and then go to specific lists by content type. That way when I'm sick of seeing way too many posts about politics or crypto or whatever I just don't visit that list for a bit.

I'm enjoying @TIDAL music so much I've cancelled my @Spotify premium & won't consider them again until they get some semblance of reasonable policies on direct financial support with zero moderation anti-vaxx & pro-alt-right podcasters. Don't want my money paying for that shit.

Let’s don’t forget that @GOPLeader and @LeaderMcConnell have both said they will support Trump in 2024. So can we quit pretending this Republican Party can be saved? It is what it wants to be.

The next time someone says "all these conservative voters want is someone to address the kitchen table issues," remember that these are not kitchen table issues, they're "watching too much Fox in the Barcalounger" issues

Hate to break it to Youngkin but the rest of the “I Have a Dream” speech sounds an awful lot like Critical Race Theory.


I'll admit my social media & current events timeboxing has been loose this weekend. I'd say I'm not even doing either for a total of 90 minutes (same as the 3x30 time boxes) but still...

Left: #Sentinel1 radar data of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano taken on January 3, 2022.

Right: Sentinel-1 radar data of the volcano on January 15, 2022.

Virtually all of the subaerial portion of the volcano is gone.



One massive explosion.

Left: the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on Friday, January 7, 2022.

Right: the volcano on Friday, January 14, 2022.

The second image is from *before* the latest, massive eruption.

Both images were acquired from orbit by @planet.


the right-hand image is 2 hours prior to the eruption.
Just in credible!
article about the volcano from jan 12:

Columnists should be provocative but this is dangerous. When you equate a normal president you disagree with & an autocrat who tried to end peaceful transition of power in America, you are normalizing the autocrat. Which is a recurring & predictable step in how democracies die.

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That is astounding!

What I find mind blowing is that we can see this so easily from space, from Geostationary orbit without zooming in at all it's super obvious.
(Left is Himawari 8, Right is GOES West)

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wooooooah that is like as big as Wyoming can you imagine if that happened in Yellowstone?
Chris Hadfield had a nice graphic posted on Instagram and Twitter:

So when you see an ad on a website, it’s a good bet that the advertiser used Google to place it, Google’s exchange submitted it to the site, and the site used Google to make the space available. Google, in other words, runs the auction while representing both the buyers and sellers in that auction.
This is an incredibly big deal; Google is going to be on the hook for billions of dollars in ~~damages~~ fraud. In a way, I'm glad for advertisers that I run an adblocker, as it prevents them from needlessly participating in a fraudulent auction.

Every now and then I'm getting a sense that Instagram and Google are collaborating - when I look at something in Instagram, but then see a related ad in YouTube??? Or look at YouTube and then see a related ad in Instagram? It is difficult to tease out, since what I'm viewing often overlaps the channels - but there have been a few instances where it seemed pretty unique and timely. Of course, it could also be that the advertiser is buying a certain profile in both channels - and makes the purchase at the same time.
I will say... Instagram seems to be used more by smaller businesses. My YouTube ads are often national splatter campaigns - automobile manufacturers, fast food, national politicians. My Instagram ads are more likely to be some small or even individual manufacturer. Does that mean YouTube ads are more expensive? Or maybe these ads are appearing on the videos that have thousands to millions of views - so those slots are going to the highest bidders.

Second update on the Friendica Archiving CLI tool. There are now pre-built binaries for Windows x64, macOS 64, and Linux x64. I'm going to whip up a quick viewer before moving on to trying my hand at setting up my own production instance for the first time. #friendica #fediverse

On my #Friendica instance shutting down after all these years I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of the work put in by the owner and administrators. Setting these things up and maintaining them is not easy and can be cost prohibitive over time. Thank you again.
Yeah, is/was hosted by the same group of people.
@smellsofbikes Ah I had seen about that too. My Friendica instance isn't hosted by the same group as JoinDiaspora etc. I do hope someone pics that up and runs with it though. It would be a shame for that pod to go away.
I didn't realize we had multiple shutdowns. Phoo.

Friendica Archive Tool

I've been on the same Friendica instance for years which is unfortunately now shutting down. While there is a backup tool built in I've never gotten it working for my account and it doesn't backup your images. I've written a simple CLI tool that makes archives with the API. More updates to come. #fediverse #friendica
@Hank G ☑️ Is this part of the FENEAS shutdown, or its own thing?
It's a different thing.

Dienstag morgen, 8 Uhr, Vorschule Uruk.

