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Yep the technical quantum leap accomplished by the Luna 3 team back in the 1959 is very impressive. #space #history

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Well ... sort of. You almost certainly don't have any intuitive idea of how big planets are, much less the distances between the planets (which is not depicted here - it would take 8.5 minutes to reach Earth alone).

That said, a pilot would gain some intuitive idea of the scale of distance mountains, and that might translate to an intuitive idea of the scale of the Moon (which is, of course, a lot bigger but only by about one order of magnitude).

Agreed. I have to conceptualize scaled to experience. For example, a planet whizzing by at light speed in this illustration looks to me like a speed limit sign whizzing by at 55 MPH.

This is a pretty neat #retrocomputing project to let you quickly create some classic computer systems/games on a Pi

This is extreme retrogaming... 😆

wasn’t happy that my iPhone decided to upgrade to iOS 13 all by itself while I am traveling (what do you think this is, Windows?) but it didn’t crap on itself and I’m enjoying some of these new features especially dark mode at night.

You can change this behaviour. Settings, General, Software Update, Automatic Updates.

I want point releases to be applied automatically. I don't want major version updates to be applied automatically. I can't find a way to do that so I have to suffer through having major revisions applied automatically apparently. If you know a way to do that I'd love to be able to do it.

Oh, OK. I wonder if there's a way to do it using Shortcuts.

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How to stress a C# compiler? Tell it it B flat.

I’m an aerospace engineer and do this all the time.

I didn't know you were an aerospace engineer. I started out in aerospace before changing to computer engineering in college.

Yep I am a hybrid software and aerospace engineer :).

I always get a window seat next to a wing. I love watching them bend and bounce with the wind like a sails on a cloud ship.

If they have to own what they made, yes, they'll be sunk, and rightfully so.

Oh noes! They might have to rebuild the Republican party with people who actually represent American values instead of the extremist minority of white wealthy racists criminals and so called "Christians."

No idea. I don't (and won't) use Alexa.

She knows your prefererences.. have you installed Ubuntu on one of yor device or searched Ubuntu anywhere??

This was something I shared from Twitter. I haven't tried this personally.