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Some people have been asking me about more details about RISC-V. @FLOSSWeekly just put out a great podcast on it. It's where I learned about the BeagleBoardV announcment that I missed. #opensource #riscv…

I may have to buy one of these RISC-V BeagleBoards when they come out just to dabble with a RISC-V machine. I think the specs will be much slower than a Raspberry Pi but being able to dabble with #linux on #riscv is too tempting.
thank you, first time to know BeagleBoards produces #RISCV too.
Well they started to but pulled the plug on the project after the beta run. They are looking at doing it again soon but with a different design.

...oh and now Ubuntu supports their Linux on these SiFive RISC-V boards. Cool! #opensource #riscv #linux…

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Debian also supports RISCV64 but the port is young and is still not official so I guess no official Debian installer for RISCV64.
OpenBSD is also working on RISC-V64 support.

2020 has been a sucky year in many ways but for alternate CPU architecture it's been great. More potential good news on the RISC-V front on a power/performance ratio and raw power. I'm doing same bench against Rock64 now w/post later. @arstechnica #riscv

RISC-V PC (Do It Yourself

It's still just for computer geeks but the fact someone got a RISC-V PC working is awesome.

Building a RISC-V PC and Running a Fedora Linux

Wow, people are still trying out RISC, huh? I thought that ISA had pretty much run its course.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ well I mean ARM is ascending too which is a RISC architecture. I'm not a EE guy but I think that we've diverged from the pure-RISC methodology of the early years though.