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I posted earlier about the beta of my new Facebook Archive viewer tool, Kryanite, to help you use your data from Facebook. They make the process not that hard but kind of hidden. For that reason I've written a post to show you how to do it. #DeleteFacebook…

An impediment to deleting Facebook is being able to get and use your data. Facebook lets you export it but using it sucked. I've released a beta of a new tool, Kryanite, that lets you really use your data on #Windows #macOS and #Linux #DeleteFacebook…

delete it. no more spying
FB has stubs installed on some phones, which are very resistant to deletion.

To highlight how pervasive Facebook/Meesa is: I am not logged into it anywhere, don't use their SSO, no apps on any devices, blockers and containers on all browsers, and they *still* tracked 3 things and linked it back to my account in one week. Crazy! #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta


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This is those websites reporting your activity
Yeah I imagine it's a thing with the same email address thing. Still fucked up.

But in that same article it's pointed out that Facebook/Meesa last week saying they would stop using facial recognition tech *only* applied to Facebook. We kind of knew that was a bait and switch. Makes my SSO joke maybe prescient. #DeleteFacebook…


As anyone can tell I'm very bearish on Facebook/Meesa and still would rather the platform and company disintegrate out of existence but this is a good thing they are *finally* doing. Still better to #DeleteFacebook though.…

I shared this once but am thinking I'm going to start referring to Facebook/Meta as Meesa now. Like Jar Jar they are a perpetually annoying bumbling fuck that manages to rise to upper echelons of power and help destroy everything thing while there. #DeleteFacebook #DeletaMeta


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Umm we spent a decade doing almost nothing but talking about the good while ignoring the metastasizing cancer that has consumed them and us. Skeptical coverage is good but late. Playing "I don't know details" at this point is weak tea too. #DeleteFacebook…


In today's #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta it seems that their dropping the ball internationally even worse than here also extends into Spanish-language content in the US as well. If you think it's a dumpster fire for English content in the US, then buckle up.…


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I can imagine it must be even worse in Chilean Spanish, where absolutely zero of my reports of more basic and general posts that go against Facebook's norms, including drawings of uncensored Anime areolae, were all responded with "You did right in reporting this, but we decided to take no action about it", back when I had a Facebook account.

This truly sucks for Meta, frankly speaking.

Last #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta thread for the morning. These people are a bad news buffet aren't they? There is so much money to be made with ethical non-predatory business practices, albeit less than these dystopian ones. It's a shame the almighty $ is all that counts to them.

Let's talk about Facebook's crypto project "Diem", and why its a privacy nightmare waiting to happen and will be the source of all the company's future scandals if not stopped. (1/) 🧵

Well, I can do something about a specific situation, but because our society's current values and institutions intentionally elevate people like this to power it's like bailing water out of the ocean to save a sinking boat.

So, as a little nobody I've found the best bang for the buck is to focus on planting seeds that people might read/hear/see and say to themselves, "yea, that's fucked up. Let's do something else." Because really, it will take decades and most of us deciding to do the right thing together to get there.
Because really, it will take decades and most of us deciding to do the right thing together to get there.
Yes! I agree with your entire synopsis of the shitty situation we're in. 🙁

This! You think Facebook (err Meta) tracks insane amounts of data on your habits now just wait. All those sensors. No platform privacy protections. The same horrible corporate culture. Can you say "dystopian"? #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta…


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Yes, Facebook is deeply concerned that someone other than them is fucking over small businesses. It's a shame it was Apple privacy policies not people deserting the platform that caused their downturn. I wish they'd just evaporate. #DeleteFacebook…

Facebook is so bad. I can't fathom working for them and I feel sorry for the folks on the inside trying to fix it.
Ditto and ditto.

The damage control PR is Facebook crowing they spent $13B on 'safety and security', whatever that means. Going with it though, this year they are spending almost as much on their new VR crap alone. IOW they aren't doing shit about fixing it #DeleteFacebook…

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They don't want to. I saw a brief clip of Frances Haugen testifying that employees and groups tasked with finding serious problems would identify them, suggest solutions, and note that revenue might drop 1/2 or some fraction of a percent. The suggested remedies were promptly ignored.
BTW that 13 billion was since 2016...

