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On this RMS debacle thing: while splitting hairs on semantics around Minsky seems lost is why the fuck was he organizing anything at Epstein's private island after he plead guilty and was known as a pedophile? No excuse for that. Don't have to be a genius to see that was wrong.

I did some googling to connect the dots on what you're referencing here. Reading all of that has made me physically ill. As humans we all have lapses in judgement but this seems like willful blindness to evil.

If you think that is bad, don't come to Brazil, for your own sanity.


Nice nostalgia. I used to work for Astronomy magazine eons ago.

Disappointed that when posting something on liberating ourselves from unnecessary mental prisons we let societal pressure create for us people decide to be intentionally obtuse and contrarian as if it was referring to stuff more broadly than that.

@manuelcaeiro ☕ How did you like this and then do the exact same thing on the post that led me to write this in the first place?

Yesterday was one of those rare days in which I could not guess my friends' thoughts and intentions. Surely you'll forgive me? 😀

@manuelcaeiro ☕ no harm all good :)


It seems that this post is intended as an affirmation of personal strength and growth. I will look at it that way too.

I apologise for the frustration. When you're looking at it from the other side of the lens as I do (I am abnormal, the set of values I hold as a person do not fit in well with American society) and having experienced the consequences of going my own way instead of caring about the expectations of society it serves as a reminder to be careful.

So, your answers to my comments on your posts on mastodon show up here... How's that as an example of using other people's sentences out of context?

@manuelcaeiro @manuelcaeiro ☕ The view on Friendica where I'm interacting, Friendica, has both your Mastodon and Diaspora accounts. I responded respectively to each referencing each so that federation systems that don't do threaded comments like Friendica has some cue as to whose comments I am referring to. The responses that I'm writing will federate to both since it's "just a comment" so bundled and sent according.


Computer says no...


Haven't read yet but just guessing this is the kind of article generalistic enough so that you can replace every occurrence of "Ada" but any modern language (Python, Rust, Kotlin…) 😅

@hankg Ok, at least it matches what is generally said about Erlang and Lisp and Rust… 🙄

This is a fascinating study and new details of the asteroid impact that killed the last of the dinosaurs and 70-80% of all life on the planet.

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