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Wow this is pretty neat. Not that I assumed the device was birthed in full final form in one step but still. I wish there were pictures of breadboards that went into this beast of an iPod prototype #apple #retrocomputing #computerhistory #history…

My quick 2 cents on the new #Apple MacBooks. The processors are amazing as is the battery life. Can't wait to see where #AppleSilicon goes and hope others get ARM going to that level. I love that MagSafe & more ports are back. The Touch Bar grew on me and I think I may miss it.
Similar feels. I ordered a 16" w/32GB yesterday.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ Yeah spouse bought a 14" one that looks pretty snazzy. My M1 MBP does more than I need it to. In fact I'm still heavily considering selling it and getting a Linux laptop and just using our bare bones M1 Mini for builds but not sure if that's a good idea or not in case my mobile development takes off (unlikely but still).
@dianea The Asahi Linux team is working on getting Linux running and running well on it. They are as far as having graphical environment booting but with software video acceleration. With these being a moving target it may be a fool's errand but I'm still funding their Patreon 😀.

Thanks to some lucky timing, my collection of NeXT printed materials has grown significantly this week! A short thread follows:

#apple #nextstep #RetroComputing @bleedsixcolors @gruber @siracusa


Looking at browser agent strings coming from Apple M1. All browsers report it as "Intel Mac OS X". That's sad since was hoping to see how much came from Apple Silicon. However Safari reports the version as 10.15.6 not the 11.2 that it is. Any ideas? #programmer #apple
Nope I double checked that. I was thinking perhaps the Firefox engine somehow was but Safari's engine definitely wouldn't be. They all show up as Apple architecture in task manager.

Now that my second iPhone has died (waiting for replacement to arrive) I realize even if PinePhone or Librem took off I'm still stuck having to decide between iOS or Android because many devices/services I use only interface through apps.

#Apple has become #IBM or AT&T—a vertical Goliath that tries to do everything until a David comes along with a horizontal slingshot, writes @andykessler - interesting read on some #tech #history lessons. What do you think?
Thanks for the links! I was just going by what I could find when trying to do Google searches on VoIP (non-business). The links I found first looked really sketchy.

And to be honest, even the first link you gave look more vague and intimidating ... I mean, I'm not an enterprise and I don't want to set up a whole VoIP network at home hooked up to physical phones (which I hate). I don't want any of that stuff on my home network.

It's just very confusing.

Anyway, I'm going to look more into Republic Anywhere, since I'm essentially already paying for that service and it could be a good fit for my specific needs.
You don’t need to do anything with physical phones - that’s just what I’ve done. All you need is a “softphone” (software phone app), which is what I used on my laptop. That appears to be what Republic Anywhere provides, though it may be customised to only work with their service. Google Voice also does that.

*really* poor form #apple . Developers entire lives are at stake and it takes three months and still no progress on something of this magnitude? WTF?

And here we go again, @ChrisLAS. It's like a #CoderRadio throw back from 2014...… #apple #iOSDev

Wow a Twiggy Drive (the proprietary 5.25” drive from the original Lisa) Mac prototype is at auction. Only a handful were made and even fewer in existence... #retrocomputing #apple

Wow that's an impressive laptop isn't it (core count, memory amount, disk amount, still with 10+ hr battery!) #apple

That's a complete joke ... did they fix the keyboard? I hear it doesn't have just one port anymore. Anyone buying this is wasting their money.
@James Cowan Yeah the fixed keyboard is part of it. They've moved away from the one port thing for awhile now. As much as I admire what Jony Ive did with the Apple industrial design years ago I think they over fetishized form over function to the detriment of users and customers in recent years. I'm pretty happy with my 2018 13" MBP. My one beef with the keyboard is that even if a drop of water gets on it the thing flips out for a minute or so. I mean this literally. I was working on the plane and a drop of water came off the outside of my soda bottle and landed on the keyboard. Typing was then impossible for a couple minutes. Other than that no keyboard problems and the machine has done me very well. I have thought of replacing it with a System76 if they can get battery life better or maybe an XPS13 when the time is right.

A fully restored Mac Portable prototype. #retrocomputing #apple

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I forgot about General Magic! Keeping an eye out for this documentary coming to a local theater. #retrocomputing #apple #history

I just backed Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa on @Kickstarter Should be interesting! #retrocomputing #apple

TFW you have to restore Mac to shipped MacOS Lion and you prefer that UI to what the most up to date one is going to impose on me... #computer #apple #uxdesign
Thanks. I'll look into that. I thought I'd read instructions how to roll back to any version, but they didn't work. I might just erase the disc and install 10.12.

Like you, I'd love to stick with an earlier version, reluctantly went to 10.7 when I bought this machine in 2011 and very reluctantly went to 10.12 a couple of years ago after quite a lot of software stopped working. Tsk tsk.

Enjoy your 10.5 while you can!
My MacPro is running with 10.11.6 El Capitan and it's ok....