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I want to save this in graphical form for posterity 😀 #devhumor


CEO bragging The eng team
about features
that don’t exist

I typically try to take the approach of "Here's how to find out for yourself. Let me know if you get stuck."
@Brian Ó Yeah or I try to do checkpoints at a reasonable interval and open myself up for collaborative sessions if needed.

@Hank G ☑️ mega-corp life in a nutshell.
straight out of The Mythical Man-Month (1975)
Took me embarrasingly long to figure out where the 4 mines are. It has been a while. A long while.

Yeah, this is what I think (to myself) whenever someone makes or tries yet another computer language: "Stop it. Please. Just stop."
Yeah I don't know why I am so fascinated by V but I am.
I think the basic problem is that there is a large overlap between the people who are annoyed at an existing computer language and the people who have the skills necessary to create a new computer language.

I think the "Linux users trying to determine the best init system" metaphorical video was my favorite 😀 #linux #devhumor…

This has happened to me many times in my software development career. #devhumor

Anyone else ever have these days?

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I've never made this face because I haven't had this happen yet despite best efforts. #devhumor


@David Thiery it seems crazy until you make the switch. Then it seems crazy to do it any other way. You never, ever do large deployments in this model (by "large" I mean lots of changes). Nearly every commit ends up as a deployment, so the changes are tiny and the errors caught very quickly.
@David Thiery shameless plug: I help companies make these kinds of transitions for a living, and know how to make them successful. If there's an appetite for this kind of change, I'm your guy.

Hmm...wouldn't the software architect be the one to say to build it like that but it's the poor dev that has to actually build it? 😀
Assuming a greenfield project maybe 😀

Hah! They are not all yellow, so that would make it a real code comment

Looks very clean, no unnecessary bloat 😀

It's even funnier when you realize that it's still photoshop. Look at the size of the seat hole. Compare to the size of the laptop screen.

#devhumor I try not to do this but I don't have a perfect track record...


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Sometimes I don't know what the beginning of a regular expression is by the time I get to the end of the regular expression. Never mind months later!

Okay, I shouldn't send this link to any of my colleagues because it will leak to our PM team and some of them can read.

I was flashing back the other day to how we developed before the access to pervasive internet search and documents. It literally was flipping through books and white papers. We also didn't have: unit testing, specialty libs, or SCM. I'm amazed how productive we were. #devhumor


Okay, that's funny. 😀

All the time...but since this is finally the Year of the Linux Desktop you never know if it's really targeted towards us and made to look like an EXE! ;) (Seriously though take malware seriously on any OS and any browser) #linux #devhumor

Plot twist you have WINE or .NET installed in Linux ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

people are always "yeah there are viruses for linux too" and I'm all "I can't even manage the dependency hell for getting GIMP installed: no virus has a chance!"
@smellsofbikes Most of the malware that Linux users need to worry about are browser based.