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It is amazing to me how much they can get out of an Apple IIe with this UNIX-like(ish) OS @A2Osx #retrocomputing #apple2…

Can I just say how thoroughly impressed I am with @6502Workshop build & art quality on their new Apple II game! I’ve had it downloaded for awhile but now have my boxed set! First brand new software I’ve gotten on 5.25” disks in 30 years too! #retrogames #RetroComputing #apple2

@6502Workshop PS Where did you all get new 5.25" disks? Is there some boutique manufactures still or a stash left from years ago?
@neqone All new old stock, which came from government surplus a decade or so ago. To our knowledge the last production run of 5.25" disks was in the 1990s.

TFW you discover NH governor is a #retrocomputer geek complete with an Apple II in his office in his official photo #apple2


Because I don't have enough other distractions I'm thinking of trying to setup A2osX in an #Apple2 VM just because. Be neat to run a web server off of an Apple II just because lol. #retrocomputers

I just came across Java Grinder which compiles Java code down to system executables that run on serious #retrocomputing gear like #atari 2600 #amiga #apple2 as well. Fascinating!
Man, targeting the amiga is really amazing because it had all those weird coprocessors.
...or the Atari 2600 with 128 bytes of RAM. I'm amazed by the demo videos. For the AV for each platform they do their own things and there are severe limitations but it's still an amazing feat.


Ship combat is up and running in #8Bit #RPG #NoxArchaist. We didn’t know if there would be enough memory for this feature, so it’s been on hold, but is now an official part of the game.

#Apple2 #MAC #PC #screenshotsaturday #indiegame