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Why does Windows have back slash instead of forward slash for directories? It may go back to the PDP-10... #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

I hate sites that show this:
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Jean-Louis Gassée (of Apple and BeOS fame) has a multi-part series on his 50 years in tech. Here's the first entry! #beos #apple #retrocomputing #history
#beos #apple #retrocomputing #history retrocomputing

I've been surprised that it was so hard to have a tasty meat free hotdog. Insanely processed meats you'd figure would easily be adapted but the few I tried have been foul. This is promising.…

@Waithamai Dragonqueen @Christoph S Yep I love good vegan recipes even though I'm not vegan as well. The Beyond Meat and Impossible burger stuff is the first ones that try to be meat replacements and they are nailing it.

i just like trying new stuff :)


Yes these are all microbenchmarks so take them for what they are worth but across the board speedups of at least 20%, many 50%, and in some cases far more is very impressive for .NET Core 3.0 #netcore #dotnet




Love how @TheEconomist labels their graphs :). Interesting data too...

Seems normal. I've taken a HBO subscription for the GoT time period for the last 8 years :) WIll cancel now.

@Jason Robinson 🐍🍻 I haven't seen it yet, not a single episode.

This thread on TaligentOS #retrocomputing

Perfect analogy :D




Impressive scalability





Honestly I cannot think of one thing I lament about the death of retail.

@Brad Koehn ☑️ I do hate the concentration of marketplaces into essentially Amazon or Google. I've tried to do brick and mortar stores and often just come back empty handed though :(.

@Hank G I count those as part of retail. While they’re growing in their market, they can (and hopefully will) die with the rest.

I forgot about General Magic! Keeping an eye out for this documentary coming to a local theater. #retrocomputing #apple #history