Yes I'm sure Zuck is quaking in his boots at the ramifications of this!
What a joke. BTW after renaming will the oversight board just be about one of their many dysfunctional products that are fucking up the world or more broadly useless?
At least Facebook has given us a count on the number of VIPs in the world... 5.8 million? But it's still secret how you qualify.

Hey they are finally making big changes at Facebook! fix their brand image problem. Whew I was afraid they were just going to try to PR their way out of responsibility for their crap./sarcasm

Can't wait to see what hashtag I'll be using instead of #DeleteFacebook

Surprise: Facebook is planning to change its company name next week to reflect its focus on the metaverse.

I’m told Zuckerberg is planning a formal unveil next Thursday at Connect, the company’s annual AR/VR conference…

Their new business model? Gab.
Gab, with crypto and croutons.

I can't help but cringe at them talking about how open & interoperable *their* "metaverse" will be while they work/fund the exact opposite on the internet. If they have their way they'll own monopoly control of it too. Don't buy their BS #DeleteFacebook…

Meh, as if jobs announcements ever amounted to anything positive. Corporate promises over many decades, and look at where we're at globally. Does anyone really think another promise will change anything.

Facebook, like every other corporation, is throwing everything and anything at the wall to see what sticks. They can afford to up the ante. The rest of us cannot.
Meh. Just another rent racket.

Oh they already showed they’ve learned absolutely nothing #DeleteFacebook

It's telling, I think, that when I asked Facebook why these research challenges did not include privacy features (like opting out of being recorded) the company said it expected these would simply be developed down the line.…

Since Facebook has such a great record on privacy and making sure their AI doesn’t lead to fucked emergent effects online and in the real world I’m sure this is a great idea! /sarcasm #DeleteFacebook

Facebook wants to create AI systems that offer perfect memory — cataloguing not just what you say but the physical world around you. Such systems could be incredibly useful, of course, but have huge privacy implications.…

Actually turns out they banned the dev of "Unfollow Everything" (see previous post). Again not "delete everything" just tame the Facebook timeline by unfollowing. He lost 15 years of data/pictures/memories in an instant. So yeah, get your data out and #deletefacebook


Facebook permanently banned me

And even *after* that fact, told me I could never again make a tool that interacts with Facebook or Instagram, because of a provision in their terms which purports to bind even *former* users

I find it odd that people willingly give their entire lives over to Facebook still anyways. Simplicity and confirmation I suppose.
@JRG IRL connections too and it is the easiest way to share things to people still. There really are no easier alternatives for most things and sadly no the Fediverse doesn't cut it. I really have to get back to helping develop real alternatives to Facebook...

Today in #DeleteFacebook: Person creates a browser plugin that unfollows (not unfriends/remove from groups/bulk deletes data) everything on Facebook. Thousands use and enjoy it but Facebook threatens lawsuit and the existence of their 15 year old account.…


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To the rest of us, you gave the world a 4 hour reprieve from your malignancy. Maybe do everyone on the planet a favor and make it permanent. #DeleteFacebook

To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we're sorry. We’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now. Thank you for bearing with us.

The fact one person could be worth so much they could lose $7 billion in one day is crazy. The fact that percentage wise that'd be like the median American losing about $8500 in one day is even more astounding/outrageous. #DeleteFacebook…

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Remember that worldwide Facebook has 2.9 billion users out of 4.7 billion internet users (60% of the internet). *And* in some countries b/c of Facebook "charity" mobile device programs the "internet" is Facebook. #DeleteFacebook……

Looks like Facebook unfucked itself, unfortunately...well their network outage not the rest of their dumpster fire BS... #DeleteFacebook
Somebody tell Warren to do something!
Nope, the problem was that they rolled out a BGP update and screwed it up. Then they couldn't get in to the building, the appropriate rooms, etc. to fix it because all their internal comms, and the locks on the rooms were running off their domain--which was offline.

