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@jetbrains @dottrace @dotmemory we thank you greatly for your kind words and are looking forward to using our favourite profiling tools cross platform.

#avaloniaui #dotnet #xaml


Woohoo! Congrats!

#AvaloniaUI hit a new milestone and is used by more than 1000 GitHub projects.


I'm thankful for being able to make my app a little less fugly in just a couple hours of work 😀. Decent looking enough I don't mind sharing a screenshot even. #dotnet #avaloniaui #linux

454 And so there’s no reason you should object to .Net over any other free software on those grounds.
@herve_02 which development stack would you recommend someone use for desktop app development on a greenfield project?

Microsoft is doing a #dotnet survey on cross platform development. Now that I have a real solution for that thanks to #AvaloniaUI I was very happy to put in my thoughts on it 😀

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood 😀.
yep, it should happen soon ;)

Want to use a TreeView control in #avaloniaui #dotnet? Here is a tutorial on the ins and outs of using it:

A tutorial on getting started with DataGrids in Avalonia #avaloniaui #dotnet

First article on using grid layouts for creating #avaloniaui #dotnet interfaces

A follow-up article on binding button commands/status in #avaloniaui #dotnet

There are several ways to wire up #avaloniaui #dotnet buttons. Here is a comprehensive tutorial I put together on the topic as part of a series of tutorials I am writing on introducing Avalonia to new developers.

After a week of deep diving into #AvaloniaUI I have a lot of personal progress, a couple hurdles to overcome, but a direction forward for how I want to contribute and use it to make truly cross platform #dotnet software

Really stoked about the last two days deep dive into #AvaloniaUI on #dotnetcore . Looking forward to writing up some examples for some controls, updating docs, and building a demo project to show off capabilities realworld-ishly.

Using Design Data to help laying out your #AvaloniaUI #dotnet UIs

What's the easiest way to find your way around #AvaloniaUI #dotnet controls? The new stand alone version of their "Controls Catalog App" of course!

I’ve been loving #avaloniaui can’t wait to hear this!

Check out the new episode with @grokys! Avalonia is a cross platform XAML Framework for .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono:

Getting started with AvalonStudio so can get full IntelliSense and other goodies developing #AvaloniaUI on #linux

Mostly positive 1st impressions of #AvaloniaUI for #dotnet #linux development, with some paths forward #programming

Write up of my positive experience with the #AvaloniaUI tutorial. Again hats off on true cross-platform desktop development with #dotnet on #linux

A first step towards doing cross platform desktop development under #linux with #dotnet using #AvaloniaUI

Just finished the #AvaloniaUI tutorial solely under #linux #dotnetcore and leveraging #JetBrains Rider. Pretty pleased. Hope to get a blog write up out soon on experience and thoughts on the tech in general. Overall thumbs up!

Been a couple months since I got into a coding groove so going to try warming up by learning #AvaloniaUI under #linux using #JetBrains Rider preferably under #dotnetcore