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The study we've all been waiting for

Using data from >50,000 #COVID19 contacts, vaccinated people are less infectious EVEN with Delta, and EVEN if CT count is the same

Also, kids appear less infectious and less susceptible, including with Delta


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Very powerful data by @charles_gaba. Correlation between partisan orientation and vaccination status gets stronger over time! cc @thehowie

U.S. #COVID19 vaccination levels by county OVER TIME…

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That means the next election will be decided by how many are REMAINING of each party.

Basically, next time God will be voting.

.@USATODAY editorial: H.R. 1 would maintain voting rights and voting integrity that states saved amid #COVID19. The issue is simple: Should we make it easier to vote or harder to vote?… via @usatodayopinion

13,317 Floridans killed by #COVID19.

A broken unemployment system with nearly one million Floridians unemployed.

A looming $5.4 billion revenue shortfall.

Emergency recovery funds needed in the Panhandle.

But this is what @GovRonDeSantis wants addressed in a special session.
When a significant chunk of your population is unemployed and sick because of your policies, it's probably sensible to try to ban protests. Fixing the problem would be a better idea, but republicans make problems rather than fixing them.
Then he should ban gatherings period. Instead, he stated he's against "disruptive" [read: liberal] "protests during..." This is not about public health.

This is very bad news...

OH CHRIST—Trump HHS just did full “power grab” takeover of all drug/vaccines. Via “stunning declaration” of authority, HHS Secretary Azar barred FDA from signing any new rules—power now “is reserved to the Secretary.” Trump now controls all of it. #COVID19

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He's going to push through a vaccine regardless of its effectiveness or safety.
The ways this could go wrong are simply amazing.
It's also scary because he's clearly angling to still be in office when the first ones show up, which isn't going to be November 3.

Thank god.

Good news from South Korea. Looks like recovered #COVID19 patients testing positive again was due to RNA fragments released during shedding of damaged lung tissue and not from reactivation or reinfection.

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Or a smoking section in an aeroplane...

Every month, we change our social headers to an #openaccess image.

For April, we think this snapshot of Earth by @StationCDRKelly aboard the @Space_Station offers some important perspective as we continue to deal with #COVID19.

We're all in this together. ?♥️

"Polar Vortex," by Scott Kelly/NASA Johnson Center (CC BY-NC) 02/14/16

#COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic cases in Bergamo & Lodi Italy show evidence that early #SocialDistancing measures in Lodi #FlattenTheCurve Read our paper:…


Excellent, digestible 15 minute explanation for what we are about to go through and actual risks. His take away quote to remember through the whole thing is, “My job is not to scare you out of your wits, it’s to scare you into your wits” #COVID19

1. @JAMA_current is hosting a livestream Maurizio Cecconi, head of anesthesiology & ICU at Humanitas Research Hospital in Lombardy, Italy.
They got their first #Covid19 case Feb. 20. Cases quickly started coming in the days after that. "5-10-14, it was going up exponentially."
Yeah, the next 7-10 days here in the states will be tell-tale.

Quote of note:

"Global health emergencies like this lay bare the damage dome to social infrastructure over the years by stripping it bare of funding. The safety net for stuff like this has been fatally crippled in the U.S., people are just starting to realize it because the problems have been ignored and paper over by politicians for years. 'Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain!'" - Paul Ferguson, Tacoma, Washington USA

#election2020 #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic #socialjustice #healthcare #GreatSociety

Too late to follow Korean path. We may be too late to even follow Italy's which is a super disturbing statement.

THREAD: In U.S. we face two alternative but hard outlooks with #COVID19: that we follow a path similar to South Korea or one closer to Italy. We probably lost chance to have an outcome like South Korea. We must do everything to avert the tragic suffering being borne by Italy 1/10


Trump speech at CDC today!

Damn, this is the best description of his speech EVER!

So sadly accurate!

#Covid19 #CoronaVirusUSA #Trump #Politics #Humor

Covid-19 hit during cold/flu season.

Wondering if you might have the virus?

This chart on #covid19 v. cold v. flu is helpful:


This sounds like a neat idea

Anyone affected by #COVID19 and working from home want to start a virtual coffee meet up on Wednesday mornings at 7:30AM ET for 30 minutes? Good way to kick off your day with some chatter. Especially if you can’t do that with coworkers/team members. #WFH
A neat idea? You got to be kidding. Technologists won't be happy til everyone adapts warped ideologies and is seperated. You can forget about your brothers and sisters. You are safe behind your screens.
So I guess this means you won’t be dialing in if he sets it up?