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I seriously think they decided nah who needs designers?

Is it called cybertruck because it looks like it leapt out of a 1980s "3Dish" video game? I'm having flashbacks to the Automan TV show that I loved as a young computer geek.

It's similar to the car in Blade Rubber

Today I learned that the BSON format only stores dates to millisecond precision. Be careful on your storage needs if you need greater precision in DB's like Mongo, LiteDb, etc.

Oh my gosh this. If you ask me a complicated question without specifying what you're looking for in an answer I'm going to automatically prefer writing a cogent complete piece, with references and pictures, before responding. Getting IT to run a server for internal blogging might be infeasible, however, I've found Microsoft OneNote to be a good tool for sharing knowledge in this way.

I met Noah at last year's RubyConf as a noobie Ruby developer and he is a really nice guy who likes to share his knowledge with people.

I'm loving seeing the candidates working together not engaging in the perpetual bloodsport that the commentariate and political social media mavens are dying for at all times. Maybe all of politics will one day be like this again in the future.

Apple is 0 for 2 today with me...smh...

Apple is like -153 for me... they'll never get any $$ from me

I have their laptop for developing Mac and iOS targets and I have their phone because they are sadly far better at not tracking and data collecting. Fingers crossed an alternative phone platform comes out so I can break that last one.

*really* poor form #apple . Developers entire lives are at stake and it takes three months and still no progress on something of this magnitude? WTF?

Wow this is pretty crazily spot on.

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Anyone else in the #fediverse see an uptick in empty accounts trying to "friend" them? I've now had five in the last 24 hours...

That seems to happen from time to time. Haven't had that many lately, though.

@Harald Eilertsen Yes, usually if a new big instance starts to federate.

Just finished a book reading about how Carmack has such intense concentration nothing, not even loud office hijinks could break him. That isn't going to be me today based on the news I'm seeing coming out already...

Which century was this poll conducted in? SMH...

Do you remember how white dudes lost their freaking minds when Obama was sworn in? Marching around with their AR-15s and shit?

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Fascinating, that was new to me. But as often with technology today, the idea is not new, but the hardware or user experience at that time was not the best.
And yeah, I bet Google Stadia is something for the Google cemetery. I give it half a year until next spring cleaning

I used to work on a SunRay for a couple of years. And a big fat E450 down in the server room :-)
Yes, it was magic!

Code to “musak” while my car is being worked on or out my headphones on and bang it out to Spotify? I think option B...