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Another group is giving the aerospike engine a go, potentially overcoming manufacturing problems that plagued the concept in the past with 3D printing. Cool! #aerospace #space…

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Growing up Discovery had an aviation history show called Wings. Each hour long episode covered the history of some aircraft or aircraft series. I find this YouTube channel comparable quality but in 10-20 minute episodes. Check it out! #aerospace #aviation…

Actually here is an even higher res and longer version of the video I just shared earlier from @NASA. Just brilliant #aerospace #space…
I guess that answers that!
@Jim Symon Yeah in the higher res version you can actually see some hydrogen gas burning around some of the sparks before the engines start really going. I never noticed that they activate the engines in a specific sequence, which you can kind of see as the initial "clouds" of gas come down the nozzle.

Since @SciGuySpace and @DJSnM piqued my interest with that SSME slow motion startup sequence I had to find a full video of it. Here is one from @NASASpaceflight's YouTube. For me it never gets old. #aerospace #space…
Or was that just a safety measure in case the real ignition didn't work?
@Jim Symon Right they are just to burn off any free hydrogen gas from early in the engine startup process. Combining pure oxygen and pure hydrogen requires no spark to get going. It is the most fundamental combustion reaction.

Some of these aircraft concepts from back in the 60s were truly fantastical. I guess that's why they were never built. #aerospace #aircraft…

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You probably already know that we flew a functioning nuclear reactor in pursuit of aircraft that never ran out of fuel.
But some of the tip-tow stuff with little fighters that were attached to massive bombers so they could be deployed to defend them during the bombing run were equally crazy, and were produced and tested, though never deployed.

It's a cute Star Trek joke but my first follow on thought was "Vulcan rocket engineers wondering where their damn engines are..." LOL. Congrats to the New Shepherd team though
(Blue Origin is way behind on delivering the BE-4 engine for the Vulcan Rocket system) #space #aerospace


After just visiting the Intrepid Museum I return to this video suggestion. The Soviet VVA-14 is one weird aircraft! #aviation #Aircraft #AeroSpace

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Have you ever heard of the Caspian Sea Monster (Lun-class ekranoplan) : ?
@Augier (fr & en) ☭🏴 Yup! I remember the Popular Mechanics magazine that covered it way back in the day. A neat idea that didn't really work out well in practice.
I learned today that the only model built was to be moved for display last summer but ended up stranded on a beach in the process 😆
Wow - that's even madder than the Caspian Sea Monster.

Wow that was fast! #space #AeroSpace

The Blue Origin-led “National Team” working on NASA’s Human Landing System program has delivered a full-scale mockup to JSC to allow engineers and astronauts to assess the design of the lander while still in an early stage of development:…

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Next elections will determine. In this new crisis situation, I don't think US will have spare money for a moon landing program.

This AAS presentation on sustainable lunar surface operations looks fascinating. April 23 at 3 pm eastern. #space #aerospace

This is some very amazing and exciting news from the space industry. Hats off! #space #aerospace

I meant to post this yesterday. We take satellite weather data for granted nowadays. Until April of 1960, 60 years ago, it had never been done before though. #space #aerospace

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"Innovation and Sustainable Exploration" at this year's Goddard Memorial Symposium. Looks fascinating #space #aerospace