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More the history of DNS but interesting nonetheless. No they had no idea it would explode to be the main means of communication for everyone on the planet but they just settled on a really scalable design # #


Really interesting article on the origin story for Unity #computer #history

Lol, next line is latitude and longitude for GPS.
Nah... Next is the what3words address.


Slashdot running in the original web browser (under simulation) (courtesy ) # # Image/Photo
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Cool, but I think that original cern web browser would not load modern https-encrypted pages. OTOH, I watched my wife's professional website (which I authored using HTML5 best practices) and it is surprisingly legible even in this very stripped down look :-)


This is pretty interesting. You can experience what the very first web browser was like as you'd run it on a NeXT computer (which it was written on). It's not really running NeXTSTEP it's a reproduction to make it feel like it a bit. Still pretty cool though. Plus it has a lot of history of the original browser and the very beginning of the web. #computer #history


TFW you have to restore Mac to shipped MacOS Lion and you prefer that UI to what the most up to date one is going to impose on me... #computer #apple #uxdesign
Thanks. I'll look into that. I thought I'd read instructions how to roll back to any version, but they didn't work. I might just erase the disc and install 10.12.

Like you, I'd love to stick with an earlier version, reluctantly went to 10.7 when I bought this machine in 2011 and very reluctantly went to 10.12 a couple of years ago after quite a lot of software stopped working. Tsk tsk.

Enjoy your 10.5 while you can!
My MacPro is running with 10.11.6 El Capitan and it's ok....


"Debugging is like an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you're going to start crying at inappropriate times." #geek #computer #humor
@Alicia S To your debugging meme
Debugging is the discovery of incorrect assumptions.