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Courtesy @ClassicArtMeme that apparently only post to Facebook now...

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Hello everyone! The demo is here :)

Vervis Demo 3 - Push Activities and Repo Following

Have fun!


(I'll be updating the spec, and after that I'll probably take a little break before the next step: Federated merge requests)

The A64FX ARM chip for #HPC applications is pretty astounding...

Dang. Would you like some CPU with your cores?

Wow this is impressive!

What fun! I want to play with one!

I do too! In a dream world a Linux phone with a Linux fitness tracker all open source and open data based would be amazing. It's probably not happening but still a person can dream...

@Hank G Agreed. However, the whole house of cards in the cell arena (in the US at least) from infrastructure to hardware to software is built on restricting users to a few monopolistic gatekeepers. Maybe that's what it takes to get things built on the hardware and infrastructure side - but on the software side, I doubt it.

Wow a Twiggy Drive (the proprietary 5.25” drive from the original Lisa) Mac prototype is at auction. Only a handful were made and even fewer in existence... #retrocomputing #apple

an soooo cheap :-)

Wow that's an impressive laptop isn't it (core count, memory amount, disk amount, still with 10+ hr battery!) #apple


That's the maxed out model. You can get into a 6-core i7, 16 GB RAM, and 512GB NVMe SSD drive for $2400.

That's a complete joke ... did they fix the keyboard? I hear it doesn't have just one port anymore. Anyone buying this is wasting their money.

@James Cowan Yeah the fixed keyboard is part of it. They've moved away from the one port thing for awhile now. As much as I admire what Jony Ive did with the Apple industrial design years ago I think they over fetishized form over function to the detriment of users and customers in recent years. I'm pretty happy with my 2018 13" MBP. My one beef with the keyboard is that even if a drop of water gets on it the thing flips out for a minute or so. I mean this literally. I was working on the plane and a drop of water came off the outside of my soda bottle and landed on the keyboard. Typing was then impossible for a couple minutes. Other than that no keyboard problems and the machine has done me very well. I have thought of replacing it with a System76 if they can get battery life better or maybe an XPS13 when the time is right.

I have a sweatshirt on for my travels today so...umm...accurate lol

Everything George Conway said...

This is an awesome development. I'm hoping to see something similar for Avalonia eventually too. Hats off to the Uno team though.

Calling all Creators who can create Gif, Memes, 10sec videos or any form of content on why people should migrate to mastodon.

For more on the why please read the Thread by @Memeghnad

Eg of Ideas till now.

Please note that mastodon runs on donations so please donate to instances you are in.

@Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @dennisckurian boost please.

I can't recommend Mastodon to anyone. The basic problem is that there is no engagement. No one has ever interacted with anything I've posted on Mastodon - not even mutuals who engage with my posts on other platforms.

I think the basic problem is the straw-like single column stream view. The probability of anyone even seeing one of my posts is near zero.

In the other direction, I made a UserStyle that gives me a multi-column stream view. This lets me see a loot more toots ... roughly 4x as many since I use 4 columns. So, I do see the posts of others and I may reply. Those replies might get replied to - but only replies. No one has ever interacted with a post I originated or boosted.

Another severe problem, to me, is that toots lack context. I'll see these random replies and they're utterly meaningless without individually clicking on them to see what the heck they're talking about.

I guess that's okay if you're using Mastodon like a chat system. But that's not for me. I hate chat.

And I don't use Twitter, so whatever. I don't see the appeal of Twitter at all.

Jeebus #deletefacebook

OK let's give LiteDB (File-based #nosql DB written in #dotnet ) a whirl:

I experimented with that too. I actually had been using a JSON file for persistence during prototyping. So it sort of felt easier to use a document store.

Heh. Soon Meg's caption will say "Humanity" instead of "Statistics."