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Facebook...err Meesa...err Meta, is living up to their promise of having an open long as you have a Facebook account! /sarcasm

Don't believe the hype.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

#DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta…


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...and then he turns Instagram into a virtual teen nightclub where the population is in the thousands and the teens get to act out as a relief valve for always being told in real life NOT to act out...and the VR goggles eventually get sleeker but Zuck can't call that a "holoband" because that name's already taken. Ya, this is deja vu to me.

To highlight how pervasive Facebook/Meesa is: I am not logged into it anywhere, don't use their SSO, no apps on any devices, blockers and containers on all browsers, and they *still* tracked 3 things and linked it back to my account in one week. Crazy! #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta


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This is those websites reporting your activity
Yeah I imagine it's a thing with the same email address thing. Still fucked up.

In today's #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta it seems that their dropping the ball internationally even worse than here also extends into Spanish-language content in the US as well. If you think it's a dumpster fire for English content in the US, then buckle up.…


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I can imagine it must be even worse in Chilean Spanish, where absolutely zero of my reports of more basic and general posts that go against Facebook's norms, including drawings of uncensored Anime areolae, were all responded with "You did right in reporting this, but we decided to take no action about it", back when I had a Facebook account.

This truly sucks for Meta, frankly speaking.

Last #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta thread for the morning. These people are a bad news buffet aren't they? There is so much money to be made with ethical non-predatory business practices, albeit less than these dystopian ones. It's a shame the almighty $ is all that counts to them.

Let's talk about Facebook's crypto project "Diem", and why its a privacy nightmare waiting to happen and will be the source of all the company's future scandals if not stopped. (1/) 🧵

Well, I can do something about a specific situation, but because our society's current values and institutions intentionally elevate people like this to power it's like bailing water out of the ocean to save a sinking boat.

So, as a little nobody I've found the best bang for the buck is to focus on planting seeds that people might read/hear/see and say to themselves, "yea, that's fucked up. Let's do something else." Because really, it will take decades and most of us deciding to do the right thing together to get there.
Because really, it will take decades and most of us deciding to do the right thing together to get there.
Yes! I agree with your entire synopsis of the shitty situation we're in. 🙁

This! You think Facebook (err Meta) tracks insane amounts of data on your habits now just wait. All those sensors. No platform privacy protections. The same horrible corporate culture. Can you say "dystopian"? #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta…


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