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H/T to @Ed S for showing me a non-Facebook message board for #retrocomputing!

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I've looked at attending VCE. Thanks for the forum recommendation though!


#retrocomputing moment of the day. A ~7 minute marketing video on the massively parallel Thinking Machines CM-2 from back in the late-80s. 64K processors in 1988 w/28GFLOPS peak. Wow.

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Brilliant thanks!


Why does Windows have back slash instead of forward slash for directories? It may go back to the PDP-10... #retrocomputing
Yeah but I understand it too. One of my favorite blogs put it up after they had a major event. As usual we can't have nice things because people are assholes...


Visualizing C64! Probably more details about it than you ever could want #retrocomputing


Everything you wanted to know (and much more) about the old S/360 mainframe consoles #retrocomputing
I always like what you share. Thanks!
Here's also a German blog post from the HNF computer museum


Wow this is a neat find! #retrocomputing #unix #sparc #sparcbook
Get Sparcbook, install Doom. Of course!
The perfect use for it


PowerMac G5 XBox Development Systems

Wow this is pretty neat. Early Xbox 360 dev systems were G5 Mac's and now here's one in the wild #retrocomputing #powerpc


Inside Apollo Computer

This is a detailed look into the Apollo spacecraft computer's memory system. Really astounding bit of #


Guiness Record Spreadsheet Collector

I thought I had met some hardcore # collectors but this person blows me away!