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Very quiet week in #linux rolling release H2H match up. Good news on @openSUSE though was after two weeks of UI crashes during updates it went through fine. Last week's culprit systemd was updated again but this time without incident.…


In this week's #linux rolling release head to head: @ManjaroLinux finally had more than 1 update, now on latest 5.10 LTS kernel and @gnome 41. @openSUSE install crashed UI again. Isolated it down to the systemd update. Running in console let me complete.…


An impediment to deleting Facebook is being able to get and use your data. Facebook lets you export it but using it sucked. I've released a beta of a new tool, Kryanite, that lets you really use your data on #Windows #macOS and #Linux #DeleteFacebook…

delete it. no more spying
FB has stubs installed on some phones, which are very resistant to deletion.

After missed week #linux rolling release H2H update: Arch and @OsEndeavour bump to 5.15 kernel (prob last week). @openSUSE crashed part of way throughbut 2nd try fine. Thinking my @ManjaroLinux is stuck since a month since more than 1 package updated.…


A friendly reminder why I choose #linux and #macOS over Windows. Even though both Windows VMs were updated last week the update is crushing both systems to the point of they are unusable. All to build and test a little app. Yeah WSL isn't going to bring me back to Windows ever.

Along with liking @system76 products for their style, build quality, etc. I very much love how much they embrace open source and Linux desktop in particular. Great status post summarizing that. #linux #opensource

Seems like a good time to catch folks up on the last couple years of @system76 upstream contributions and collaborations.…

I had a "how to do cross-platform UI with Flutter" blog post (down to widgets) in the works but now I don't have to thanks to @whiplashoo. Caveat is I'd be doing it with Yaru for #linux native look/feel as well as Mac and Windows. #flutter #flutterdev…
In my experience, that’s very difficult if not impossible to do properly (and a moving target). What you end up with is something that looks like a duck but barks. And, usually, is lacking in accessibility.

If it’s not native, it’s actually better if it doesn’t look native either so it doesn’t create expectations it cannot meet.
That's an interesting point about trying to not look too native as to not throw people off. The Flutter site has a bunch on accessibility for mobile and web but nothing for desktop right now. Desktop is just hitting beta so not sure if that's a documentation oversight or a lack of ability though.

This week's #linux rolling release H2H. @openSUSE disk use falls. @ManjaroLinux again w/only 1 update. Staging for a big update? @SolusProject update speeds unaffected by additions for VirtualBox extension install. @VoidLinux still on 5.13.9 for 6th week.…


In week's #linux rolling release H2H: @openSUSE disk usage has been going up dramatically past couple weeks not sure why. VirtualBox shared folders on @SolusProject stopped working after latest update need to figure out why. No new @gnome 41 distros yet.…


Wrapped up #flutter desktop deployment testing. Wow is it easy on all platforms! On #linux a binary built on @linuxmint 20 Cinnamon was able to run easily on GNOME, KDE, and @elementary Pantheon across Arch, @ubuntu 18/20/Neon, @fedora, @openSUSE, @VoidLinux, & @SolusProject 1/2
And that was with bringing in libraries like url_loader and some others that had some extra system dependencies. Ubuntu 16.04 worked mostly except missing symbols made url_loader unhappy. Positive signs for ease of deployment for real if copy/run method works this well.

Seems going back to the past for #dotnet, Windows is 1st class citizen, Mac is 2nd classs, and Linux is 3rd class at best. At least with MAUI Windows & Mac were more on par. I guess moving towards platform parity was an illusion. Disappointing, especially for this #linux guy

@reillywood Sorry for any confusion. To clarify, given the number of scenarios we are working on, we had to prioritize 🙁. As a result, Hot Reload will not release as a feature of dotnet watch tool. We are doubling down on VS 2022 with support for VS4Mac coming later

The reason is always that damn 1% of market share...
@Daniel On the Linux being ignored front, yes. On removing hot reload from dotnet command line and making it just a Visual Studio feature it's less of a case. They are putting major resources in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Mac.
I see... Thanks for the clarification!

