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That insane speech at CPAC which should be disqualifying in rational times is considered an example of how Trump will win in 2020 by the right. I get literal chills, not in a good way, when I think of how many Republicans I know that still support this buffoon. I can't help but think less of them because of it. Hopefully they'll come around sooner rather than later but I lose hope each day. I'm basically down to zero now and just hoping that the rest of the country wakes the fuck up and votes this abomination from office in 2020.

Most psychopaths do.

@Brian Ó 🐟 I look to the forgiveness process from other past dark periods in nation's histories that have parallels. The one I jump to most is Mussolini's Italy. Eventually people hopefully get past it. How long? I don't know. I guess that depends on how the history plays out.