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I do love that they dogfooded their stuff even if it was for a PR stunt. The Pi 4 looks really nice to me can't wait to pick up a 4GB model...

Interesting juxtoposition in my newsfeed. #hpc #exascale #computers Image/photo
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The first interview of Linus Torvalds in the first issue of Linux Journal from 25 years ago too :) #linux

On Linux Journal's 25th Anniversary they interviewed Linus again. #programming #linux

by te guy who later started redhat

DS9 will probably never be remastered to BluRay. As someone who hated it as a kid but love it now that's disappointing. Apparently ML could make that process possible:

Maxing out Mac Pro 2010

I didn't realize how easy they made upgrading the old Mac Pro. It makes me even more confused as to why they ditched it for the trashcan except that the industrial design team needed to be different

RISC-V PC (Do It Yourself

It's still just for computer geeks but the fact someone got a RISC-V PC working is awesome.

Wow, people are still trying out RISC, huh? I thought that ISA had pretty much run its course.

@Brad Koehn ☑️ well I mean ARM is ascending too which is a RISC architecture. I'm not a EE guy but I think that we've diverged from the pure-RISC methodology of the early years though.