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had the pleasure of eating in the shadow of Notre Dame a few times in my life (along with walking through it a few times as well. It’s not the best pic but it was my dinner view.


Thanks for sharing. It is alive in your memories.

Found a couple of these on my pepper plants. Anyone know what they are and if they are beneficial? #garden #gardening
#garden #gardening garden
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Yup, definitely looks like a ladybird/bug pupa. I can't tell the species because I'm in UK and we have different ones over here. But as Jodi says, they're all beneficial to your garden. And beautiful!

Thanks for the responses. The segmented shell threw me.


Been a couple months since I got into a coding groove so going to try warming up by learning #AvaloniaUI under #linux using #JetBrains Rider preferably under #dotnetcore

Not to be controversial but...I found the new Star Wars trailer very "meh" except for the obviously awesome visual effects.

I suspect it would get progressively harder to impress with something like that.



I was {today}-years old when I learned that Jean Giraud (Mœbius) did concept art for Tron.

Found via Tales from Weirdland. #conceptart #tron #scifi #moebius

I love when AI brain farts like this for promoted content :)

Context sensitive advertising....
Recently I was at university library PC and the foreign guy next to me was reading a German article about Brexit. He then Googled the word "bizzar" and Google AI showed location based result for a bizarr fetish sm Club.... 😋


The scale of the recently imaged black hole is incredible


I so love the black hole memes



Dove into some #diaspora code for the first time in forever to help someone figure out how to do something. I do enjoy that code base immensely even if I haven't worked in it for many months #programming #ruby
#diaspora #programming #ruby fediverse programming

I have big hopes about the coming hackathon in Berlin. I really wish your API PR will be merged then, or at least have significant progress done



The first interview of Linus Torvalds in the first issue of Linux Journal from 25 years ago too :) #linux
#linux computer

On Linux Journal's 25th Anniversary they interviewed Linus again. #programming #linux
#programming #linux computer

by te guy who later started redhat

@Andrej Yeah pretty neat!

Darn, still no UI for Linux on the roadmap (although many good things). I want to try Avalonia but it'd be great if Linux wasn't a 3rd class #dotnet citizen. #programming
# #dotnet #programming programming

Yep, C# is such a nice language

@Christoph S I know :(. Before I found Kotlin it was why I was heavily ramping up my .NET on Linux work. Everytime I hear a podcast on Avalonia and stuff I want to try it again. Also one project I want to do needs to be tying into some native libraries and the bridge for that through the CLR is far more reasonable than the options available through the JVM.

Before I started studying at university I was doing a professional training as software developer at a company and despite some legacy stuff we used C# for the newer porjects. I really loved the language. Then when I started studying at university it was like going back a couple of years, cause I had to learn Java and always wanted to do things like I did in C#, e.g. a foreach loop over a String. Of course in Java you need to use the damn CharArray stuff....AutoProperties in C# for getter/setter were also very nice!
Well, but in the meantime with Java 8 there have been a lot of great advances.


LOL. It seems that the O(n!) is the true Big O(h!)