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There are different kinds of heart disease. The claims made (including heart murmur and leaking valves) is more likely a sign of hereditary related problems or childhood disease, which are not going to be cured this way.

And I realize its not your dog in the fight.

I feel obliged to point out the inconsistencies when this sort of thing is being passed around, just as much as I react to the Anti-Vaxers or De-Tox Dieters and their propaganda pieces. Bad ideas and false stories hurt people.

Someone will see this video or article via Twitter and will decide that its solid medical advice and ignore getting needed tests or treatments and make their situation worse or think they can self diagnose and treat and end up with a heart attack.

Its like all my advice for health stuff, see your physician first and foremost. I've seen people do stupid things so many times in my life because they were reluctant to see a doctor.... including having had friends who waited too long and died.

@Joseph Teller Yes people should absolutely do this with the consultation of a physician and with appropriate tests. I'm more concerned with their other video on "my cancer is in remission because of my diet." Ask Steve Jobs how well that works out. The evidence of diet and lifestyle driving cancer rates is pretty clear. The idea that if you just eat fruits and vegetables you will cure yourself of cancer is dangerous. It's sort of like how if you change your engine oil at the appropriate intervals you can avoid engine damage. However once the damage is there simply going to changing the oil isn't going to fix it.

Yes, their cancer piece is definitely worse or at least as bad. Some cancers can spread VERY rapidly if left unchecked. And some (Like Hodgkin's Lymphoma) can be treated and defeated if detected and treated rapidly, but can be easily go the other way and become terminal rapidly if you tried to treat by their methods.

More information on the IBM S/360 mainframe. This one on its development. H/T @Kam-Yung Soh #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing @Kam-Yung Soh retrocomputing

Everything you wanted to know (and much more) about the old S/360 mainframe consoles #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

I always like what you share. Thanks!

Here's also a German blog post from the HNF computer museum


An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

I’m trying to decide if reading a book on the history of pizza on the way to dinner is a great or bad idea. Either way my mouth is watering.

I recently read a book on adhesives: I couldn't put it down!

Pick up a copy of Gone with the Wind for when you leave the restaurant 😉
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I'm working through my podcast backlog. I have to buy Jason Fried's books after listening to this podcast. I couldn't agree with him more on corporate culture, corporate leadershp philosophy, and what think would be a healthier investment mechanism than our traditional VC-driven "double or nothing until you die or hit the insanely big jackpot" mentality.

There goals are to come in, generate hype, create a wildly inflated IPO and cash out. The business is just a prop in their pyramid scheme.

yep. not just embrace-extend-extinguish style buy-outs.


In Charing Cross rail station in central London, there are pigeons who get on the trains, go down them looking for food, and then get off just before the doors close! We're all doomed, I tell you! 😲

Wow this is a neat find! #retrocomputing #unix #sparc #sparcbook
#retrocomputing #unix #sparc #sparcbook retrocomputing

Get Sparcbook, install Doom. Of course!

The perfect use for it




Avalonia on Linux

I'm thinking of playing around with .NET thick client app dev on Linux for a cross-platform app. Any luck on doing Avalonia inside of JetBrains's Rider? #linux #dotnet #jetbrains
#linux #dotnet #jetbrains programming

I've done Longo's FMD (not using his formula) and have had great success. I do it for the supposed cancer-fighting benefits. Worst case it helps me counter-balance some over indulgences in the short term.

I fast because it's friendly to my bank account.



It's interesting how different that process is from our typical soy sauce and the generational nature of the traditional process #food #culture #history #japan

Terrific little story. Boy, Shodoshima(1) looks like heaven for savoury flavours, well known for its olive groves as well as traditional shoyu production.

(1) the name means "island of small beans", originally adzuki

We have bamboo that looks like this here in the Carolina's, beautiful plants! I took 5 roots from a neighbor's woods and transplanted in my woods beside a stream.