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Prince's original rendition of "Manic Monday" (along with many others now published)

YouTube: Manic Monday (Prince - Topic)


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The higher you climb, the harder you fall. 😉

So accurate



Great thread on how Disney gets it right and it's about mindset and language as much as policies and practices.

@Hank G That view from the queue and his comment about how it's an investment reinforced my own impression from when I was in MGM Studios Florida 25 years ago and when we waited in line for the Ironman experience in Disneyland HK this year:

Disney makes the queue a part of the experience. You're not queueing off-live, it's in-universe. Stark Enterprises own the building and are advertising their products as you wait for your turn to get a sightseeing flight over Hong Kong.

The universe they have built, where Stark Enterprises really have a Stark Tower with the huge Stark reactor on display somewhere in West Kowloon is fantastic. It's visionary and immersive, and it has the same techno-optimist and environmental message that the Epcot rides in Florida had when I was there.

My sentiments exactly...


but only if you are the owner.

Fools, it's a umask.



Yes you will.

Hank G doesn't like this.

@Brad Koehn ☑️ You don't like the movie? God I must have watched it a thousand times lol.

Want to use a TreeView control in #avaloniaui #dotnet? Here is a tutorial on the ins and outs of using it:


Wow! 8 was the first quantum leap for a language that looked stagnated but pretty surprising it's the most popular still five years later.

We're using Java 8 at work. Of course, we would start with Java 11 if we start a new project, but for those which are already in production, why would we need to change?

The migration cost is too high. And many companies just finally arrived at Java 8 in businesses context

I've been wondering about this myself! I've given through @opencollect but not through @github sponsors yet...

Why not link the medium article directly, instead of liking to a link?

Anyways seems like open collective is a good way to go, especially for a multi-contributor project that's getting big enough to need governance, but not so big that it makes sense to incorporate and deal with the regulatory hurdles on thier own.

@worblux I shared it via my Twitter account which is tied to Friendica so automatically gets cross-posted as a Friendica post as well.


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Best answer from the thread
I use macros, they #define me!

I have no affiliation with this company but have followed their development activities and their owner and think they do good work. They also contribute back to open source projects as well.


The magic word is “your geolocation”. You'll get a pair of GPS coordinates back.

"What's your GPS coordinates?" :-)

India is planning on launching its own Salyut-class space station in the next decade. That's about twice the size of the Chinese Tiangong stations launched to date but a third the size of their next planned one, and 1/20th the size of the ISS. #space