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I'm experimenting with the latest # version complete with Collabora and I am blown away by what it can do. Hats off for # coming up with a legit replacement for Google Drive for me.
In small-scale personal deployments I encourage anyone to use the built-in. Works great for me.
@David Thiery I believe it is the Collabora stuff. I'm not sure what it's however has it configured.

I actually looked up how long a drive it would be.. but 7 hours one way is a bit far.


#NextCloud is well known as an online file storage system, but did you know it also has a wide range of useful add-ons?

You can take a look at:

Some highlights include video chat, collaborative document editing, calendars, music libraries, news feeds etc.

Once you've installed NextCloud, you can add these extras very easily from the built-in app store.

You can also use NextCloud through a managed service such as [url=] or[/url]
I love NextCloud!! It's amazing what all it can do.
Yesofcourse! Using Calendar and Contacts for years now, because the respective Synology packages suck.


#FOSDEM 2019 has two #Nextcloud talks:
☁️ "decentralize the way we sync, share and collaborate", Saturday, 15:30:
☁️ "A private cloud for everyone" , Saturday, 15:00:
Booth is in building K1-A.

See you in Brussels!