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Probably relevant to @Karl Auerbach at least.

Batch processing of scooter position realignment...

That's looking complicated.

You may be cool, but you'll never be five scooter cool.







Awesome, impressive!


For some reason my memory of college astrophysics was that in million of years we reach a gravitationally locker condition where the earth’s rotation rate and lunar orbit period were the same. May be a false memory. Need to go look that up again.

That does ring a bell.

Assuming nothing else untoward happens in the meantime (e.g. another planet sized impact), yes, the Earth and Moon will probably become tidally locked - eventually. Their separation will be far greater than at present, the Moon will always appear in the same place in the sky, there will be far fewer days in a year, eclipses will have ceased long ago and the seasons will have dramatically changed in both degree and stability. I can't be bothered to do the calculation (because I'm sure others have!) but I suspect tidal locking won't occur for several tens of billions of years by which time both bodies may have already been consumed by the expanding Sun.
Have a nice day.

OK I'm not totally misremembering it then! It has been a long time :D.



Pinta came installed on my @ubuntu_mate distro last year and at this point I have to recommend it as *the* app for doing simple image manipulation. It works on Mac/Linux/Windows/BSD to boot!

I think I'll be trying this in my next console app. Gets rid of so much settings boilerplate! Thanks @shanselman #dotnet

How have I never heard of this before? This looks really neat! #dotnet


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