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Man I would have a death grip on those control handles. @Jeff Davis would have enjoyed this.

Newbie Django developer here deciding to share my dev desktop config and screenshot. Linux Mint 19.3 using JetBrains PyCharm and DataGrid. Pretty snazzy experience so far. # # # @linuxmint @ThePSF @djangoproject @jetbrains @pycharm

Why is this non-Bernie supporting moderate not freaking out about the idea of a Bernie Presidency? (I am freaking out about whether he can actually win in the first place with the red baiting and our ingrained aversion to the "socialist" label which he picked up) # # # :

- Bernie unlike Trump isn't an existential threat to the country.
- The Democratic Party will not fall into a cult like worship status of him like the GOP did with Trump. They have an inability to do so even in the most opportune times for that to happen much less now.
- The Democratic contingent in congress is far more diverse than the GOP faction and they are as historically unable to toe the line as usual. PS there is a strong chance they won't even be abl... show more

Yeah, I'm not convinced by assertions that Sanders (or anyone else) would beat Trump easily. What will be more comforting to me is if Sanders weathers the coming attacks well.

He hasn't face the sort of vetting and scrutiny that comes from being the front runner. Not, for example, the way Warren has. If Warren makes a come back, she'll be in a lot stronger position to take on Trump for the vetting.

Assuming Sanders takes the attacks and still comes out on top, he'll be in a lot stronger position against Trump. There is a LOT of stuff out there, and it's best for us to deplete this ammo before the Republicans get their turn.

Yes, @Hank G I have heard that podcast, I listened to it a few years back when I was working on a RPG project that was set in Ancient Rome. It is fantastically detailed and draws from a number of great scholarly sources.

Hah! I never had a Z-80 CPU, but I did have the 16KB memory expansion.

Indeed I can imagine that Apple does make this move. This could pave the way to a unified operating system for mobile, tablet and notebook/desktop.

Love this article and will buy the book. Sounds like the exact opposite ethos of the editorial @page88 was tearing down this morning on the cult of optimizing.

I definitely have a lot of creative thoughts while walking or resting uninterrupted. It only works for certain sorts of things, though, and it needs to be followed up with time putting it down in words, images, and code.

But I think it's useful and helpful to swirl an idea around strictly mentally, without interruptions or distractions.

Aha! No wonder NYC is a center of creativity. We walk a lot! ;)

We really do try to fuck up everything, don't we? PS Heartland is an oil industry backed climate denialist group that has done much of the heavy lifting in the US towards blocking and reversing progress on this issue. Their funding is not "unknown" # #

^Precisely. Except for Bernie. The problem with Bernie is that he is too democratic for the Democrats. And that is a sad state of affairs.

BTW... nice hashtag: # Get Trump Out

Ans i thought it was like a submarine

Awesome. I'll shamelessly steal this one and use it on some "people I know".

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Checkout the monthly Orlando Linux UG (and software dev) meetup at Crooked Can Brewery in Winter Garden, FL!… # # # # via @Meetup

I've had interest in politics my whole life (read books, watch news, hours in debate forums, joined CR in college, etc). First election I was old enough to vote in? 1994. First one I voted in? 2000. First off year election year I voted in? 2012. Voted in every one since.

The older people are the more they vote, pretty much universally in the US. They realize oh hey this stuff does matter. And they have the time and job situations that make voting convenient, in those places that still make you go to a polling location.

I think it's universally universal not just in the US. However in the US it is a trend true for decades. I was always in a position where I had the time and job situation to make voting equally convenient. If anything I was more likely to roll up my sleeves and get into political debates et cetera then than I am now. For a lot of people what you say is true. However how many are like me and why people like me ultimately decided to sit out each race until we hit middle age?

I can't stop saying how much I admire what @dhh has done with his companies and sharing all the information so others can do the same. If I ever start another company I'm going to be a master student of his principles and methodologies and applying it there.

I've been on the fence about subscribing for many months now but just bit the bullet and did it...