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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” --Alice Walker #quotes #QOTD
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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” --Thomas Jefferson #quotes
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VirtualBox AV Works Again. Yes!

YES! For the past half year I had been having audio sync problems with #VirtualBox so bit the bullet and upgraded to 6 a month ago. The audio didn't even play back right so couldn't even play back Spotify. Until now. 6.0.4 fixed it all. Thanks!
#VirtualBox linux


Linux Ultrabook with high battery life

I want to experiment with a new Linux Ultrabook. The Dell XPS looks interesting but I'm annoyed at how much the website hides and directs away. I'm hoping that #System76 has gotten ultra book battery up to 7-8 hours in normal use.
#System76 linux
I had a very bad experience with system76, I also dislike their policy to support just Ubuntu or Pop!_os...

So what about Purism Librem 13?

At least they use a FSF endorsed Debian derivative...

I had a good experience with them except for the battery life on my Gazelle. It wasn't designed for battery life though. I'm a Debian/Ubuntu person so I'm not turned off by that. I also like that they are moving a lot of the assembly/production to the USA starting with their Thellio line.

I looked at the Librem 13 too. My only real beef with that is that it doesn't have a four core CPU and there is no way to configure it to be such a thing. Maybe they have a model update with one in there? Actually the Librem 13 also has the bonus that it looks remarkably like the XPS which I think looks like a better form factor than the Galago Pro as well.

Two cores are not really exciting but can help to improve the battery life even if I believe the main reason is to keep the price low. From the other side the hardware switches can really help to save energy...

I read the System76 is manufacturing more in the US not sure about the laptop, maybe they still continues to be Clevo rebranded, in this case you may opt directly for a Clevo laptop...

Their laptops haven’t moved yet. I don’t know when they are planning on moving that but they have stated that they are.



Come Second For A Change Say She!


Why I live in Florida Weather

Definitely the “why I live in Florida” weather time of the year :) #Florida Image/Photo

This is the best time of the year but when the spring is arriving the temperature gets really hot and during the summer you can stay only on the beach or in the swimming pool...

I live in Orlando so in the summer time the only place I stay is inside until near early evening :)

I know, I know it, I live in Miami... ☀️☀️☀️


Superbowl Best Parts

#superbowl humor

So as always the ads are more interesting to anyone as the rest :-P

Well crap, video's down already.
Hank Grabowski doesn't like this.


Worried by the behaviour of companies like Facebook etc? Want to protect your privacy online, but not sure what the alternatives are?

Try visiting to find out about easy-to-use ethical alternatives that don't sell your data:




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Are you willing to contribute some money to help diaspora\*s development?

Hey awesome diaspora* community! Today I'm asking you a very special question. At the moment, the development speed of the diaspora* project is quite slow. It looks like this
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FOSDEM 2019 Was Awesome

Just landed back in the states from my first #FOSDEM #fosdem2019 I'll be doing a long blog post on it later but it was great meeting people from across global the #fediverse and #opensource community.

ps. I don't what caused me to be my first time as well? Was it too close for me? 🤣
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@hankg was great to meet you in real life!

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