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#PI_Daily Less than an hour ago New Horizons crossed the 50 AU marker it was designed to reach. Although four other missions reached this distance back in the 20th Century, none was in perfect health, but New Horizons is. #Space #NASA #Science 1/


An Infrared View of the M81 Galaxy


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APOD: 2003 June 24 - The Sun's Surface in 3D


How smooth is the Sun? The new Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope, deployed in the Canary Islands only last year, allows imaging of objects less than 100-km across on the Sun's surface. When pointed toward the Sun's edge, surface objects now begin to block each other, indicating true three-dimensional information. Close inspection of the image reveals much vertical information, including spectacular light-bridges rising nearly 500-km above the floor of sunspots near the top of the image. Also visible in the above false-color image are hundreds of bubbling granules, each about 1000-km across, and small bright regions known as faculas.

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