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I’ve released my first Dart/Flutter library. It implements the Result Monad (like in Rust) for doing result/error propagation/handling without relying on exceptions or returning null or specific values for errors. #dart #dartlang #flutter #flutterdev…

While writing a Facebook archive viewer (Kryanite) I ran across the problem of Facebook not properly encoding Unicode. Another dev figured it out and developed a Python snippet to fix it. I've done the same now for Dart #dartlang #flutter #flutterdev…

Yesterday I put out a beta of Kryanite, a cross-platform desktop app to help people browse their offline Facebook data. It is my first real #flutter project. If things continue going well I think I'll become primarily a Flutter & Dart developer #flutterdev…

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Flutter is simply awesome! 😀
Well done sir! 😀

Interested in making 💵💶💷💴 with your Flutter app?
Wondering what we've been up to over the last couple of months?
Tune in for a Flutter Update tomorrow, when we'll have some product news for you... #Flutter @GooglePlayDev…

The post earlier on cross platform desktop Flutter has me looking at if it makes sense to extend and/or fork Flutter Platform Widgets as a baseline. Plus side is one stop shop. Down side is it'd have to link in non-standard UI libs. #flutter #flutterdev…

I had a "how to do cross-platform UI with Flutter" blog post (down to widgets) in the works but now I don't have to thanks to @whiplashoo. Caveat is I'd be doing it with Yaru for #linux native look/feel as well as Mac and Windows. #flutter #flutterdev…
In my experience, that’s very difficult if not impossible to do properly (and a moving target). What you end up with is something that looks like a duck but barks. And, usually, is lacking in accessibility.

If it’s not native, it’s actually better if it doesn’t look native either so it doesn’t create expectations it cannot meet.
That's an interesting point about trying to not look too native as to not throw people off. The Flutter site has a bunch on accessibility for mobile and web but nothing for desktop right now. Desktop is just hitting beta so not sure if that's a documentation oversight or a lack of ability though.

Recently I mentioned how I was drawn towards #flutter for cross platform desktop development after being frustrated by the Rube Goldberg situation for that under #kotlin. This thread really captures that. It gets worse when adding other KMM/KMP things.…
So, I want to create a multi-target Kotlin application using javafx for the Java target.
Pretty certain I have identified the problem.
A part of this has nothing to do with gradle kotlin but bear with me.
Yup. It’s not Gradle, and it’s not Kotlin. What else is left? 🤔
@Brad Koehn ☑️ that's where the Rube Goldberg problem comes in. It's partly the way that OpenFX packaging requirements for deployments but also partly how Kotlin multiplatform requirements clash for deployments. That is also assuming you aren't bringing in something like TornadoFX to use JavaFX in a more Kotlin-like manner. Then the complications increase. That is also assuming you aren't trying to build installers or uber-jars which complicate things even further. Even after experimenting with it for awhile and doing some sample deployments it never felt solid to me.
I will self own the irony of this blog post I wrote in 2017 LOL. Granted at the time the alternatives on .NET and Flutter weren't where they are today. Calling it perfect was silly because it never was though.

While I've spent a bunch of the last few years working with #dotnet (most favorite @AvaloniaUI and LiteDB) and #kotlin in recent weeks my dabbling with #dartlang and #flutter really converged to it being my primary platform. More to come later this month.…

Wrapped up #flutter desktop deployment testing. Wow is it easy on all platforms! On #linux a binary built on @linuxmint 20 Cinnamon was able to run easily on GNOME, KDE, and @elementary Pantheon across Arch, @ubuntu 18/20/Neon, @fedora, @openSUSE, @VoidLinux, & @SolusProject 1/2
And that was with bringing in libraries like url_loader and some others that had some extra system dependencies. Ubuntu 16.04 worked mostly except missing symbols made url_loader unhappy. Positive signs for ease of deployment for real if copy/run method works this well.

I've done all my #flutter desktop dev on Linux for this app. Today I started work on Mac & Windows. Besides a path processing hiccup on Win and some CocoaPod Rosetta issues, both small, was painless. Also confirmed picking up dark mode on all three too. Very pleased. #flutterdev

I've been pleasantly surprised how often all I need to do to make a #flutter app a desktop app is just the below. Mileage definitely varies depending on which packages the project has of course:
flutter config --enable-linux-desktop
flutter create .
flutter run

OK I wasted 90 minutes more than I intended reading the news of the world burning and engaging in disappointment on my previous favorite cross platform app platform #dotnet (w/Avalonia). Time to buckle down and get productive on my new favorite one #flutter.
I'm not a developer so I'll take your word for it!
@jec Speaking for myself, if I want to eat, I use whatever the job calls for.

Since I'm passionate about learning about software, electronics, that sort of thing I'll look into stuff just to see what it has going for it. Microsoft's .NET seems to bring a lot of things together (embrace) without breaking too much (extend). IMO that's a delightful change for Microsoft's business model.

The powerful can pull the rug out from under the powerless at any time. It was nice they put the rug back but it took a lot of drama to get there. Imagine if in the movie "The Big Lebowski" the Big Lebowski said "I apologize Dude, my bad. Let me buy you a new rug and here's a little extra for your trouble." Wouldn't be much of a show, would it?

