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Oh yes, full stack developer fits

The days before remote desktopping?

Heh. Soon Meg's caption will say "Humanity" instead of "Statistics."

Reminds me of a picture an hold mainframe dev had on his wall many years ago. It was a picture of a dinosaur and said "Mainframes, we're back and we're pissed!"

lol, I misread this as "progamers" … 🤣

@Hank G My parents were more like ok so you will probably get a job by staying on the computer all day, but please get some air and sun occasionally, only call local rate numbers with the modem and check first if we're on the phone.

So that's how you pronounce it...

I am enjoying this #devhumor post more than I should lol.

But what you don't understand is... their 14 year old nephew is a "genius with computers and stuff" and he said that this can be done.

@Rifkin Semmelweis "...I thought we were 'doing Agile' which It hought means we can change anything at any time and not have it affect schedule or budget..."

I believe that is what is known as a "pivot."

Now I do need this for Deezer.

Need to DDG search on Deezer

Me: Let me see if I can remember... What was I thinking? 🤣

I love the. "Who the hell wrote this crap?!?!?...git blame....oh it was me..."

Hehe. Any coder worth their salt hates any code they wrote more than six months ago. Oh, but now I know better!

At least I can consistently recognize my own crap. I have particular habits when it comes of indentation and organization of code blocks ... I mean, I'll go along with whatever auto-indentation the product defaults to rather than fight it for no good reason, but even so there are certain quirks and sorts of comments that instantly tell me:

"Don't bother asking who to blame for this crap. It was I."

Oh I don’t know...I’ve looked back at some of my own projects and thought “how did this happen?” Lol #devhumor

You noticed the boost on 'creativity' "after someone got assigned to 'help' you"...

All depends on the people. Why there isn't a mandatory teamwork/leadership course in public education (part of health ed maybe) to teach people step by step a model to use to productively work together in a professional setting is a head scratcher. I would have found it incredibly useful - I can follow my lines as long as we're all reading from the same script.