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For me drinking alcoholic beverages is all about the culinary experience. The inebriation is an unfortunate side effect. I love this concept. I had my first "mocktail" years ago on a cruise where they made an alcohol free "Nohito" which tasted better than a Mohito with the same flavor profile variations etc. I'm enjoying a similar experience nowadays with the proliferation of ginger beers that again produce similar mouth smacking effect that you'd get from an IPA or sharper beers, but obvious with a very different flavor profile. I have you to visit one of these places but I am definitely going to look for one local.

Random YouTube suggestion (I watch cooking videos) turned out to be Keifer Sutherland making beef stew in his own home. Delicious recipe while he's in just average joe at home mode.

YouTube: Kiefer Sutherland cooks Beef Stew (Kiefer Sutherland)


I’m trying to decide if reading a book on the history of pizza on the way to dinner is a great or bad idea. Either way my mouth is watering.

I recently read a book on adhesives: I couldn't put it down!

Pick up a copy of Gone with the Wind for when you leave the restaurant 😉
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It's interesting how different that process is from our typical soy sauce and the generational nature of the traditional process #food #culture #history #japan

Terrific little story. Boy, Shodoshima(1) looks like heaven for savoury flavours, well known for its olive groves as well as traditional shoyu production.

(1) the name means "island of small beans", originally adzuki

We have bamboo that looks like this here in the Carolina's, beautiful plants! I took 5 roots from a neighbor's woods and transplanted in my woods beside a stream.

Supply chain management and detailed tracking seemed to me to be one of the best uses of blockchains. Apparently Bellucci is using it so you can track and confirm where the olive oil in the jar you produced came from. As an olive oil lover who is leery of adulterated olive oil (which is a lot of them) and a software developer I found that to be pretty neat! #food #programming #blockchain
#food #programming #blockchain food programming

Sumo Citrus

I never heard of Sumo Citrus before. Very tasty! #food
#food food

I'd say they last me five days if they're separate, less if they're touching. They tend to go moldy at contact points. Do you have a local korean or japanese grocery? They often have them for way less. I'm thinking 3/$5 or thereabouts seems more typical.

@smellsofbikes Is that in the fridge or on the counter? I just recently moved so don't know if I have a Korean or Japanese store...need to look into that. These were just at the supermarket a couple miles from me.

I usually leave them on the counter. I bought a bag full of them the other day and one was moldy after two days, because they were all jammed together. Typically I buy them individually and put them in a bowl with apples between them, so like isn't touching like, and everyone lasts longer. (I also live in the desert, so it takes far longer for things to mold. Bread turns into croutons before it molds.)

@smellsofbikes I often have a problem like that with bags of lemons from Costco. Those aren't as dainty feeling so my first thing is to lightly wash them off and dry them before putting them away. It really helped dramatically improve their lifespan.

Computer Geek Turned Baker

This story has many things I get a charge out of: #baking #bread #programming #entrepreneurship
#baking #bread #programming #entrepreneurship bread food programming

#plantbased #glutenfree food Vegan