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The dog applied a technique called Ushiro Geri. It's obviously a Karate dog. 😉

Yeah I was thinking it's like karate dog...or that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark with Indy fighting the swordsman.

Obviously this is Bruce Dog.

No, no, it's definitely Ushiro Geri. Just watch. 😎

No such thing as "enough books".

This is seriously my whole life.

I’m looking forward to playing with one of these when they get out of the developer previews :)

This was a really neat session and really liked his perspective on enabling creative process rather than catering to fantasies of hitting the Influencer lottery.

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Even better with this description

I was literally just thinking this to myself this morning as I look forward to my first thing in the morning flight for Wednesday lol

My big lesson was: Don't worry too much about it; you're going to San Diego, not medieval Hungary. If you forgot something, you can buy one there.

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The network becoming really big now...

In fairness, in 1994, almost no one knew of the Internet

@James Cowan Oh yeah that's not a knock on the anchors it's just amazing that in 25 years it's gone from "what is this weird thing" to being so ubiquitous it'd be like asking people what it's like to live without electricity.

The Tesla in orbit was cute but a rocket powered by methane produced from livestock/human wastes, and fracking? That would be a "Two Thumbs Up Super Awesome!" from me.

I need to do this!

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