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Great thread on how Disney gets it right and it's about mindset and language as much as policies and practices.

@Hank G That view from the queue and his comment about how it's an investment reinforced my own impression from when I was in MGM Studios Florida 25 years ago and when we waited in line for the Ironman experience in Disneyland HK this year:

Disney makes the queue a part of the experience. You're not queueing off-live, it's in-universe. Stark Enterprises own the building and are advertising their products as you wait for your turn to get a sightseeing flight over Hong Kong.

The universe they have built, where Stark Enterprises really have a Stark Tower with the huge Stark reactor on display somewhere in West Kowloon is fantastic. It's visionary and immersive, and it has the same techno-optimist and environmental message that the Epcot rides in Florida had when I was there.