If you can't figure out how to stop your product from destroying the world then you stop making it until you do. It's BS b/c tweaking their algorithm has been shown to work in their research and they won't do it b/c it cuts down engagement. #DeleteFacebook…

unfortunately, many will read/hear/have it as

Here’s step #1 - power of Facebook.

Step #2 - Get on with life in a happier and healthier fashion.
#1 #2
Hey, waitasec.... You're probably right! heh

One of most egregious things in this is political parties went to them and said having to chase the algorithm is making them use more extremist messaging/policies and FB did nothing about it. Disgusting. #DeleteFacebook…

Would really like to see companies start to strangle hold facebook by having nothing to do with them.

Can’t wait to watch this whole segment later #DeleteFacebook

“Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety,” says Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen. She believes the federal government should impose regulations and plans to testify before Congress this week.

Yup ditto. I feel I should be doing more to create alternatives to it to help others escape too though...
@Hank G ☑️ I just saw the interview on 60 minutes. Crazy courage. Looks like she screen grabbed or took photos of the screen to avoid detection. Pretty smart!

I've never enjoyed a WSJ article series this much in my life. #DeleteFacebook

so Facebook releases 2 decks loaded with annotations dismissing their own internal research hours before a major hearing, feigning “transparency”…

…WSJ promptly calls their BS & then releases 4 additional Facebook decks that informed their reporting. 🙃…

In today's "just delete Facebook already" #DeleteFacebook

Facebook is now using its News Feed to push pro-Facebook content in an attempt to repair its reputation.…

<sarcasm>Zuck making this deal with Trump et al to avoid regulation by allowing TOS violating conservative agitprop to flood FB is so shocking! And Thiel was involved too? Who could have imagined that?</sarcasm> #DeleteFacebook…

Inject this thread right into my veins #DeleteFacebook

Stephen, why are you so critical of Facebook and not the other big tech companies?

A 🧵 for well-intentioned engineers about how to navigate the complexities of big tech.

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Interesting thoughts, @John Hagen!

If a member of my senior executive team did this I'd lose my shit. Even if supposedly playful it could easily be interpreted as a "joking but not really joking" cultural cue. Your job isn't just to hear and dish happy horseshit all day. #DeleteFacebook…
A sure-fire mark of a toxic corporate culture

Wow I couldn't have put it more succinctly myself. #DeleteFacebook

I wrote about the Facebook circle of life:
- Build problematic systems
- Research their flaws and find serious problems
- Bury the findings to avoid bad press
- Get even worse press when the findings are leaked
- Change nothing…

good going. 😀

next step, degoogling.

i've deleted fascbook from my life since (... when did it start?...) 2007 (?).
google got more entrenched, :/ i may not search with it, but i do have their mail, and use other brands they bought.
I like Qwant as my favorite search engine
yeah, i qwant often. been using a lot recently on this lightweight rig. needs more love. i brave search sometimes. i wish i'd searx more, and know/use more variety yet, and have more privacy-assured fossy ways.

Again just #DeleteFacebook if they aren’t going to try to act responsibly and ethically. How many billions of dollars and users does one person need at such great expense to everyone else?

Over and over again we see Facebook failing to operate its service responsibly at a global scale.…

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I mean how else can he make even more billions of dollars if we don’t juice engagement?!?! Poor poor Zuck /sarcasm #DeleteFacebook

this bombshell @WSJ series is confirming all we know is broken about Facebook, belying YEARS of disingenuous protestations.

Zuckerberg himself *knows* FB's algorithms amplify hate & toxic disinfo, but repeatedly killed fixes it cuz it'd reduce engagement.…

Could Facebook just one try to do the non-malignant thing? I wouldn't be surprised if this system was applied very asymmetrically as well. #DeleteFacebook…
a product manager on Facebook’s Mistakes Prevention Team
thewhatnow? oO
Remember how Google used to be "Don't Be Evil"? I think Failbook secretly has "Don't Be Good".