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I think the last @TheOnion "news" story video I saw was the parody MacBook with no keyboard and just a giant click wheel (yeah long time ago). This is from many years ago but got my eyes watering from laughing. Enjoy #humor…

Of course, it could be they did round on the safe side... when a truck hits a bridge, it's usually a PEBSAS : Problem Exists Between Seat And Steering
Yeah I'm thinking it could be that the distance is 15" which is 4.57 meters and they truncated the meters distance down to 4.5. That's assuming this is a sign not a operator error.
That would have made the sign safer than the bridge.
A metric driver with a 4.5m truck would see it and say "better not chance it" even though they'd have a 7cm clearance.

The only way it could be a sign error (unless the numbers are simply all wrong) is if the actual distance is 4.5m and they decided to put the Imperial conversion as 15ft..

Pass interference...15 yards penalty, automatic first down. Lol

@Hank G ☑️ mega-corp life in a nutshell.
straight out of The Mythical Man-Month (1975)

Husbands are the best people to share your secrets with. They’ll never tell anyone because they aren’t even listening.


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ableism: Discrimination against disabilities or in favour of those without.

Reading a mystery this afternoon as the wash gets done.

#humor #reading

GNU indeed😀!

This is great, probably even more so for baseball fans 😀. #humor #baseball

Matt Harvey returning to the mound tonight reminds me of the time he went around New York City to ask New Yorkers who Matt Harvey was. ?

Who is signing up? 😀 Seriously though there is some interesting work being done on the topic by several groups including @b612foundation #space #humor

Short-Staffed NASA Sets Up Shifts For Everyone In Country To Take An Hour Looking Out For Asteroids Headed Toward Earth

If something like this doesn't already exist to coordinate observations it seems like it should.
It kind of does it kind of doesn't. The problem is calibration, repeatability, and reliability.

LOL. Certamente. Sto studiando italiano su YouTube.

Ho imparato che non insegni una lingua; impari una lingua, senza imparare la grammatica, ma ascoltando e praticando, un po 'ogni giorno, come imparano i bambini
Conosco già anche la maggior parte dei gesti

Just for some comparison on how it renders on another D* pod. You should be able to open them without being logged into the pod.

This is a graphics post that I made on Twitter and federated through the chain:

This is a retweet with comment:

This is a pure retweet:
@Andrew Pam That's okay I like to know how the information looks propagating around the fediverse. I thought I had a good workflow. Incidentally I'm using DDG blocker and the latest Firefox. The posts don't render as Tweets but they do render content. It is a little annoying that I get the infinite spinner over top of them on D* though...