"Gilgamesh! Du schreibst jetzt 100mal auf die Tafel: Ich soll nicht vorlaut sein!"

Me: "Before bed I'm just going to look *very briefly* at this one piece of code from earlier today that I have an idea for tomorrow..."

Half an hour later...

WTH was I thinking? LOL #programming

Been there....had it turn into an all-nighter...
The eternal optimism of the short break yeilding fresh new productive results in action.
I knew an electric motor repair/rewind journeyman who ritualized "the break" when a particular job proved troublesome in the QA testing phase. He would leave the bench and go wash his hands. IF the problem proved very difficult, he would also wash his face .

For anyone who's confused about why Wordle 207 X is trending:


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No one in the media ever suggests that Republicans move to the center. No one ever said Trump should move to the center, or McConnell, or the damn Supreme Court. It is always incumbent upon Democrats. Also voting rights aren't "leftish." I mean this whole tweet is a mess.

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Because as a nation we're already effectively a right-wing fascist/oligarchial hybrid, m'kay? We're there. Right now. No one in the media suggests it because Andy Rooney is dead.
It killed him!

I've played Wordle every day since I discovered it ten days ago. Today was my first fail 🙁.

And I was tempted to just say F-it to the whole social media & news time box this morning, because I already broke it last night and I feel like there is 10x more stuff I want to read than I got to. But, I'm back on the track and stuck to my 30 minutes this morning.

My social media & news time boxing went out the window last night. With my fediverse host announcing they were closing down I had to come up with a Plan B by also start doing some workflow testing etc. So I was back to in and out of social media. Yes I'm making excuses.

“I think the tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting.“ - MLK

59 years later, we are facing the same tragedy.

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someone took time to put that together and wasted tons of bandwidth got wasted sending that non funny wav to old folks computers.
I was thinking it was just some funny WAV file they maybe downloaded off the internet way back in the day. That sort of stuff was on websites or even AOL message boards everywhere.

I had no idea black hole visualizations with this level of fidelity went back so far. Brilliant! #space #RetroComputing

first simulated image of a black hole, calculated with an IBM 7040 computer using 1960 punch cards and hand-plotted by French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet in 1978.

The link works for me. NASA's ADS is the absolute gold standard for finding astronomical papers (I am an astronomer, btw). I can state with certainty the image is real.
I have looked at Dr Luminet's web site and that image appears there. Separately in the blog he notes that he produced the first computer generated image of a black hole in 1979. If you look at this page you can see reproductions of the original images which show contour lines ... totally consistent with the computing capabilities of the time. That image is an "artists rendition" that Dr Luminet did by pointillist dotting the gradient densities. I call it an "artists rendition" because what he has done is enhance the contour line drawing rather than hand plot actual points calculated by his program. I am happy to accept he has access to more detailed models than were being published in SA and NS but to imply that that image is directly the one calculated by the computer is not really tenable.

We're having this very discussion elsewhere on pluspora right now.

After a night of experimenting with TIDAL I did a trial subscription. I may be able to ditch the Rogan et al funding Spotify and podcast silo building Apple (and Spotify) after all. Yeah it's bigger tech versus smaller options but their catalogs are just insufficient right now.

I am frustrated when the 50 Democratic senators cannot get something done, but for G-d's sake can anyone report on the unified opposition of the 50 Republicans to any of the popular, necessary, and good policies the Democrats are desperate to pass for US?!?

I tried warn people about this during the campaign.
#Youngkin telegraphed this early on. He said, if you elected him, you were electing “a whole new crop of Republicans along with me.” That was code for Trumpers.
Should’ve been used against him, repeatedly.
Yeah, he was portrayed as keeping Trump at arms length, but now that the election is over, embracing?
@lambjams Well to be clear he is no Trump. He's just no milquetoast moderate republican either. The only people who bought that were the people who were intentionally disengaging for whatever reasons.

Kyrsten Sinema Defends Senate Filibuster As Necessary For Her To Stay Politically Relevant


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Did I mention that Tidal is seamlessly importing my *entire* Spotify collection right now and had tracks that had expired on Spotify? It's 99% correct, a few I needed to find again due to slight discrepencies on remixes etc. I swear I don't own stock in Tidal but I wish I did.

I'm a not-audiophile comparing Tidal & Spotify on a #linux VM on a Linux host w/decent headphones connected to speakers connected to the sound port (not ideal). Tidal is running its 2nd lowest audio quality compared to the Spotify app at max & I can tell it is kicking its ass 🤯