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I love the idea of growing my food but not the hassles I hit like weeding. I tried hydroponics before but this takes it to the next level and looks like can help do it with my erratic travel schedule and in real volume! Already pre-ordered! #gardening #hydroponics

Imagining @Hank G knee-deep in weeds: "this was so much better when it was just a concept!!"

I've been there. I've tried outdoor self-watering container gardening too. That works better but still annoying when traveling and everything dries out and the post-season cleanup stuff. Tried indoor hydroponics with Aerogardens which are little small things that dry out too. Their modular system and "growing assistant" which can regulate light and water levels when "away" looks really promising to me.

@Hank G Interested to hear how it goes!

I like hydroponics. Conceptually. For people with executive ability.

What is "executive ability"?

@Hank G The ability to want to do a thing and then actually do it without getting distracted and/or procrastinate. Closely related to the concept of "having spoons".

Actually I'm hoping the automation aspect will make it possible t odo even with my distraction and procastination. Long term attention is what kills my previous gardening attempts. :)

@Hank G Then I'm even more interested to hear how it goes. :-)

Found a couple of these on my pepper plants. Anyone know what they are and if they are beneficial? #garden #gardening
#garden #gardening garden
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Yup, definitely looks like a ladybird/bug pupa. I can't tell the species because I'm in UK and we have different ones over here. But as Jodi says, they're all beneficial to your garden. And beautiful!

Thanks for the responses. The segmented shell threw me.