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Contrary to CW Y2K wasn’t a huge deal because of a lot of effort that went into fixing it not because it was a chicken little tale. May we be more proactive about 2038...

Read that twee earlier today

I have an 8 mile training run in 45 minutes...I haven't run more than 6 miles since 2014 until two weeks ago, and the last time I ran more than that was my one and only marathon in December brain is making excuses to not do this lol

Sustainable carbon output per person to avoid excessive # is 3 tons per year. The coarse calculator said we generated 72 tons each. My detailed analysis (blog post later) with actual numbers used for estimates is 78 tons. That's 24-26x greater :(.

I'm becoming more mentally consumed with how to address my personal carbon footprint to address # even if my government won't make this an automatic thing like we did in fixing the Ozone Layer. Here is the methodology I'm going to use:

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"I’m pretty sure that most people reside here in this place alongside me: the desire for compassion and diversity and equality and justice; that these things aren’t fringe ideologies or extremist positions—but simply the best way to be human." :

Not doing Dry January but do love having more options for alcohol free cocktails! Great pointers.

I really like the idea in theory. Booze has been my weigh loss downfall every time I lose ground.
But booze.

It's definitely not going to be a one-for-one thing because the alcohol in spirits creates changes to viscosity and adds a "heat" (as the article describes better than I can). However I do like the flavor intensity/complexity that these new alcohol free versions of drinks can provide without the possibility of having a hangover or becoming drunk in the first place.

And the vern won, didn't it?

Came in second. It's a whole thread on Twitter that unfortunately doesn't render well to Friendica (where I posted it) and therefore Mastodon.

Interesting study but not sure how predictive or useful it will be. Still an interesting new way of looking at the opinion space.

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Wow. I'm impressed by the methodology but also enlightened by the results.

Like, I would have had no idea how Palin would rank relative to those others. I'm enlightened that she was ranked so low compared to the others among Democrats, Independents, as well as Republicans.

And the fact that independents ranked Reagan, McCain, and Bush above Pence, Palin, and Trump is informative to me. I mean, I'm not surprised by the way Democrats ranked them. But it's interesting that independents broadly ranked them similarly to Democrats.

The big surprise, to me, is that Republicans ranked Reagan above Trump. Even after the complete Trump-ification of the Republican party, Reagan is still the greatest in their hearts.

I'd really like to see a similar study done for ranking prominent Democrats (Obama, both Clintons, Bernie Sanders, Pelosi, Carter). Hmm .. when trying to come up with a six person list, I struggled to come up with any equivalent to Palin. I'm sure that President Carter is viewed dimly by Republicans and independents, but I think his reputation has risen considerably among Democrats.

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Seems like everyone is tired of the state of the modern VC-driven world including the money side of VC...maybe it's time for a different way of doing things...

@Hank G So worse than I thought, huh? Usually it's the other way round. I agree with your desire to bring back capitalism - but that requires less wealth inequality. You can't just have a few wealthy orgs sprinkling crumbs to their dukes and duchesses.

Makes me happy I just recently renewed my subscription to @TheEconomist . Financially supporting good journalism is important.

This is very disappointing. We need to do a lot better than this...
# #PayUp

I think most of the per-piece-payment services like uber and doordash are a type of hidden loan: the contractors are getting money up front, that they need, but paying most of it back later on in gas and wear&tear. Unfortunately, for a lot of them, it's not a free choice: it's that or not make enough money to cover bills.

Sometimes not so hidden too. IIRC Uber started offering financing programs too...smh...

Is this the first time we've seen a black hole form? Either way very neat!

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Let us ponder the good timeline, where this iconic Slave Luke outfit was featured in Return of the Jedi.