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According to this complaint Equifax could be used as a prototype for how *not* to do cybersecurity in a class on the topic: Front facing servers with admin credentials of "admin/admin." Sensitive data being transmitted over the internet unencrypted. Sensitive data being stored in plain text on front facing servers (some of those with the above password theme). Admin's pins being the last four of their SSC number. The whole infrastructure not having active patching but instead a person responsible for doing it. No audit logs of activity. That's the list as of four pages of double spaced legal text too. I mean damn... ... show more

Programming langues I've developed in the last 7 days: C#, Java, FORTRAN, C, Forth, Kotlin, Ruby, Objective-C. All but Forth for actual projects. #polyglot #programming

I've got a long list over lifetime, but in last week or so at work? Go, VB.Net, DOS Batch, Bash, T-SQL, and Java - and the barest touch of Kotlin.

Yeah it comes from needing a combo for some projects. Like the Java, FORTRAN, and C were two parts of code bases for the same project. The Kotlin and Ruby were from polishing up the Diaspora API Client I wrote (Kotlin) waiting for the hopfully imminent release of (Ruby) but had to fumble around in there to see where and why something changed so I could update my client.

In an exchange with a friend about my FORTRAN post a joke was made about exploring Forth for the Fourth. Actually that sounds like a neat little #programming experiment so here we

My myriad small contributions to open source software in the month of June #foss

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Reading about the early days of id Software when they basically cocooned themselves in a two floor apartment one Wisconsin winter cranking out Wolfentein 3D hits that nostalgic chord in me that has done that and still likes doing that sort of thing when the right passion project comes along. There is just something to being so focused on cranking out software you find interesting. It's a neat read either way. #retrocomputing

A really good best practices article on fixing performance problems in your #dotnet application

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood :).

yep, it should happen soon ;)

Really stoked about the last two days deep dive into #AvaloniaUI on #dotnetcore . Looking forward to writing up some examples for some controls, updating docs, and building a demo project to show off capabilities realworld-ishly.

Using Design Data to help laying out your #AvaloniaUI #dotnet UIs

What's the easiest way to find your way around #AvaloniaUI #dotnet controls? The new stand alone version of their "Controls Catalog App" of course!

Getting started with AvalonStudio so can get full IntelliSense and other goodies developing #AvaloniaUI on #linux

Mostly positive 1st impressions of #AvaloniaUI for #dotnet #linux development, with some paths forward #programming

Well this could be *very* interesting!

Write up of my positive experience with the #AvaloniaUI tutorial. Again hats off on true cross-platform desktop development with #dotnet on #linux

...I'm actually further along in my Avalonia learning than "Hello World" but I'm behind on my blog post writing...

A first step towards doing cross platform desktop development under #linux with #dotnet using #AvaloniaUI

I love the progress shown in .NET 5 but it drives me crazy that WPF is listed as if it will work across all platforms when it's Windows only. Ah well that's what AvaloniaUI is for I guess.

I'm coming out of development/software engineering hibernation :) #programming

Just finished the #AvaloniaUI tutorial solely under #linux #dotnetcore and leveraging #JetBrains Rider. Pretty pleased. Hope to get a blog write up out soon on experience and thoughts on the tech in general. Overall thumbs up!

Been a couple months since I got into a coding groove so going to try warming up by learning #AvaloniaUI under #linux using #JetBrains Rider preferably under #dotnetcore