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And the facebook app on the employees', their friends', and their family members' phones can listen in to ensure compliance!

Jeebus #deletefacebook

I wonder if freaks who thrive on power and abuse would find prison a deterrent?

Given all the loopholes they've built into the system they'd be released right back into effective wealth. I think being sentenced to an unremarkable lower middle class life without prospects of elevation would be a more suitable deterrent.

I didn't say anything about releasing them. Being jailed permanently effectively means an unremarkable lower middle class life without prospects of elevation.

But let's say we do, in fact, eventually release them. To stick to my 1/3 number, a matching number of additional convictions would need to balance out those released.

Considering the amount of time required to convict a suspect, and a significantly less than 100% conviction rate, we can't be talking "slap on the wrist" sentences. You'd need at least 2-3 decade sentences to maintain a 1/3 jailed fraction.


After seeing the blatantly false content of political ads that Facebook has and will continue to allow on their platform I feel like I not only need to leave again but need to nuke my account altogether #deletefacebook

I always try to use adblocker

Yeah I do that too...

I deleted mine about 2 years ago. Breast decision I ever made

@Kaeedo I shut mine down after getting serious about the fediverse but never killed it. Honestly the data extraction problem was part of it. It's even worse now.