This week's #linux rolling release update. Corrected fact @SolusProject hit GNOME 41 in 9/27 update. Status quo on desktops & kernels but with 5.13 sunset I'd guess @VoidLinux probably will jump to 5.14 soon (pretty big update this week but no kernel bump)…


I may have to buy some of this 😀 #Linux #OpenSource

Tux Turns 30! Join us as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Linux with official gear! From sweatshirts and t-shirts to hats, decals and socks - we have something for everyone. Check it all out here: #tuxturns30 #linux #opensource

@kevmoo @chrismckillop Generally, we've found that the problem of building a better OS than #linux is more of an engineering problem than a research problem. In #fuchsia, we're applying decades of research from industry and academia that have not previously been used in commercial operating systems.

I'm late on this week's #linux rolling release head to head. We have the 1st showing of @gnome 41 (in @SolusProject and @openSUSE). Redcore updated +1600 packages (may be every package in the distro). All quiet for the rest.…


#Inkscape 1.1.1 Open-Source and Free SVG Editor Released as a Bug and Crash Fix Update • 𝖳𝗎𝗑 𝖬𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖾𝗌 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

#Inkscape 1.1.1 Open-Source and Free SVG Editor Released as a Bug and Crash Fix Update • 𝖳𝗎𝗑 𝖬𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖾𝗌 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

This week's #linux rolling release head to head update. @openSUSE had +2100 updates! All else quiet. Started dabbling with @nixos_org & Debian unstable but not incorporated yet. Keeping an eye out for Gnome 41 roll outs (everyone using it are at 40.4 now).…


I'm not a huge gamer but appreciate the ability to play my favorites under #linux. I'm not willing to jump through a million hoops to get a game running though. This just makes it even easier to get access to more games. Awesome!

Good news! This morning's @linuxmint update fixed all the touchpad issues that started 2 days ago, including the control panel under MATE returning. Very happy. Coding stress level 10x lower 😀. #linux
<sarcasm>I'm sure it's because I bitched about it here yesterday 😀</sarcasm>
Ain't GNU/Linux great! If this were MS Windows you were talking about here, you would have told us about the 11 patches and 3 service packs that took 19 hours to download and install to fix this touchpad issue. And, unfortunately, that fix would have also broken at least 5 unrelated things.
Watch out, Mint Brother is watching you. 😉

I don't know what happened with yesterday's update to @linuxmint but touch pad sensitivity is now so crazy high it is grating. MATE lost the control panel for it too so installed Cinnamon and even with sensitivity turned all the way down in the CP problem still persists ☹️ #linux
which kernel do you have? try to boot with the previous one
It was just a minor patch of a 5.4 kernel IIRC. Nothing dramatic. That's not a bad idea though..

This week's #linux rolling release matchup update. Arch (again until did it through Gnome menu once) and Redcore wouldn't reboot cleanly. @openSUSE had a huge drop in disk usage. @SolusProject bumped to 5.14 kernel. Now graphing # updated packages.…


Just in case it wasn't clear that #linux is not even a consideration for #dotnet MAUI. Not even mentioning it with the "community support only" or something. Why Avalonia and/or Uno are only route I'd look at if went back to making UIs with .NET.…

@joreg Unfortunately it's not early days. MAUI is an evolution of Xamarin/Xamarin Froms. Linux support in Xamarin was as third class, not even second class, citizens. That was with some serious amounts of support early on by the Xamarin team. Linux community development has been unable to keep up for several years now. As of now there isn't a big enough surge to turn that around.
i see, thanks for your thoughts on this.

