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If you ever were a fan of the classic #pebble, you will love the vibes from the new customizable watchface in Infinitime for your #PineTime.

#FreeSoftware for your wrist.



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looks metroish
yup, lovin my dark mode PineTimeStyle watchface. Never had a pebble, but i've heard it's the inspiration for this new watch face. (ok so not new its like more that a month old but still)

Very nice! Is that with the HRM on?

Seems like our estimate of 8-10 day battery life for the #pinetime was a little conservative ;)

Just released #RustLang druid UI app for #PineTime @ThePine64... Go right ahead and hack it! Article has been updated to download and build Release 1.0.0 of Rust+#Mynewt OS firmware...…


Wow this is impressive!

I have been coding on #PineTime Smart Watch by @ThePine64 for a week... The experience was delightful, feels like any @NordicTweets #nRF52 board! Excellent tool for teaching #IoT, #RustLang Embedded and #Mynewt OS... Here's why:…
What fun! I want to play with one!
I do too! In a dream world a Linux phone with a Linux fitness tracker all open source and open data based would be amazing. It's probably not happening but still a person can dream...
as far as Linux phone goes that’s the closest one I could find:
@glorieux I think Pine's phone is far closer to production reality. I intend to buy one when they go into full production in first half of next year:
@Hank G Agreed. However, the whole house of cards in the cell arena (in the US at least) from infrastructure to hardware to software is built on restricting users to a few monopolistic gatekeepers. Maybe that's what it takes to get things built on the hardware and infrastructure side - but on the software side, I doubt it.

Health tracking was the biggest hole in my open data aspirations. Perhaps no more. It's going to need a lot of help with software though. Sounds like an interesting challenge to me #health #foss #linux