Reminder that in latest Flutter release (2.5) you have to specify the pointing devices that support dragging to get mouse scrolling to work in Flutter Desktop. #flutter #flutterdev…

I've finished "Flutter Apprentice" and wrote a review on @goodreads TL;DR I'm impressed enough with it from the free preview period I'm going to buy it anyway in appreciation. Great reference for people trying to learn #flutter #flutterdev…

This 3 mo free offer by Ray Wenderlich is a bit elementary for me *except* on the layout stuff. Really digging the pointers on that. I can see this is a great intro book for anyone wanting to learn #flutter #flutterdev from scratch though.…
I should say elementary so far since I'm only up through most of Section II. The stuff coming up in Section IV on state management and networking and Section V on deployment will probably be very helpful to me as well since I'm just getting into that recently.

I didn't fully appreciate how slow build performance of #flutter was until I dabbled with building on a @pine64 ARM device *but* runtime performance and CPU loading was more than acceptable. With hot refresh/restart in dev it could be totally workable.

I've just been using the standard Flutter localization. I see there are other packages I should try. I like the shorter syntax and am thinking maybe instead add extension methods to wrap the standard Flutter libraries to get the same t() or .i18n notation #flutterdev #Flutter

What pain points did you experience with i18n and flutter?

Hi everyone,

I developed a flutter app which I had to i18n (translate). I used the excellent package from Glasberg. But I observed quickly that managing translations as Jsons (or Map's in Dart'…

As a #kotlin lover who is starting to dig #dart I enjoy this 😀

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Note, have to go the Google Drive directly for the deprecation list…

#Flutter friends,

Two update:

1- Deprecations expiring after v2.5 release…
Take a look at this table.

2- Flutter 2.5.1 has been released and has fixed several bugs that were irritating. Make sure you upgrade.

Happy Fluttering

#Flutter friends,

Two update:

1- Deprecations expiring after v2.5 release…
Take a look at this table.

2- Flutter 2.5.1 has been released and has fixed several bugs that were irritating. Make sure you upgrade.

Happy Fluttering


With analysis paralysis in trying a "real" #Flutter project I decided to experiment with server side #dart. I'm enjoying it enough I'm going to try to do a "real" example and document it. That's a REST service w/multiple persistence options for an easy but non-trivial case.

It was cross platform desktop dev with first class #linux support that had me really start playing with #flutter . The web stuff is a bonus and looks like have some solid roadmap options…

Flutter 2.5 New Material Banner and SnackBar Explained. Do you know when to use what?

Check it out here -



I've had a pretty easy time learning #flutter and #dart with my background in many standard languages w/ #kotlin being my favorite. This post by David Miguel is a great reference for lots of language/lib features for Kotlin developers.…

I had the need for a good grid-based control for a Flutter desktop app I'm getting ready to start working on. I was going to use the standard DataTable control but maybe I'll try this instead.

Check out this impressive #Flutter grid for desktop usage by #FlutterDev @reNotANumber - totally cool 😎 and my want factor is through the roof 🚀👍💙…

Not surprising but still happy to see the Flutter Gallery running on a de-Googled ⁦@myTeracube⁩ 2e phone running ⁦@e_mydata⁩ /e/os. Even in debug mode performance was good. Looking forward to doing more Flutter dev. #flutter #flutterdev #opensource #privacy


I'm simultaneously trying to tackle my major dev weakness (GUIs) and learning Flutter at the same time. Is the Flutter Gallery (specifically stuff like Reply app) considered a best practices type reference or just demo code for visual purposes? #flutter #flutterdev

Hello #flutter #flutterdev community. Is there a Split panel planned for the standard control catalog? I found this one in dev tools (2nd link) referenced by the Gist (1st link) by @rodydavis……

When displaying a list of items in #Flutter, we usually want to provide a callback for it. 🧵

We can accomplish it by adding the function signature as a parameter of our Widget, as seen in the image.

Here, when we click on a button, we accept a Ship and return a Future



While I've enjoyed my time playing with V I want to get back to doing some cross platform app development again. Leading contender for that is still Flutter. So time dust out those cob webs. #vlang #Flutter #programming

For reference my main development environment is Linux triaged to various VMs. I've had success with Flutter of targeting Linux desktop as primary for testing and then cycling through platforms to build for other targets. Liking the frameworks so far. #flutter #linux

I've now tested deploying #flutter to iOS, Android, web, macOS, Linux, and Windows. I never had such fast success with so many platforms (under 3 hrs from scratch). Wow! Very promising! Since develop on Linux VM and Mac is M1 Android was the most difficult ironically lol.
Are you using Dart in Flutter?
Yep. In fact I'm trying to keep it as purely cross platform as possible. I haven't dabbled with Dart since it first hit the world stage in late-2011/early-2012. I'm going to try do something real with it now. I just did some tutorials to get feet wet and liked things enough to try deployment. If deployments were as big a CF as Xamarin/Uno or Kotlin Multiplatform/Mobile then I was going to leave it there. With me being able to build deliverable executables on all these platforms in under 3 hours starting with no knowledge or build tool configurations except on Linux I am *very* impressed.
I'm curious how you like it, and looking forward to your updates!

Do I want to kick the tires of Flutter again...hmmm. I've dabbled with cross platform frameworks of various types from Qt to Kotlin Multipatform to JavaFX to Avalonia but still haven't settled on one. #programming #Flutter
Funny that flutter now is going pwa.
At work I'm currently developing an app with ionic +angular + Cordova for ios and web
Yeah I was a big fan of Dart when first announced and dabbled with it. I dabbled with Flutter a little bit but I wanted something that allowed Desktop and Mobile with web as a bonus. Flutter fell down on the Desktop side until this new release. So I think I'll give it an other whirl.