It was cross platform desktop dev with first class #linux support that had me really start playing with #flutter . The web stuff is a bonus and looks like have some solid roadmap options…

These week's #linux rolling release update. Arch, @OsEndeavour and Redcore join @openSUSE w/5.14 kernel. Arch wouldn't reboot cleanly from CLI until used GUI for it not sure why. Lots of @libreoffice updates pushed throughout…


This week's #linux rolling release head to head matchup. All rebooted properly for first time in a couple weeks. Pretty quiet except for @openSUSE getting 5.14 kernel.…

What drives the distro choice? (why not Debian for instance...)
@Hervé S. I'm looking at rolling release distributions that one would install on a production server or workstation. I wanted to at least have one for each type of major rolling release. So before Arch had their easy installer I started with Manjaro and then Endeavor. I didn't want to build my own Gentoo system so chose Redcore since it is based on it. I may be adding NixOS now too since it has a "current" branch. If there is a rolling release based on Debian I'd put that in there but I don't think there is. The closest you get is the development branch.
You are right, sorry. Debian is not rolling...

This week's #linux rolling release head to head. Some how neither Arch Linux nor @SolusProject properly rebooted after updates but manual reset things back to normal. May be a VirtualBox thing not sure. Redcore and @openSUSE disk usage kept trending down…


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Having fun playing with my de-Googled (more) environmentally friendly Teracube phone that arrived yesterday thanks to E Foundation and the Android-based e/os/ @myTeracube @e_mydata . #linux #FOSS #SurveillanceCapitalism

E Foundation de-Googled phone box cover
I own a Samsung S8 with /e/ OS. Installed it by myself and am quiet happy. /e/ OS is just a fork of Lineage Os and that is avaiable for Pixels as well.
@Carsten Yeah I didn't feel like messing with all that. I'm looking at emulating a turnkey solution experience as much as is possible with the current marketplace.

I love this interview with Linus Torvalds on the occasion of Linux's 30th birthday. None of the details are new if you studied the history of Linux or read his biography but it has some personal flourishes and it mentions other early influencers. #linux…

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#Linux turns 30 today. Happy birthday Linux 🐧🎂 here is your f-ing cake, go ahead and compile it yourself...😉

And the guy posting a cookbook replying the question "is there a makefile?", hilarious.

This weeks #linux rolling release head to head update: Redcore now fully on "current" so on 5.13 kernel. For 1st time all distros but @ManjaroLinux on exact same kernel (they use LTS). @OsEndeavour froze on reboot so needed a bounce then fine.…


Not that I was planning on jumping to Windows from my mostly #linux with a little #macOS setup right now but...…

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This week's #linux rolling release head to head update. Quiet week across all distros. Had good convo with Redcore team tweaking update script (saves space with autoremove and more like @solus CURRENT) @VoidLinux shared drive now works again automagically!…


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Looks interesting!

"I started Linux as a desktop operating system. And it's the only area where Linux hasn't completely taken over. That just annoys the hell out of me."

- Linus Torvalds, creator of #Linux
@jec.- He wanted a free OS.
Nope. The first released versions of Linux weren't even under a free license. btw Linux is not an OS, it's just a kernel.

Torvalds doesn't really care about free software or user freedom, and has said so numerous times. That's why the kernel source code was managed for years with a proprietary tool (bitkeeper) and only moved to git when the company took away the licenses from the kernel devs.

He was vocally against GPLv3 and its protections against Tivoization (i.e. a hardware provider's practice that blocks you from running modified code in a device, first encountered with Tivos).

There are probably more instances of such things, if I took the time to think and remember. Torvalds was never interested in freedo, politics, or ethics, just "the best practical tool for the job" and a "tit-for-tat" of development (you modify my code, I get your modifications).
Linux (/ˈlinʊks/ (About this soundlisten) LEEN-uuks or /ˈlɪnʊks/ LIN-uuks[9]) is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel,[10] an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds.[11][12][13] Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution. -wikipedia

This week's #linux rolling release head to head update: @VoidLinux updated to 5.13 leaving only @ManjaroLinux and RedCore that use LTS on earlier versions. Need to figure out what broke with VirtualBox shared folders in Void but otherwise smooth sailing.…


Stuff like this makes me really wish #linux phones were further along. No they'll never match Apple or Google in features/price because they are working with 1e-6 the resources but feature compromises I'm willing to accept within reason.…

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