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So cool! The Apollo 11 mission in real time (shifted 50 years of course) ( H/T @Christoph S ) #space #history:

Every time I see stories like this I want to fire up some mod/sim software and try to simulate it. There must be some open source or public domain software for this but needs a hefty computer...hmm...brain rationalizing... #space #science…

Wow ten whole dollars, as if you don't know enough about me from Alexa tracking and the implicit tracking that Google and Facebook do through their various sniffer tools...smh...

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"Because you're worth it." Hmm.

Don't spend it all in one place! Unless that place is Amazon that is ;)


Indices and Ranges for working with arrays (and lists etc?) in C# 8 look pretty neat! #dotnet #programming

Really enjoyed the DotNetRocks podcast on Integrating UX in your Development Process with Debbie Levitt

I had heard about the laser ranging experiment on Apollo 11 but hadn't read about how it got there or how it went from the ground. We learned a lot from a simple experiment. #space #science

You may also like this article from Physics World which has more info on that experiment and the current challenges with it, like determining distance to the moon in millimetres.


Scrubbed for the moment,due to technical problems

I really liked his explanation targeted at the every day viewer. Very well done. Also learned something new. I didn't realize the Soviet rockets rotate the launch pad instead of doing a roll program at launch. #space

YouTube: Why do cylindrical rockets roll? (Everyday Astronaut)

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Love this!



Lots of interesting details in these curves...

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@Hank G I'm surprised online would be greater than college+work already before 2010! In my personal circle, which I consider relatively nerdy, I'm only aware of two couples out of dozens who met online, and most of the couples met in 2000--10.

And that it's not stealing from bars, but instead bars are going up! I thought people didn't go to bars anymore because they were online, but they still need to go to their workplace.

Also I don't have a clue how people talk to strangers in bars.

I was a bit hooked on "Family":
This is some genius answer

@Christoph S remember it is how they met not how they are related lol. So for example, your parent's friends' children etc.



As if I couldn't recommend @cronometer enough they've now added custom charts! This allows me to do cross-correlations I've previously dumped to a spreadsheet for (example of weight vs. net. calories over year). Awesome!

...along with time history of CW "No one uses Framework A because Framework B is so amazing"...followed a year later by, "No one uses Framework B because Framework C is so awesome"...and so on...

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Hah so true. Just talked about that with a colleagues

Using spare CPU cycles to give back through "volunteer computing" distributed computing system BOINC #hpc #science #space